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How your favorite brands are using Instagram Stories

OCT 5, 2017

Instagram Stories turned one recently, and has experienced an unprecedented growth and success rate in that short period of time. According to Ad Week, 250 million accounts now use the feature – from the start this has included big beauty brands, like Benefit, L’Oréal and Maybelline, who jumped on the chance to take advantage of this new method of social-media storytelling.

Marketing platform Klear analyzed 149 brands across eight industries to see how brands are making the most of the medium. This suggested that most were sending their audiences to a shoppable page (59%), while others drove to other social platforms (23%) and the remainder to a blog post (10%). Over one third promoted products, 22% gave you an inside look, while 14% featured an influencer takeover and a further 5% were how-to videos.

In its initial weeks using the feature, L’Oréal took fans on a tour of its new offices and teased new products, receiving over 100,000 views on its first Story. Benefit took the one-on-one conversation route, directing its fanbase to its latest Instagram post and asking them to comment with a waving hand emoji to indicate they’d seen the Story.

Fashion remains one of the most active industries on Instagram Stories. ‘[It’s] is the current darling of the fashion world,’ Forbes wrote this week, off the back of the industry’s peak social-media season: Fashion Month. It’s long been an opportunity to showcase new collections, behind-the-scenes content and start conversations with fans around the world. With an increased use of Stories, brands can now do all of these things at a rapid pace, with ‘blink-and-you-miss-it [appeal] while not compromising on the beautiful feeds they are otherwise curating on their main accounts.’

At NYFW, Ralph Lauren used Instagram Stories to reveal different content at the top of each hour – a sort of countdown or timed reveal in the run up to the runway show. Marc Jacobs focused on detailed shots, at once understanding that quality is not always best on the live video portion of Instagram and giving audiences a different perspective on the collection. Michael Kors also demonstrated how to make an influencer partnership shoppable – users simply had to swipe up to shop the street-style look they’d snapped.

Have you seen any more brands making good use of Stories? Share in the comments!

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