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How to Work with Brands as a Beauty Blogger

MAR. 9, 2017:

When it comes to being a successful (read: money-making) beauty blogger, it’s all about collaborating to create. This isn’t old news; Google launched AdSense to connect bloggers and advertisers back in 2003!

A good starting point is to build relationships with your fellow bloggers by commenting on and liking their posts, or starting conversations with them about products you are both into. Not only will this help you gain a friend (and more followers), it will also get you noticed.

You should also introduce yourself to PRs running beauty blogger events: meeting PRs in person is essential, as they’re the ones who’ll hook you up with the brands and potential business. There are lots of different ways to partner with a beauty brand. Here are some of our suggestions…

Display Advertising
We’ve all seen them, those ads that appear as a banner on the top of the page or that run along the sidebar. You make a few cents per thousand impressions (views), so the amount of money you’ll earn depends on how much traffic you get. It’s a pretty simple way to get set up, however you won’t have much say in what the ads look like and which ones appear on your site. 

Affiliate Programs
Some of the biggest brands run affiliate programs. If you feature one of their products and someone purchases it by clicking the affiliate link on your blog, you will get paid a percentage for it! Speaking to Get The Gloss, beauty blogger Gemma Carey says: ‘This is a good way to earn some money at any stage of your blogging.’ Fashion and beauty platforms like Shopstyle are pretty transparent about their programs, with public pages encouraging bloggers to sign up and get started.

Sponsored Posts
This is when a company pays you a set amount for a post, photo, or video featuring their products. It is likely they’ll have specific points they want covered, but it’s more important to them to see your name, personality and voice come across, which means it’s probably a good idea to team up with brands you love or match up with your style. The brand or company will be looking for some serious social-media stats, so we’d advise discussing sponsorship for your product reviews once your engagement is really significant.

Expert Events & Classes
This growing sector of the industry sees beauty influencers talking or teaching others about their niche. This could be ‘IRL’ or online – think Twitter parties, live streams, weekend seminars, paid online classes or one-to-one sessions – acting as either an event host or a consultant. Check out Simply Stylist, they invite bloggers to speak at their panel discussions and conferences across the country.

Brand Ambassadorship
Becoming the face of a beauty brand used to be an arena saved for supermodels only. In November 2016, Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia hit headlines across the globe as she was named Cover Girl’s newest ambassador, signing a contract to include TV commercials and her very own Times Square billboard.

These days, bloggers are more trusted than journalists, celebrities and politicians. To become a brand ambassador, you need to know what makes you stand out from the crowd. Check your analytics to see what posts get people talking – that’s your USP, you need to build on that, and then put yourself out there. Have confidence, come up with ideas, keep true to yourself and don’t stop trying!

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