How To Unplug And Actually Enjoy The Holidays #ipsyOS

How To Unplug And Actually Enjoy The Holidays

DEC. 21, 2016:

You guys, tech addiction is a real thing, and the holidays are the ideal time for a detox. Instead of being an anti-social lump who sits on the couch on her phone, break the cycle by unplugging from social media and the internet. Trust us, it is easier than you think—keep reading for some simple changes you can make.

Start your day with meditation
If you reach for your phone within minutes of waking, the holidays are a great time to break the habit, since you will already be out of your normal routine. Instead of immediately checking your social networks, try meditation for 15 minutes before rising—close your eyes, relax your body, and continue to focus on your breath for as long as you can.

Delete social media apps
It is so easy to pop open Facebook or Instagram and then waste 15 minutes scrolling. Rid yourself of the urge by deleting these apps off your phone altogether.

Delete your work email
If you have an Out of Office message, it should be enough to let people know you are taking time off. They’re probably doing the same! For emergencies, anyone privileged enough to know your cell phone number can text you there.

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Bring a book
Time with family can be boring, so instead of spending all your time online, bring a few books (real books, not on an e-reader). Having a book to turn to is not only perfect for unplugging from the internet, it can act as a much-needed escape if you’re about to reach your boiling point with a family member.

Plan your days
We often turn to social media in times of boredom, so fight it off by planning your days ahead of time. If you are visiting your hometown, make plans to meet up with old friends, or if you’re visiting family far away, look for activities that will get you out of the house—think museums, movies and ice skating!

Get active
Another way to unplug during the holidays is to stay active—find a local yoga or Pilates studio around the area you’ll be staying and commit to going every day. Don’t have a car? Take a walk or run around the neighborhood for a nice break from both family and tech.

Do you like to unplug during the holidays? Do you struggle with this? Share in the comments!

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