How To Stay Positive When You’re Feeling Stressed

SEP 7, 2016:

Anais Nin said: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  If your mind is in a stressed, negative headspace, your work and soul will automatically suffer.  With a few basic steps, though, you can pull yourself out of the muck and get back to kicking butt.  Here are a few simple tactics to try:

Take care of your basic needs
Before we can destress, be productive and stay positive, it’s important that all our basic needs are met.  These include eating right, exercising regularly and sleeping at least eight hours a night.  If you need to exercise first thing in the morning to guarantee you’ll do it, make it a morning ritual.

Be grateful
Expressing gratitude for the things around us allows us to see the bigger picture, especially if we’re getting down on ourselves.  Try keeping a gratitude journal every night for one week.  Each day, write about something you’re grateful for.  The next time you’re feeling negative or stressed, reach for that journal to get you out of your headspace.

Find positive in the negative
If you worked really hard on an email campaign and didn’t get the results you wanted, find the positive in the negative.  Perhaps this campaign allowed you to experiment with new subject lines or delivery times, or perhaps it just taught you that email marketing is not worth your time.  Every seemingly negative situation has a positive aspect.

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Repeat positive affirmations
If you say something over and over, you’ll eventually believe it.  This philosophy is the pillar of the power of positive thinking, and it also helps you recalibrate your mind when you’re in a negative headspace.  Give yourself a mantra.  “I am working towards my goal,” or “I am following my dream,” and repeat it to yourself in times of stress.

Don’t sweat the small stuff
When you’re working alone and in the creative realm, it’s easy to lose perspective.  A small problem may feel like the biggest thing that’s ever happened in your life.  When this happens, step away from the thing that is causing stress, breath, and ask yourself: will this matter a month from now?  Most likely, the answer will be “no.”

Bring positivity to others
If you send out positive energy into the world, you will get it back.  Encourage your friends in their creative projects, tell someone you are thinking about them, volunteer your time to someone that needs it.  Encouraging others will make it easier to encourage yourself.

Do you have more tips to staying positive?  Share in the comments! 

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