How to Start a Channel With a Full Time #ipsyOS

How to Start a Channel With a Full Time

DEC. 15, 2016:

Most successful entrepreneurs started their businesses while working full time.  For many Americans, those of us who aren’t independently wealthy, this is also a reality. But having a full-time job shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing your passion and building something that is completely yours. Keep reading for advice on how to start a channel while working 40 hours a week. Hint: You’ll have to run on less sleep.

Make your channel your passion
If you don’t absolutely love what your channel is about, you will find too many excuses not to do it. Building a brand takes time and commitment, so you really have to love what you’re vlogging about. What will make you want to wake up at 5am? Decide for yourself and go from there.

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Learn to be an early riser
When Emily Weiss first launched Into The Gloss, she got up at 4am every day so she could blog, email and promote before she went to her day job at Vogue. Hey, we never said it was going to be easy. If you work 9 to 5, get your personal work out of the way before work. That way you have no excuse not to do it.

Make time for marketing
If you’re putting out 2 videos a week, but only have 100 subscribers, you’re not using your time wisely. We recommend using half your time for content and half your time for promotion and marketing—following new people on social media, making meaningful networking connections, and commenting and liking people in your community.

Outsource what you can
You should be focusing on what you’re good at, so if you can, outsource the rest. Laundry, house cleaning, accounting, grocery shopping—they can all be outsourced thanks to technology and the Uber-ification of chores. Let someone else do that stuff, and you focus on building your business.

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