How to Pitch to Brands From @KAllie_BRANCIFORTE

How to Pitch to Brands From @KAllie_BRANCIFORTE

JUNE 12, 2017:

Your YouTube channel and videos give you the trust and loyalty of your audience. The access to that audience is very valuable, and because of that many brands and companies will likely start popping up in your inbox asking for reviews and looking to work together. However, if you want to work with your favorite brands and take more control over these collaborations, you need to learn how to pitch to brands.

What is brand pitching?

Essentially, Brand Pitching means reaching out to a brand with an idea for a collaboration that’s mutually beneficial to you and the brand. Typically they are looking for access to your audience and you’re looking for compensation in the form of payment, products, or both.  Because you’re working directly with the brand, you can also make more money on each campaign. Usually, you can make “anywhere from 3-10x more money when working directly with a brand” (via Caffeinate and Conquer).

Get started with a list

Think about which brands you want to work with. If you’re still a smaller channel that’s growing it’s OK to put bigger brands like Tarte, L’Oreal or even ipsy on your list, but you should also consider smaller brands as well that might be easier to connect with. Look for other up-and-coming brands that are looking to gain more traction and exposure. Think about brands you love and use on a daily basis.

Once you have your list, you’ll need to do some sleuthing on their website to find the PR or Social Media contact person’s email.

Now, it’s time to pitch!

Keep your email to the brand short and sweet. Introduce yourself, your channel, and give them an idea of who your audience is. Next, let the brand know an upcoming video idea you have and why they would be the perfect fit. Be specific. Let them know why you want to work with THEM over any other brand. Then, lay out the value. Let them know why partnering with you would be a good fit and why it would be beneficial to them.


Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back from the brand right away, or at all! These companies are busy and get loads of emails. In order to stand out you’ll need to follow up, usually multiple times. Politely follow up within a week, and again in 2-3 more weeks. Remind them of the value you bring to the partnership and stay open and flexible to ideas they might have. Keep in touch with the brand contact until you get an answer.


Author: Kallie Branciforte
Caffeinate And Conquer –
Instagram: @kallie_branciforte

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