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How To Make Your Brand Identity Easily Recognizable

AUG 25, 2016:

How recognizable are your videos?  As you create your online brand identity, we challenge you to ask yourself that question.  Having an easily recognizable, signature brand identity is key, and the first way to create that is through your video production and editing.  Read on for small tweaks that can make a big impact on your brand.

Lighting & Color Levels
Take stock of some of your favorite YouTube vloggers.  Most likely, their videos have a unique look that makes them instantly recognizable.  Perhaps the most quintessential example of this is ipsy founder, Michelle Phan’s channel.  Her videos always have a soft look, with lots of bright pastel colors.

For another, non-beauty example, check out ASMR artist GwenGwiz.  Her videos tend to have a slightly blue, cold cast.  These signatures are simple to add through lighting and editing, but create a unique stamp for each of your videos.

Having a signature sound is also an effective way to create brand identity.  Some people prefer to do a voiceover with music for their videos, which allows creators to have a unique sound for a specific mood.  Teni Panosian is a great example of how to create an entertaining video without extra sound. She just talks to the camera, with no extra bells and whistles, giving her videos a raw, unedited feel.

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If you also have a blog component to your online presence, make sure your photography matches your channel.  If you have a lot of filtered, sun drenched colors in your videos, that mood should come through on your blog.  Take a look at manicurist, Kait Mosh’s website for an example of a strong, branded design though photography.

Your brand identity also needs to proliferate to Instagram, even your selfies.  We love @Makeupbypoohbear’s (aka Magda) feed for her perfectly edited close-ups of lips, eyes and nails. There is a clear point of view in every photo.

What elements do you use to establish your brand identity? Share with us in the comments! 

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