How To Make Your Beauty Products Last Way Longer #ipsyOS

How To Make Your Beauty Products Last Way Longer

FEB. 2, 2017:

Truth: Cosmetics are expensive, and when you are starting out your beauty vlogging career, brands aren’t exactly showering you with free samples. You have to make the products you have last longer. Thankfully, we know how. Keep reading for easy ways to give your favorite beauty products a longer life.

Mascara has the shortest life of any cosmetic. Why? Because it’s constantly in touch with your eyes, day after day, week after week. Germs accumulate quickly, and they can make mascara super funky. Still, there are ways to make that $30 Diorshow tube last a bit longer. Pick up a pack of mascara spoolies (you can find them at most beauty supply shops) and use a new one for each mascara application. If your mascara has gotten thick or goopy, you can also add a few drops of saline solution to revive the older formula.

Lipstick hates heat because it can cause the pigments to break down and bleed. If you live in a hotter climate, it’s best to keep your favorite lipsticks in the fridge. In fact, storing your lipsticks in the fridge can be a practical year-round tactic to keep expensive lipsticks fresher longer.

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The secret to longer-lasting bottles and compacts of foundation is all in the application. While many of us swear by the finger painting technique to achieve natural coverage, using your fingers to apply foundation gets gross germs into the formula. May we suggest using cosmetic sponges or a beauty blender to get that flawless look. Keep in mind, these tools also need to be washed regularly with soap and water and left to air dry completely.

Eyeshadows tend to dry out over time, which often results in cracked messes and colored streaks on your bathroom sink. The next time your expensive Nars shadow shatters, don’t fret. Gather what you can, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and press the powder back into its case using a spoon. Once the alcohol evaporates, you will have that mess-free finish back.

Nail Polish
If nail polish is exposed to air, it can get thick and goopy—not ideal for smooth even coverage on the nail. Most of the time, you can revive older polishes with a few drops of nail polish remover and a good shake, but do not be afraid to throw the bottle away if it’s past it is prime.

Do you have a few tricks to help your makeup products last longer? Share with the community in the comments! 

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