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How to launch a successful YouTube giveaway

SEPT 14, 2017

There’s no denying it: Everyone loves getting a little something for free. So why not give back to your fanbase by running a video contest on your YouTube channel? It’s not only a great way to catch your audience’s attention, it can also help you increase engagement and gain a more interactive following. Here’s how…

Know your type

There are a number of different types of contest you can run – the best thing to do is to keep it simple and play to your strengths. It’s not a competition without entrants. Here are some ways to get people involved:

  • Comment: Ask your audience to leave a comment as their entry and reward your followers for engaging with your content
  • Subscription: Encourage non-subscribers to enter by subscribing to your channel
  • Video: Competition entrants reply to your content by uploading a video of themselves
  • Vote: Get your audience to do the judging for you by voting for their favorite entrant

Pick a prize

You wouldn’t enter a competition without some kind of incentive, so give your fans what they want! Is it an exclusive beauty product, recognition, the chance to collaborate? Think about what would get them excited and want to take part.

Get social

Take advantage of your social reach, as well as your audience’s. Encourage fans to share the competition within their own networks. This could even be a component of entering the competition, or offer a further incentive – perhaps you can enter twice if you share the giveaway on another social network.

Play by the rules

And don’t forget to read the fine print. YouTube’s contest policies and guidelines are a must if you don’t want to have your competition canceled!

Review and redo

Once you’ve finished your competition, it’s important to review its overall success. Use YouTube analytics to track things like engagement, subscriptions, channel views, and playbacks. HootSuite recommends reflecting on the following questions for next time:

  • Did I choose the right type of contest?
  • Did I give my contest enough time?
  • Did I target the right audience?
  • Did the giveaway provide enough incentive?
  • Did I define a clear set of rules? Were they easy to follow?
  • What was the biggest obstacle I faced in running the contest?

Do you have YouTube giveaway hacks you always follow? Share in the comments!

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