How To Grow Your Brand On Snapchat #ipsyOS

How To Grow Your Brand On Snapchat

SEP 29, 2016:

If you have resisted Snapchat up until now, it’s time get over it and get on the app.  Snapchat has solidified itself as the most loved social network of teens and college-aged kids, and it’s compulsory to your brand to be where they are.  If you’re new to the network, or simply want to step up your game, keep reading.  We’ve got 5 strategies to grow your brand on Snapchat.

Make sure they know your name
If you have a strong following on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook, use these platforms to grow your Snapchat following.  Make sure your Snapchat profile pic is easily recognizable and post often!  You don’t want to send new fans to an empty page. 

Audience participation
Everyone loves a good giveaway, and it’s a simple way to build engagement.  You can have it be a contest or just a plain giveaway that is decided by luck of the draw.

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Be a tease
Promoting exclusive content is a great way to get a following and get people to find you on Snapchat.  If you are attending a fashion show, a blogger dinner, a product launch or another event, tease some behind the scenes footage on a social medium where you have a strong following, but then move to Snapchat to give away the goods.

Live stream
Show people what you do, but do it on Snapchat.  Make your story a step-by-step make-up tutorial or a drug store beauty hall, and don’t worry about making it too perfect.  Snapchat is all about being real.

Don’t be boring
You only have 10 seconds to catch the attention of a follower or prospective follower, so don’t be boring.  While there is definitely a learning curve to the technology of Snapchat, your content is totally up to you. What kind of message do you want to deliver? How will you excite your audience?

Do you currently employ these strategies or have more to add? Share with us in the comments.

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