Here Is How To Get Reposted by Brands on Instagram #ipsyOS

Here Is How To Get Reposted by Brands on Instagram

SEP 22, 2016:

So you want to be featured?  We totally get it.  Getting featured on a big brand’s Instagram account is a surefire way to gain not only followers, but legitimacy and clout. Here are three steps to making it happen!

Do your research
The first thing you need to do is research the brands you want to be featured on, to make sure they even repost user generated content.  A few brands that we know do this include, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Ardell Lashes, Maybelline, NYX, theBalm Cosmetics, Glossier, L’Oreal, ColourPop, Tarte, Ciaté, House of Lashes, Royal & Langnickel, Hourglass Cosmetics and Too Faced.

Once you have a list of brands, head to their Insta feed and pay close attention to the type of content being regrammed.  Are they flat-lay photos? Photos of puppies?  Do they use filters or lots of white space?  What does the photographic style look like?  Take note of these attributes and then make sure your own content is similar.  You want to create images that fit seamlessly into their feed.

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Use dedicated hashtags
Many beauty brands use their own hashtags, and you should too.  For example, ipsy always uses the #glambag hashtag and often reposts images from followers.  For Maybelline New York’s Back to School campaign, they used the hashtag #mnybacktoschool.  Too Faced uses the hashtag #toofaced on all their posts, making it super easy for them to find new content from Instagram users.

Use branded products and shout out brands
Once you know which brands you want to target and what kinds of photographs you want to create, make sure you are using branded product.  Brands will be much more inclined to regram and repost if you are featuring their stuff!

Feel free to shout them out in the caption of your post, but resist the urge to tag them. Tagging them will fill up their photo feed, which may be annoying to certain brands.  A simple shout out in the caption alerts them of your post.  If they like it and they think it’s a good fit, they’ll repost.

Do you have tips to getting your photo reposted? Share with us in the comments!

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