How to end the year on a high

How to end the year on a high #ipsyOpenStudios

DEC 26, 2017:

New year, new me – at least, that’s how the old saying goes. Certainly, the first day of the first month seems as good a time as ever to make a fresh start. So why not get ahead? Presenting our guide to ending 2017 on a high as a creator…


  1. #TBT

Why not take a walk down memory lane – share your highlights and successes with your followers? In doing this, ‘you will be surprised by how much goodness and happiness you have actually had this year,’ writes Lifehack. ‘This self-acknowledgment and appreciation will be a great platform for the New Year. You deserve it.’ Celebrating the good times helps you feel confident – just remember to be grateful to the people who helped you get there.


  1. Tick off your To-Dos

Get those unfinished tasks and boring admin work out the way before the close of the year to avoid them playing on your mind come January. Alternatively, ‘be ruthless and eliminate as many tasks as you can, without doing them. Then choose just one task and get it done before the end of the year. Finally, throw away your unfinished to-do list and do not write another one till next year.’ Feels good, doesn’t it?


  1. Repurpose content and reach a new audience

The end of the year is a great time to ‘recycle content with a proven track record of success,’ explains Marketing Land. You could do this in a range of ways – from sending out a follow-up email to updating a post with new facts and figures or CTAs. You could also repost content on different social accounts, or even go a step further by translating one medium to another, like a picture into a podcast.


  1. Understand the trends influencing engagement

What better time to read up on the latest news than on your winter break? Forbes, for example, predicts that mobile and voice will drive SEO engagement in 2018, while Facebook is said to be ‘cracking down on “like this if” bait in your news feed’, according to CNET. Then plan ahead: Are there events in January that will likely lead to trending hashtags or content ideas that could increase engagement?


  1. Rest and recharge

Whether it’s spending time with the family or getting some much-needed solo time in, it’s also important to take it easy. Sleep in all day. Watch TV. Or better yet, do nothing. Sounds crazy, but it’ll help you feel refreshed and ready for the New Year.


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