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How To Do An Instagram Loop Giveaway

NOV. 16, 2016:

You’ve probably seen Instagram Loop Giveaways and perhaps you have even taken part in one.  If you are not familiar with them, Instagram Loop Giveaways are contests that include between 5 to 50 brands that are interested in hosting a contest. I f you participate in one, your brand is required to give away a product or gift card in exchange for followers on Instagram.

Loop Giveaways can be a great way to gain new followers, but they can also fall flat.  Below is a guide to making yours a success.

Ask the right people
You need to include people in your loop that reflect your brand, so don’t you dare host an open call.  I would not pay too much attention to follower count here—you want to choose people for your loop that enhance your brand and network, not just deliver numbers.

Don’t be scared to ask
If you only have 1,000 followers, don’t feel like you can’t ask people with 10,000 followers.  The sum is better than its parts, and if you have a collective 100,000, that number will be attractive to fellow creators.

Decide what you want to give away
It doesn’t need to be big.  Each person can contribute one item, or you can pool money and go in on one big-ticket item.  Create a Google doc to compile the ideas and accept payment through PayPal and Venmo.

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Create an enticing graphic & text

Use Photoshop, Illustrator or another phone app to create an attention-grabbing image to announce the contest. You’ll also want to craft some text for the post.  Make sure the directions are clear and concise—you don’t want them to have to read a book to enter the contest.

Decide on the date, time and timeframe
Make sure you are clear with your collaborators when the contest will begin and tell them when to post. It’s imperative that all creators post around the same time for maximum follower potential.

Post and monitor
Check the loop to ensure that everyone has posted the graphic and text.  From then, go ahead and promote on all your social networks.

Pick the winner and make the announcement
Most of the time, you’ll pick a winner at random.  Have fun with the announcement and take the opportunity to let your winner shine.  Send them a message to get their shipping info, and once you’ve shipped the item, send them tracking info.

Get feedback
How many followers did you get?  Were they genuine followers or did they disappear after the contest ended?  Analyze your metrics, and the metrics of your co-hosts, and see how everyone benefited.

Have you participated in an Instagram Loop Giveaway? Share your experience in the comments!

Image Credit: Elite Daily

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