How To Deal With Bad Feedback in 5 Steps on #ipsyos

How To Deal With Bad Feedback in 5 Steps

AUG 11, 2016:

Let’s face it: not everyone on the internet is always on their best behavior, and sometimes you can get inundated with negative feedback, rude comments and hurtful messages.  As a content creator and public person, it’s part of the job, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t grate on your confidence.  Below, find a five step guide to dealing with negative feedback.

Don’t be impulsive
When feedback is unwanted, it can feel like a punch in the face. All of a sudden your body goes into fight mode, and you are firing off bitchy comments and fueling the fire.  Do not let this happen.  Take a deep breath, walk away from the situation and allow your mind to fully absorb the feedback before you react on impulse and say something you will regret.

Don’t be defensive
It’s normal to get defensive—your channel, your feed, your social media is like your baby.  But getting overly defensive when given feedback can come off as childish and unprofessional, especially if you start playing the blame game.  Focus on taking responsibility as needed, instead of playing the victim.

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Don’t over-apologize
On the other hand, you don’t want to bow down to haters and trolls.  Resist the urge to over-apologize, even if you know you are in the wrong.  If you want to say sorry for something, go ahead and do it, but once is enough.

Don’t stay silent
Need a chance to speak your peace?  That is totally acceptable.  After you’ve cleared your mind and gotten a chance to let the feedback marinate, you may still feel like you need to make a small video or Instagram post to express your feelings.  Let that be the end of the conversation though.  It is  your channel and your feed, and you control the narrative.

Don’t let it consume you
If you have ever gotten caught up in what other people say, congratulations, you’re a human being, but you cannot let negative feedback break your spirit.  Remind yourself that you can never please everyone (and why would you want to?), so brush your shoulders off and move on.

What are you tips to dealing with negative feedback?

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