Flat Lay

How To Create The Perfect Flay Lay For Instagram

SEP 21, 2016:

If you are looking to make your blog or Instagram feed more compelling, peppering in a few flat lay photos is an easy way to express your personal style.  Though these photos can look tricky and meticulous, anyone can do them.  They just require a little trial and error.  Here are five tips to try!

Personal style is key
One of the most important aspects of a good flat lay photo is personal style. Know who you are and what you like.  If your style is minimal, don’t try to crowd the photo with a ton of products.  If you like to show off a lot of different things in one photo, pack it in. Just be you!

Don’t forget about backgrounds
Backgrounds are an easy way to add texture to your photo.  They also make a backdrop for your products to pop.  White backgrounds are the popular choice for fashion and beauty vloggers, but you can also experiment with different patterned papers, like marble, wood, and other types of materials.  Refer to your personal style for more guidance and don’t be afraid to try something a little different.

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Live by the rule of 3
A good rule of thumb for flay lays is to have three main items in your image, surrounded by smaller supporting items. Eyeshadow palettes, makeup bags and powders act as great anchors for beauty images, with complementary items like brushes, liners, mascaras and lipsticks.

Keep it balanced
Play around with your items to keep the photo balanced.  For example, if you put sunglasses in one corner, why not put some flowers in another corner.  Don’t be afraid to let items hang out of the photo, and play with angles and negative space to make the photo more compelling.  For a plethora of examples of well-balanced flat lay photos, check out @flatlays.

Don’t forget editing
Taking the time to edit your photos can mean the difference between a good flat lay photo and a great one.  A simple tweak here or edit there will push it into professional territory. This may just mean brightening in FaceTune or changing the contrast in Instagram, but anything to make the photo more your own style is worth the time.
What are your tips to nailing the perfect flat lay? Share in the comments, below!

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