How to create a proposal letter to brands by @JessicaGilmartin

How to create a proposal letter to brands by @JessicaGilmartin

July 10th, 2017

One of the hardest and most daunting tasks can be trying to figure out how to approach a brand you love and want to work with. I know for the longest time I thought a brand would just reach out to me. Which yes sometimes is true, but in this growing community of influencers you need to stand out and show your professionalism amongst a sea of others.

First, you want to find out your demographics and your total social media outreach. If you are a micro-influencer, do not feel afraid to do this, you too have something to offer a large brand. Ultimately, any influencer who creates quality content has something to offer a brand as you are either creating a video, photograph or blog, and all of these are forms of promotion.

Secondly, you want to open the letter with a quick greeting. If you happened to meet the PR rep at an event, open with an introduction like, “Hello Jane, It was so nice to meet you at XYZ event this past week ..”(if you two talked about something specific, be sure to include that to remind the PR who you were).  And if you have not met the person you are addressing in the email, here is a simple introduction to share who you are and your focus: “My name is Samantha Jones, I am a beauty, lifestyle,  fashion blogger and YouTuber. I am also a freelance makeup artist with 5 plus years of experience.”

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Third, you want to get as straight to the point as possible. If you have tried the brand’s products and recently featured them, share the links and express your love for the products. Once you have shared your love for the brand and proven you have already been using the brand, now it’s time to ask to work with them and review more products! Don’t forget to include direct links to all your social media outlets with the stats above each link.

Lastly, to wrap up your letter you want to thank them for their time and consideration. Let them know you are looking forward to working with them in the future. My best tip is to be YOU and be genuine, but show them how you are an asset to their company and brand.

What are some of your proposal letter tips? Share in the comments!

By Jessica Gilmartin

Instagram @jessicagilmartin

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