How to build your brand outside of YouTube. #ipsyOS

How To Build Your Brand Outside of YouTube

NOV. 23, 2016:

YouTube is an excellent platform for brand building, but it is not the only one.  In the past few years, several new networks and social media platforms have broken onto the scene and each boast their own unique benefits when it comes to building your brand. For those of you sick of the YouTube life, why not give these other brand-building methods a spin?

Provide a mix of content
Building your brand is all about the mix—blog posts, FB live events, Instagram images and stories and Snapchat. You want to provide a mix of content, varying from short to long, personal to playful and silly to serious. Creating a rich mix of content will compel your followers to reach you on all platforms, thus building your brand and preparing you for world domination.

The live aspect of networks like Periscope, Meercat and Facebook Live provides a sense of urgency much different from the passive viewing on YouTube. Experiment with each medium to see where your audience is and then use these platforms to grow your brand.

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Create a newsletter
Newsletters have become increasingly popular over the last several years, and everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Lena Dunham has gotten in on the action. But newsletters don’t need to be a big production; they can be a simple, easy message to reach your followers. We love journalist and host of Call Your Girlfriend Podcast, Ann Friedman’s weekly newsletter, which goes out every Friday and delights us with great articles and book recommendations.

Sometimes, it’s good to be a little bit of a tease, especially when it comes to cross-promotion. If you have a new blog post, tease it with a photo and some copy in your weekly newsletter. Want more Snapchat followers? Tell your Instagram followers to find you there, for exclusive content.

Pick favorites
You don’t have to be a pro at every form of social media and every different content channel. If you have a strong Twitter following, go with it. Hate blogging? Don’t. You need to find out which channel is best for your brand and your audience and then nurture that channel.

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