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How to be a Social Media Star? Get Smart.

MAR. 1, 2017:

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat… So many channels, so little time! These online platforms are incredibly helpful for beauty influencers and bloggers to not only create cool, inspiring content, but also reach a global audience in an instant. These days, it seems everyone wants to be a social media star, but how do you stand out from the crowd?

Mexico-based Yuya, who has over 17.5 million subscribers on YouTube (@lady16makeup) and 8.1 million followers on Instagram (@yuyacst), made it big with practical videos on everything from makeup to relationships tips. Her feeds are consistent and current. She says: QUOTE TO COME (

And beauty brands are really taking notice of social-media success. Speaking to WWD, Benefit Cosmetics’ vice president of digital strategy, Toto HaBa, explained: ‘[Brands] are going to be looking for people with global scale as opposed to looking at 10 local people in 10 local markets.’

Here are our tips for how to get started, streamline your social media, and stay sane.

Pick a platform
We all dream about finding the one – and it’s sort of true of social media too. Sure, you can use more than one platform, but then you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin. It takes time to build relationships with your audience, so start off with one or two social media accounts and grow a following first.

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Visualize it
The beauty industry transcends borders because it is so visual – your followers can follow your how-to video, even if it is not in their language – so you’re probably already on YouTube or a similar video-sharing platform. But don’t just shoot and speak, add personality. If you are on the go, download Magisto for mobile video editing, or Canva for creating cool graphics.

Set goals
There’s no point making content for content’s sake – that’s how you end up wasting time. Use Google Social Analytics and/or Quill Engage to create reports that tell you your social network standing, from your top posts to the content your followers and clicking on. Once you know what’s making an impact, you’ll feel more confident with the type of social media you’re sharing.

Say hello to Hootsuite
With more than 15 million users, Hootsuite is the longtime favorite for managing content and campaigns. The app helps you understand your audience (what do they want, when do they want it), as well as stay organized. Other great scheduling tools include Buffer, which lets you share content across multiple networks at the optimal time with just one click.

Going Live in 3, 2, 1…
First, there was Facebook Live, then YouTube introduced Live Events, now Instagram has followed Snapchat’s example with its own Live Stories – live posting is the on-trend way to connect with your audience. Build a buzz before you broadcast by running a contest, doing a countdown, or offering a sneak peek. It will help ensure your fans are there on the day.

Do you use any of these tips or have additional tips? Share in the comments!

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