How To Add Special Effects to Your Videos #ipsyOS

How To Add Special Effects to Your Videos

NOV. 3, 2016:

A little pop of glitter here, some snazzy text there—special effects can make your videos seem a lot more professional and high-tech.  They can also help you express your personality and brand in a more delightful way.  Special effects don’t have to be scary, Avatar-level additions to your videos—they can be simple and elegant.  For a quick download on how to start adding them, keep reading.

Pick your poison
Depending on what type of video editing software you use, you have a variety of special effects options. iMovie is perhaps the simplest way to edit, with Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro providing more advanced options.

Adding text can make your videos look more professional and help you call-out brands and products. While Final Cut has a lot of great text effects and transitions, outside studios like Pixel Film Studios has a ton of affordable plug-ins for hand-drawn effects, logos, and call-outs.

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Want to add glitter, clouds, and other fun effects?  Pixel Film Studios allows you to play with color, create vintage effects and add elements like emoji graphics.  In order to add them, all you have to do is purchase the plugin and search their library of MOV files.  Once you find the MOV file you want to use, you simply layer and blend it into your existing video.  You can also add slow motion and layer in background videos for a cool ambiance.

There really are endless special effects plug-ins to choose from, and many of them are free or very affordable.  Explore more here and let your creativity run wild!

What are your favorite special effects and plug-ins to add your videos? Share in the comments!  

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