How socializing can actually help you stay motivated this summer #ipsyOS

How socializing can actually help you stay motivated this summer

JULY 4, 2017:

We all know what it’s like when summer vacation season comes around – even if your school days are long behind you, the temptation to put work on hold is all too real. But luckily as creators, we find inspiration even in the things that distract us! Here are 6 ways to stay motivated and turn your social schedule into content…

Early Riser
For many, summer means brighter mornings and longer days, and sunrise can come knocking well before 6am. Whether you WFH or in the office, make the most of this extra time: You could do yoga or meditation to help focus and calm your mind, or write a to-do list to get organized and prioritize tasks before the start of the day.

Beauty & The Brunch
Summer has a more casual vibe, so why not turn a meet-up into a meeting? A brunch invitation could be a nice opportunity to discuss work in a more relaxed setting  – from kicking off a collaboration with a fellow creator to pitching your sponsored content idea to a brand. After all, who doesn’t like brunch?

Change Your Schedule
There’s lots of research to suggest the benefits of escaping the 9 to 5. But sometimes mixing up your weekly routine from time to time can also help your focus. Summer is a great time to getaway – plan in your long weekend break by extending your hours during the week. Or use your vacation as a deadline push, and you’ll feel even better completing that project. 

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Get Outdoors
Audiences love to follow reality-style, real-time content on social media. Take your phone or laptop outside, and show them around your neighborhood, do a Live video from a new location, bloggers find inspiration everywhere – the zoo, the mall, an art museum. Plus, walking meetings were made for one-on-ones: a Stanford University study found they even boost creativity by 60 percent.

Good Sport
Summer is a great time to get active. But how do you keep looking good while on the go? Field-test your latest beauty haul to see how the products stack up against sport and sweat, shoot a makeup tutorial on your go-to look when the weather is heating up, or feed your competitive nature by launching a game or competition for fans. 

Festival Feeling
The summer music season is officially upon us. Not only are festivals a great way to find inspiration for new makeup looks, they’re also a fantastic place for market research, talk to members of the public and see what’s trending. It’s also the perfect opportunity to play with geotags and filters to up your engagement.

How do you stay motivated for the summer? Share in the comments!

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