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How Instagram pods can really boost your engagement

March 15, 2017:

An Instagram pod is a community of people engaging in each other’s content – it’s the latest way to collaborate with others in your industry or area of expertise. You can do this in two ways: Instagram direct messages or Facebook post threads. Simply send your pod members an update whenever you post something new to encourage them to like and comment on your photo, thus boosting engagement! Likewise, you do the same whenever someone in your pod shares their content.

It goes without saying that we’d all like to get more people to engage with our Instagram account. But when you spark engagement quickly, you’re more likely to grab a place in the hashtag top posts. This gives your photo more visibility and an even greater chance of bringing in more followers.

Set up your pod

For Instagram direct messages, you ideally need at least three people, and the feature allows for a maximum of 15. Find members that are similar to your account or accounts that you would like to engage with, and send them an invite. More like-minded people in your pod equals better engagement boosts. Make sure everyone is on board – you want your pod members to help one another out!

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Track your progress

There are lots of great analytics tools out there, like Instagram’s own anayltics and Iconosquare. Once set up, you can see insights including the number of impressions this week, top posts, and how many people have clicked through to your website.

Go for it!

Making a success of your pod is pretty logical. The more you post and the more your pod members post, the more posts there are to engage with. Communities of users that are already posting regularly and often will see even better engagement results, as do people with large followings (for example, 1,000+ followers). Users have also found that comments that ask questions drive even more engagement.

Are you participating in an Instagram pod or two? Share in the comments!

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