How I use social media: 3 beauty creators share their tips

NOV 29, 2017

What do beauty creators have to say about starting out and succeeding on social media? Here is our round-up of three of our faves…

Samantha Ravndahl

Canadian blogger Samantha Ravndahl has over 750k subscribers on YouTube and 2.4m followers on Instagram. Her first tip for both platforms? Consistency. ‘You want to be posting at least one to two times a day [on Instagram],’ she says. ‘That seems like a lot, but it will naturally become part of your routine.’ Alongside this, is about clear and streamlined content – ‘Whatever it is your platform is about I should know immediately upon going to your page’ – certainly at the beginning. As you grow your following, you can start to do more personal posts about your life. She also advises putting in the time to create higher quality content: Chase the best sunlight, or invest in the right equipment to take the best photos; ‘take the time to try and find interesting backgrounds… turn your lack of resources into resourcefulness…’ But ultimately, she says, ‘People come for the content, they stay for the personality’, and part of that means engaging with the community. Respond to comments on your Instagram posts or encourage reactions with your captions, and interact with other influencers and brands.

Desi Perkins

Desi talked to Video Influencers about ‘How To Grow Your YouTube Channel’. Within a year she grew a million subscribers, and now counts almost 2.8m followers on her YouTube channel and over 15.6m views on her most popular video, Eyebrow Tutorial, she certainly knows what she’s talking about. Her secret? She promotes all her content through Instagram (the platform with the strongest following at the start) and consistently uploads videos week to week. But it hasn’t always been easy.

She explains: ‘What’s the line between being a professional and showing my personality? I struggled with that at the beginning… YouTube is all about relating to people and friendships… when [your audience feels that, they] want to follow what [you] do.’ Now knowing how to edit, she worked hard to learn and would use tricks like always having backdrops to make her videos look highly produced. But her biggest tip is not to worry about numbers: ‘You should be doing it because that is your passion. [Instead,] you want to be asking: What can I do to improve my last video?’

Shameless Maya

Always keen to share her tips on navigating the world of social media and the blogging business, Shameless Maya also has a thing or two to teach us about what happens after you achieve social media success. In ‘What I’ve Learned about Social Media Popularity’, Maya asks herself: ‘What’s the next step?’ Feeling a little lost and a ‘slave to these numbers’, she reflects on the negative side to online recognition. ‘Sometimes it’s hard for me to think clearly with all these voices [including my own] voice of negativity,’ she explains. Her tips? Don’t be afraid to check out now and then to find your balance again. Stop comparing yourself to others. Remind yourself of your purpose and motivation, rediscover your joy in creating content on social media – look to things, people, or places that inspire you.

How do you use your social media? Share in the comments!

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