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How I set up my at-home studio

JULY 19, 2017:

Who better than some of our favorite beauty creators to talk us through their tips and tricks for filming and editing their YouTube videos back when they were first getting started? Lights, camera action: here’s our round up…

Jennifer Nguyen @injenslife
Watch the video: My YouTube Video Secrets
Camera: ‘Canon… I got the [EOS Rebel T3i] as a bundle for about $800.’ It comes with a flip-out screen, which helps her check the shot while she’s filming, plus autofocus features while recording her videos.
Filming tip: ‘If you can, use lighting to light up your videos instead of upping your ISO because it will give you a more grainy video quality.’
Lighting setup: ‘For all my videos I use a DIVA ring light… I like it because it’s easy to transport and it just gives me nice natural light instead of something that’s too yellow or too blue.’ She also has a softbox light for her lookbooks to add extra side lighting.
At-home studio secret: Her remote is ‘life-changing’. This is how she takes 99.9% of all her photos.
Editing apps: Aperture (bought off the Apple Store), the next step up from iPhoto, and Final Cut X for her videos.

Pixiwoo @pixiwoos
Watch the video: How to: Lighting & Camera Set-up for YouTube Videos
Camera: ‘Canon EOS 600D. It does everything we need.’
Lighting setup: Two PhotoSEL lights on either side of the camera. ‘If you’re looking for a cheap-ish alternative then these are great.’
At-home studio secret: ‘You’ll see there are two more lights shining on the back wall, that’s what gives us our white background.’ Before this, the wall appeared grey on camera.

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 Shameless Maya @mayasworld
Watch the video: How to Build Your Own Home Studio / How to Film Like a Beauty Guru
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III. ‘My camera doesn’t have a flipscreen. If you’re starting out that may be something you wanna get… I don’t like to watch myself when I’m recording. I use my laptop [as a monitor]; the good thing about this is you can see if you’re in focus or not.’
Filming tips: ‘For tutorials, I recommend using no audio, then record the voiceover after.’
Lighting setup: ‘I have a light in front me, and a light on either side of me… If you don’t’ have any lights you can go to the window! Just film in front of it and have it light your face, and have your background further away from you.’ She uses the LimoStudio Lighting Kit, plus a Diva Ring Light.
At-home studio secret: ‘Backdrop paper’s easiest, but there’s paint, blankets, fabric…’ To create that depth of field that puts the focus on you not the background, step away from it.

 Do you have any beauty vlogging setup tips? Share with us below!

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