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Here Is How To Get The Most Out of Your Contracts As A Beauty Creator

OCT 3, 2017

As influencer marketing becomes a bigger business, the types of contracts you’re going to see on the table are equally becoming more business-like. Think tighter expectations and contractual obligations that ‘guarantee social stars’ rights and advertisers’ needs’, writes Digiday. Agencies, in particular, are looking to refine and address gray areas like post timing and content rights that often have a negative impact on the influencer/brand partnership. This includes anything from specifying time zones for posting as well as where and for how long brands can use or reuse influencer posts, to more comprehensive creative briefs.

Have you experienced back and forth when working with brands? Well, with more thought-through contracts you could even include clauses ‘restricting edits once a piece of content is created’. And while a creative brief might sound obstructive, outlining the deliverables by platform and by post, as well as ‘estimated posting times based on an influencer’s optimal timing, minimum performance guarantees’, etc, all work towards ensuring both you and the brand come away happy with the results on the first submission.

This more disciplined approach might also help you ensure your content isn’t being repurposed on different channels without your knowledge. In marketing, such usage would result in higher fees – this is often where both talent and photographers make most of their money, so why shouldn’t the same apply for influencers?

Here is a basic guideline for what clauses your contract should include:

  1. Timeline, including the exact date when content will be delivered and posted
  2. Deliverables: what will be produced and its specifics (e.g. 1 Instagram Story in four sections, published over a period of four weeks)
  3. Feedback and edits, plus drafts and further revisions
  4. Exclusivity: will your content be a dedicated post for the brand, with no other mentions? Can you work with other brands or competitors while in partnership with this brand?
  5. Payment terms (we all want to get paid, after all!), including any repurposing or republishing of your content
  6. And finally, when the contract expires, and if any terms and conditions apply

What has been your experience negotiating contracts with brands? Share in the comments!

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