Heard of Obvious.ly? Here’s what you need to know

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NOV 30, 2017

Coke Zero, AOL, BBC, Facebook: Obvious.ly CEO and founder Mae Karwowski has a rather impressive CV in social-media managing and consulting.  Her influential marketing platform is new to the scene having only launched two and a half years ago but has ‘already succeeded in disrupting the media landscape’, according to Skift. Here’s why you should be interested…

You don’t need tens of thousands of followers

In its article ‘Should We All Be Influencers? Online Marketing Platforms Are Making It Easier Than Ever’, Fashionista quotes Karwowski as saying: ‘People should be rewarded for recommending brands to other people even if they don’t have 30,000 followers.’ In fact, Obvious.ly currently works with influencers with as few as 2,000 followers. Its focus is on ‘fostering and maintaining good human relationships with brands and influencers, while technology takes care of the rest: identification, logistics, selection and fulfillment of gifted product and, in some cases, payment.’

You’re encouraged to be your authentic self

Obvious.ly CTO and co-founder Maxime Domain explains to French site Viuz: ‘We need to give influencers some specific parameters to work with, based on the overall goals of the campaign. But we leave the influencers a lot of freedom to express the brand in their own tone and style. We operate in this way to foster an authentic expression of the influencer and the brand. That’s what will really resonate with their respective audiences.’

You get to work with your favorite brands

‘A sincere interest in the brand, above all, is the secret of a quality ambassador,’ says Domain. Because Obvious.ly places an importance on passion and knowledge, you’re more likely to get to work with brands you really care about. Alongside this, the company is keen to encourage lasting relationships between brands and creators, so you could get to collaborate on a long-term basis. ‘It is important to make influencers feel that they are part of the team,’ Domain continues. ‘We encourage each brand to cultivate a true network of influencers… to work regularly with those who are most successful.’

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