The Beauty Trend Flooding Instagram: Halo Eye makeup #ipsyOS

The Beauty Trend Flooding Instagram: Halo Eye makeup

April 6, 2017:

There’s a new halo style in town, a trend that’s warming up (shades) just in time for spring. The Halo Eye is simply a technique to create the appearance of larger, rounder eyes, by sandwiching a very light color with a darker color on both the upper lids and along the rims of the lower lash line.

Instead of traditionally darker, smokier shadow, as popularized by Jaclyn Hill and MannyMUA, bloggers are turning to a flattering peach or mauve color. The effect brightens the eyes instantly, plus takes less than a minute to create, which is probably why it’s quickly taken over Instagram – see @itsmyrayeraye or @makeupshayla for more inspiration!

Here, are our six tips to nailing the look:

1. Get Prepped

Use an eye primer to create a smooth surface and even out any discoloration. This will also help hold your shadow in place.

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2. Add Highlights

Sweep the lighter shadow with a little added shimmer over the entire lid, all the way up to just beneath your brow bone.

3. Slowly Transition

Apply a light to mid-toned neutral color to the crease to help blend out shadows. But remember: the focus will be the lids and outer corners, so don’t go too heavy.

4. Turn Up The Spotlight

To make that pop of light on the center of the lid stand out even more, you can lay down a white base first before the color is applied.

5. Inside Counts, Too

Adding light to the inner corners of the eyes will also help the brightening effect. Either use the same lid shade or a shimmery one to complement the color.

6. Keep In Line

Avoid winged liner or over-exaggerated lashes – this will change the eye shape. To keep the look polished, forget liner altogether and simply add mascara.

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