Halloween Hits: Trending beauty looks by your fave bloggers #ipsyOpenStudios

Halloween Hits: Trending beauty looks by your fave bloggers

OCT 10, 2017:

With Halloween just around the corner, something wicked this way comes… ‘Pinterest and the fashion search platform Lyst has combined analytical forces,’ says QZ.com, to predict this year’s most popular looks. Here’s our top five, plus how to get them…

Pennywise, the clown from It

No surprise here – the new adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel has been a blockbuster success. But strangely, ‘Pinterest saves for clown makeup and costume ideas are up 941%’ year-over-year. Now that’s scary…

See: Bustle’s 11 Pennywise Makeup Tutorials For Women That Are Actually Glam

The kids from Stranger Things

‘Last year, everyone wanted to be Eleven from Netflix’s tween mashup of sci-fi and horror tropes.’ The second season launched on October 27th, just days before Halloween, and Pinterest saves on Stranger Things images are up 40-fold, with ‘a bump in searches for trucker hats and 1980s T-shirts.’

See: Ellimacs SFX Makeup’s Stranger Things Monster Tutorial for the truly extraordinary, or search ‘Stranger Things Makeup’ on YouTube for more ideas!

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time? Well, more like this year… ‘In spring, when La La Land and Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast hit theaters, searches spiked for yellow dresses like those worn by the female leads.’ What better way to celebrate beauty than by dressing up as Belle?

See: dope2111’s Beauty and the Beast Belle Makeup Tutorial

Characters from Game of Thrones

QZ.com calls this ‘perfect escapist-fantasy material’, and certainly, we all wanted to escape with our favorite TV show when its penultimate series aired earlier this year. Whether you want to play a dragon, White Walker, or King or Queen of the Iron Throne, there’s a character for all personalities – and plenty of fantasy beauty looks to try.

See: Carli Bybel’s Daenerys / Khaleesis Game of Thrones Makeup Tutorial

A unicorn

This trend has been growing for years. ‘Unicorns were the top saved costume on Pinterest last year. This year, queries including the term “unicorn” are up 110% year-over-year on Pinterest, and up 130% on Lyst since May. “Unicorn headbands are the most wanted unicorn fashion product globally right now,” the report says.’ Hmm, what does that say about us?
See: Victoria Lyn Beauty’s Unicorn Reign (NYX Face Award 2017 winner)

Which Halloween beauty looks are you recreating this year? Share in the comments!

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