How To Grow Your Instagram Following Organically #ipsyOS

How To Grow Your Instagram Following Organically

OCT 12, 2016:

A solid Instagram following is one of the best ways to grow your influence and business, and as more and more brands focus on micro-influencers to grow their own businesses, one doesn’t need to have 500k followers anymore.  Today’s influencers have super engaged, niche fans, so it is important that your audience actually cares about the content you’re putting out.  Before you buy followers, read the tips below and grow your following organically.

Focus on your “grid”
It can be difficult at first to find your aesthetic on Instagram, which is why we recommend focusing on your “grid.” What is your grid?  It’s the first 12 images that people see when they arrive at your Instagram feed.  If your grid is always cohesive, and always pleasing to the eye, people will be more inclined to click follow.  H&M designer Kelly Harrington is a great example of an amazing grid—she always includes a cool shade of blue in her posts, but the content varies from fashion to architecture to food.

Don’t forget captions
Often overlooked or replaced with a series of emojis, quality captions are just as important as quality images.  Let your voice in Instagram be the same as your voice on your channel.  It will encourage people to find you on YouTube, if they’re already finding you on Instagram.  Also, captions offer a more personal, authentic voice to a beautiful picture.  Check out the Vanity Fair Editor Derek Blasberg’s feed.  His posts are pedestrian, but his pun-filled captions are always good for a laugh.

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Use a few simple hashtags
Hashtags are key for building your audience, but a huge mass of hashtags after a caption can seem desperate and intense.  Use hashtags that are applicable to you, your life and your channel, and then feel free to add a few niche ones where you see fit. For example, if you’re getting your morning coffee at your local coffee shop, feel free to hashtag #civilcoffee and #butfirstcoffee, but skip generic ones like #coffee and #caffeine.

Follow authentically
Forget about “like for like” and “follow for follow.” Instagram has become a game, and everyone knows how to play the game, meaning everyone knows when you’re following them solely for the purpose of gaining another follower.  If you like someone’s feed, and tell them with a comment, chances are, they’ll like and follow in return, without all the competitive follow-for-follow brouhaha.

Mix business & pleasure
You don’t have to post about beauty all the time.  A well-rounded feed can include products, food, travel and other aspects of your daily life.  Glossier, the online beauty brand founded by Emily Weiss, mixes inspirational images with their product-focused posts, creating a compelling, beautiful feed.

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