How To Get More Subscribers and Eyeballs with Google Trends

SEP 20, 2016:

You have probably already heard of Google Trends from our last mentoring session, but may not be using it to help your business.  Google Trends is a tool that allows you to compare the popularity of search terms and trends, thus making your SEO more efficient.  It can help grow your business, increase your subscriber count and generate content ideas.  Below, you will find a cheat sheet on how to use it to benefit your online brand.

Using Google Trends To Understand Your Audience
Because Google is the premier search engine, it’s a barometer for people’s interests and opinions.  By typing in several search terms that relate to your brand, e.g. organic beauty, vegan beauty, all natural beauty, you can see how these phrases compare to one another in search.  You can also see where the in world these terms are being searched.  If you are targeting a specific country, you can also tailor your search to see your demographic.

You can also see how the interest in these different search terms has evolved over time. For example, organic beauty may not have been a big search term in 2013, but has grown exponentially year on year.

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Using Google Trends to Create Content
Making popular, searchable content is key for growing an online business, and the key to popularity is relevance and timing.  Google Trends is an efficient way to find out what is on people’s minds, what they are curious about and what kind of content they want to watch.

Using the keyword search, try plugging in search terms relevant to your brand. To stay consistent, lets use the example of “vegan beauty.”  You can see if this term has gotten any spikes in search patterns over the last year and you can also see the “related terms” and “rising terms” that go along with “vegan beauty.”  These related terms can help you generate new content ideas.  Perhaps you’ll make some videos on DIY, clean beauty products or a round-up of cruelty-free beauty brands.

Using Google Trends For Calendar Creation
Every content creator has a different calendar to stay organized, but using Google Trends can give you a head start on key tentpole events to be mindful of.  For example, “birthday party ideas” and “baby shower ideas” peak search in January.  Perhaps you can use this information to make a highly-searchable baby shower or birthday shower beauty tutorial.

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