Getting To Know Kyne Santos


July 3, 2018:

We interviewed the talented Kyne Santos — who recently made it into the top 12 finalists for the NYX Face Awards — on everything from the inspiration behind the look he created for the contest, to the makeup products he’s currently loving.

How did you get into makeup?

I started wearing super light makeup about six years ago in high school, out of about 80% insecurity and 20% curiosity. I wore it to cover up pimples and get rid of shine. I had no intention of ever evolving into a drag queen, but that’s what happened as the general reaction I was getting was that I was fierce and gorgeous, so my insecurity about my appearance slowly waned. And my curiosity for makeup only grew as I learned more about what you can create with it. I fell in love with the artistry and the showmanship. So I stopped wearing makeup to school and started wearing it for the stage.

Is there anyone or anything that inspires you when it comes to the looks you create?

Oh, I’m so inspired by divas like Diana Ross, Lady Gaga, Cher, Madonna… I’m inspired by the archetype of the feminine goddess. That’s what fuels every brush stroke. But how obvious! As much as I adore classic beauty I try to challenge myself to go outside the box by picking up references from mythology, cartoons, paintings, and fashion. I especially love doing cosplay looks of familiar characters that I throw into my Kyne filter. Last Halloween I did my interpretation of HIM, Marge Simpson, Oompa Loompas, and Cruella Deville to name a few.

Do you have any tips or advice for young makeup artists/lovers who are trying to get into the industry or are just getting started?

Don’t ask “who’s going to let me?”, instead ask, “who’s going to stop me?”

You recently made it into the top 12 for the NYX FACE awards. Congrats! How did it feel? What was your initial reaction?

Oh my god! I was completely elated. I tried out every year for three years and only made it into the Top 30 this fourth try. But now my vision is stronger than ever and my skills sharper, so I’m glad it took me this long to get here. After my initial reaction of total disbelief, I thought to myself, “okay now how do I turn it out and exceed everyone’s expectations of me?”. The Face Awards is really more of a talent show than a contest, and I have so much up my sleeve to show!

What was the inspo behind that look? (Check out the look, here)

When twenty people are all given the same theme, there’s going to be lots of overlap, so my first thought was to steer away from what’s immediately obvious. I mixed our theme of “Machinist” with rococo because they’re so different. I went for a mashup between classic ornate beauty with excessive accessories and intricate patterns and mixed that with the given theme of machinist, by using chains instead of pearls, metals instead of pastels, and darks instead of lights.

What “trend” are you most looking forward to this summer? Any new product obsessions?

I love glittery or iridescent highlights! Am I like two summers late? I can never keep up with trends :( hahaha but I recently got some glitter jelly from INC.redible Cosmetics that I just stipple and blend into my cheekbones and my chest to give a glittery highlight and I use it sometimes for my boy-glam, where I wear no other makeup but just the natural glow of glitter!

What is next for you?

A great goal of mine is to travel the world! I’m working on making a name for myself as an entertainer and taking my show on the road to perform in front of bigger crowds and greener pastures. I’ll always love making videos, but being under the spotlight is a different rush of adrenaline that I love.

Where can people follow you/your work?

People can find me on Youtube, Instagram or Twitter all under onlinekyne!

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