Introducing Facebook’s New Creator App And How It Can Help You


NOV 28, 2017

Custom stickers, effects, insights, and more: Meet Facebook’s Creator app, devised to help influencers like you produce content. Available on iOS now (and coming soon to Android), this is the platform’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for making original video, going live with exclusive visuals, and keeping an eye on audience responses. All you need is a Facebook Page or profile. So what do you get?

Live Creative Kit

By downloading Facebook Creator, influencers will have access to the Live Creative Kit, which comes complete with tools for adding intros and outros to broadcasts, graph frames (a kind of border that creates a ‘more immersive feel’, as well as custom emoji reactions. All in all, these features will push Facebook Live beyond the capabilities of its competitors, such as Periscope and even YouTube.

Unified Inbox

Gone are the days of moving between all your social media apps. Facebook’s unified inbox merges Facebook and Instagram comments, plus you can easily access Messenger chats and it the Creator app also allows cross-posting to Twitter. Conversations couldn’t be easier.


Information on your audiences will be at the forefront of Facebook Creator. You’ll have access to fan demographics to help you target your content to both followers and brands.

Support Network

The dedicated accompanying website, Facebook for Creators, will also be launching soon, giving ‘best practices for growing fan bases, examples of what other stars are doing and access to answers of frequently asked questions.’

Writes TechCrunch: ‘Facebook wants to turn mindless, passive video consumption into “time well spent”’, quoting CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new objective for his company. But the tech news site also points out a catch: ‘One thing sorely missing from Facebook Creator is new ways for influencers to monetize… The only option is to post sponsored, branded content and label it with Facebook’s partnership tagging feature.’

Still, there’s an encouraging message behind the move. In its promotional video, Facebook makes it clear its aim is to inspire more people to populate the site with their personality and point of view, and what’s more, build a greater sense of community: ‘You’ve got a thing, you know, that thing you do differently than anyone else… Maybe you thought that was just your thing. But when you put it out there, you realize your thing is her thing too, and his thing and their thing, it can be a whole lot of people’s thing. People who push your thing further than you thought your thing could go. And that is everything.’

We can’t wait to see what possibilities Facebook’s Creator app will bring. Will you be using the Creator app? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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