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How facebook’s latest update could change influencer marketing

AUG 29, 2017:

You can now tag brands you are working with in a Facebook post. If they authorize your tag and thereby boost your post, they’ll be able to collect stats around reach, engagement, total spend, and CPM, to better understand the effectiveness of that content. Sounds like a move that makes influencer marketing easier for everyone, right?

But what happens if Facebook’s algorithm suppresses influencer posts that haven’t been boosted by brands? And if brands do boost posts, could it become more expensive for them to run influencer-led campaigns on Facebook? That’s the worry of some agency executives, according to Digiday.

‘Most brands are using influencers on Facebook to rely on their following base for organic reach,’ Matt Britton, CEO for influencer marketing company Crowdtap, told the website. ‘But now, in order for brands to support influencer posts, they have to pay to play. This means that organic reach doesn’t matter anymore, and influencer marketing will not be the same.’

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Instead of relying on a business model based on followers, Facebook influencers will need to also consider how much a brand is willing to spend on a sponsored post. With this update, your influence in terms of number of followers becomes less important. Instead, it’s about the specificity of the audience you target – if a brand invests in your content, who is it reaching and how far will it be shared?

This, in turn, could mean that influencers end up losing some leverage, says Social Media Week: ‘Since brands can control the reach of the content with their media dollars, and if an algorithm update indeed kicks in, brands could try to negotiate influencer rates down to avoid paying double for the influencer’s content likeness as well as the media spend on top of that.’

Why does this matter in the larger scheme of things? Well, what starts on Facebook is likely to be later rolled out on Instagram, the number-one channel for influencer marketing in many verticals. We’ll have to watch this (sponsored) space…

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