How Facebook is Using Its New Camera Feature to Make Art 

DEC. 1, 2016:

Facebook is transforming from that super nerdy tech kid to the dressed-in-black- art lover.  Earlier this month, the social network unveiled the newest addition to its app—an Artificial Intelligence feature called “style transfer.” The app allows users to overlay photos and videos with various artistic styles. So if you’ve always wanted your personal images to look more like Van Gough, you’re in luck.

Though the app is currently only being tested in Ireland, it is due to make a worldwide release next year. If you think the app is similar to the Russian app Prisma, which debuted earlier this year, you would be 100% right.  What makes it different is that Facebook’s app uses “neural networks,” a type of computer program that mimics the actions of neurons in the brain, that are trained to use larger amounts of data to recognize common patterns. Most of the time, these neural networks are housed on large, remote servers, but Facebook has managed to miniaturize them and put them on your iPhone. Pretty cool.

Though this app is meant as a game—a fun thing to use and share with friends—it represents Facebook’s move into the Artificial Intelligence space, which means you could quite possibly be accepting friend requests from robots, sometime in the near future.

What do you think of this new feature? Will you use it? Share in the comments!

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