Everything You Need To Know About Microblading

NOV. 10, 2016:

Are you considering going under the knife?  Though microblading is not exactly plastic surgery, it is an extreme beauty procedure that shouldn’t be entered lightly.  Here is everything you need to know before getting permanent eyebrows.

Yes, it is a tattoo.
Microblading is just another fancy word that the beauty world created to make something sound like something other than what it is—we all know that strobing is just highlighting, right?

So at the end of the day, microblading is essentially just tattooing.  The only stipulation is how deeply the ink is injected into the skin.  Traditional tattoos are drawn to last, so tattoo artists use machines that place the ink far into the depth of the skin.  Microblading is semi-permanent, so artists use a microblade to draw closer to the surface.  

But what makes it different?
Surprisingly, microblading doesn’t use a blade at all, rather a series of tiny needles arranged for small, precise incisions.  Depending on the thickness of your brows (and the brows you want to achieve), an artist will consult with you to decide how best to arrange these needles for the most natural look.

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How much does it cost?
Anywhere from $400 to $1400, depending on where you live and the artist you choose to work with.

Will it last forever?
Microblading is semi-permanent, so it will fade and require touch up.  The first touch up is required after four to eight weeks, and then again after a year or so.  If you don’t touch them up, they will totally fade over time.  Most experts recommend a touch up once a year.

Is microblading safe?
Eyebrow tattoos and microblading are not FDA-approved, despite the fact that most cosmetic-grade pigments are FDA approved.  That’s why it is important to work with an artist who is state-licensed and certified through an organization like the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals or the American Academy of Micropigmentation.  The best bet?   Get a referral from a trusted source.

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