End of Year Review: How to maximize your Instagram Best 9

End of Year Review: How to maximize your Instagram Best 9 #ipsyOpenStudios

DEC 26, 2017:

It’s the online trend that shows no sign of stopping: December marks the start of everyone’s end-of-year reviews – there are lists for everything from the Best Albums of 2017, to the Best Beauty Gifts To Buy Now. But it doesn’t just stop there…

Our social networks also seem intent on summarizing the year in a short and snappy way. Facebook, arguably the champion of the format in the industry since 2012, has received some interesting headlines this month among tech heads: ‘Facebook’s Year in Review hasn’t realized that social media isn’t fun anymore’ (The Verge), ‘Facebook’s Year in Review confirms 2017 was terrible’ (Endgadget), ‘Facebook released their Year in Review and no one is excited about it’ (Mashable). But why end a pessimistic year with such pessimism?

Enter Instagram: Since 2015, users have celebrated the end of the year with a #BestNine photo grid. Rather than randomly selecting images from 2017, condensing all the ups and downs of the last 12 months into a two-minute video, the best nine is calculated from the number of likes. For creators, that’s a great way of seeing which posts were most successful, as well as thanking followers for their interactions by sharing their collage on the platform.

Alternatively, if you’d like to curate the collage more thoughtfully and on brand, Refinery29 suggests picking your own best nine using a collage-making app, like PicsArt or Instagram Layout. You could also maximize the new slideshow feature – allowing your users to scroll through your top-9 or favorite images using the bigger-picture format.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to take the word ‘review’ more literally, you might also want to take a look through your Archive – especially as Instagram has this month given users the ability to automatically save Stories to this private part of your profile once the 24-hour sharing time is up. This not only allows you to re-watch a past Story but also gives you the ability to ‘add parts of it to your current Story, share a highlight as a post or add it as a highlight to your profile.’
Social Media Today sees this as a positive for content strategy: ‘The options open up a heap of new opportunities… You can create more immersive, story-driven posts, even longer narrative-defined episodes which you can then display on your profile, providing a new way to showcase your personality and/or business offerings.’ Finally, some good news for 2017!


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