Is egg blending the new beauty hack to know? #ipsyOS

Is egg blending the new beauty hack to know?

April, 4, 2017:

No, it’s not an early April Fools Day joke. Hardboiled eggs make for surprisingly good makeup sponges – that is, according to a variety of beauty bloggers, including Nadi at PopLuxe and Esther Gbudje aka houseofsienna.

As part of a new series, Nadi invites his viewers to suggest random objects for him to use to put his face on. When it comes to the egg, right at the beginning of his video he begins to exclaim: ‘This is actually working really, really well!’ and ‘I really like how cold this is, it’s like super refreshing, too!’ Though the egg starts crumbling just before finishing his foundation, Nadi admits that the humble food produce is just as good as his usual blender. But should we all be throwing out our blending brushes?

It’s true that the Beautyblender is shaped like an egg for better versatility. The corner-less design reduces streaks and lines, with a pointy sponge to reach small areas and a wide, round-bottomed sponge to cover big areas efficiently, like the forehead chin, cheeks, and jawline.

And yes, eggs have been around in beauty products for a while now – from ‘egg cream’ sheet masks to ‘egg mouse’ cleansers, as tested by beauty writer Karina Hoshikawa at Refinery29. Speaking to Shereene Idriss, MD, of Wexler Dermatology, she discovered that ‘for centuries, eggs have been revered for their healing benefits, whether by consumption, applying eggs as face masks, or even rolling boiled eggs to help heal bruises.’ They’re not only protein-rich, but also a natural source of collagen and albumin, plus vitamins A and E – all of which helps ‘hydrate, replenish and plump the skin.’ Which all sounds great, but, just as with any applicator, the problem here is hygiene. Though Nadi attests to cleansing his egg with face wipes between each application, it eventually splits in half, covering him in yolk. In the video, he styles it out like a pro, but there’s something not-so-beautiful about getting egg, literally, in your face…

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