Digital Declutter: How to organize your files and devices

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SEPT 7, 2017

Being organized doesn’t mean being boring. Here are our tips to digitally declutter your life…

  1. Buy a back-up drive

You got to love a LaCie external hard drive. It works for all. Plus its rubber casing is perfect if you’re… an experimental person. On Apple devices, Time Machine allows you to back up your information automatically, or you can do it manually.

  1. Get your files in order

Sorry if you hate math – but numbers rule. Name your files numerically (hint: by date, like a professional) to easily keep track of what you shot, when. If the idea of all those digits drives you crazy, add a buzzword to the end of the file name, or organize groups of files into folders with nice visually stimulating names.

  1. Clean up your apps

Intuition is everything, so follow your finger. Line up your frequently used apps on your homepage and work backward. The super organized may choose to sort by folder: social, games, media… You name it; you know where it is.

  1. Go XXL with storage

Phone getting full? It’s a tale as old as time. Don’t be afraid of upgrading to extra storage – you’re an influencer, after all. There’s also iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive to play host to however many hours of footage you want to store online, so they’re accessible everywhere by you, friends, family and collaborators all over the world.

  1. Sort your inbox

Don’t be that person with 99,999 notifications on your email app. Just don’t. Embrace the email every morning – read, reply, delete, and repeat. Use filters, flag/stars, and labels to help you find emails, contacts or files more easily. It looks good and makes life easier, too. Unsubscribe from spam emails – it’s called junk for a reason.

  1. Do the trash (bin)

Take the time to go through your downloads and document folders, and hit delete, at least once a week. Don’t be afraid. Empty that trash. It feels good!

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