What is Collagen and How Can You Incorporate it Into Your Beauty/Wellness Routine?

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July 31, 2018:

Collagen seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment. It’s in everything from supplements to skin and hair care. We’ve broken down the basics of all things you need to know about this powerful ingredient and how you can add it easily into your current routine.


What is Collagen?

In the most simplistic of terms, collagen is a protein. It’s not a myth that you do lose it with age – your body starts producing less and less of it the older you get, which is why it’s so important to add it into your regimen early on. Without getting too scientific, collagen isn’t just something that prevents wrinkles. It’s a lot more as it’s essentially a protein made up of amino acids. It’s naturally found in the human body in our bones, skin, and muscles and provides strength. In other words, it aids with the skin’s elasticity, renewal, suppleness, and firmness. All in all, it’s a skin essential to get the appearance of healthy, youthful skin.


What Happens to Collagen When We Age?

Collagen production decreases with age, which means supplementing its natural production is key. We begin to lose it starting in our 20s and have less and less into our 40s. But have no fear, as there are a variety of ways that you can boost your collagen intake, whether it’s in your skincare or as part of your daily diet.


Collagen in Your Skincare

Incorporating collagen-infused products can help your skin retain that youthful, dewy appearance. Many products combine collagen with other vitamins (like Vitamin E), like Algenist’s Liquid Collagen to deliver a combination of powerful ingredients at once. Dr. Dennis Gross’ line also features several collagen-based products, including the C+ Collagen Deep Cream which provides fast-absorbing moisture to help prevent signs of aging. Although many products are targeted for anti-aging, they’re equally great at battling scarring and pigmentation. Murad’s Rapid Collagen Infusion not only helps with fine lines and wrinkles but also aids in repairing sun-damaged skin.


Collagen in Your Diet

Topical products are not the only way you can up your collagen intake. Since collagen is a protein, boosting it from inside is also important. Vitamins C and E can be found in many natural foods (think within the citrus family), along with many over-the-counter daily supplements. If you’re a fan of smoothies, collagen is perfect to add into any mixture as it’s essentially tasteless. Vital Proteins’ Beauty Greens not only helps with your skin’s texture and elasticity over time but also delivers other nutrients your body can use. Many benefit from collagen’s digestive benefits as well, and Hum and Collagen Beauty do great oral supplements that are filled with good ingredients and pack a punch in delivering the essentials without the fluff. Ultimately though, a healthy diet is key for both inside and outside wellness, so don’t stress if supplements aren’t your thing.


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