Coachella Trends to Watch


APR 17, 2018:

With festival season officially upon us, we took a look at the beauty and fashion trends that will be absolutely everywhere. Whether you’re planning to attend Coachella or not, here are the festival items that we predict to see everywhere. What’s great about all of these is that if you’re not really into festival season, these items are also perfect for the transition into spring and summer.


  1. Small sunglasses

They’ve made a comeback and they’re here to stay. Don’t be intimidated by this trend: the more Matrix-inspired, the better. Experiment with different colored lenses (because everything really does look better in pink) and find the right shape for your face. Le Specs makes a great festival-approved pair that you can wear year-round, while ASOS also has a more affordable dupe. Desert-ray protection while making a statement? Check.


  1. Lux fanny packs/belt bags

The Gucci Marmont is definitely having a moment and might be what’s on everyone’s wish list at the moment, but there are so many price points and options when it comes to storing your festival essentials via fanny pack. Revamped as “belt bags”, they are ideal for those who don’t want any baggage while dancing the night away, but still want to have their must-haves. This accessory is also the perfect way to amp up any outfit to the next level, whether you’re wearing it around your waist or crossbody. Topshop does a classic style in red leather that we’re loving.


  1. Cargo pants

If anyone can bring back cargo pants and make them cool, it’s an Australian brand. Whether you’re rocking the I.AM.GIA Cobain Pant or hitting up your local thrift store rack to hunt for a pair, cargo pants elevate any festival look. Pair it with a bold belt (or DIY one yourself) for the ultimate throwback casual outfit.


  1. Space buns

When you’re a Coachella trend two years in a row, you’ve pretty much become a staple. Try adding different colored scrunchies or hair strobing spray to this fun hair look to make your look stand out.


  1. Dad sneakers

The aptly named “dad sneaker” has without a doubt become the coolest trend of 2018. This trend is the perfect addition to the model-off-duty vibe and might replace the infamous flower crown – we said it. With so many brands jumping on this bandwagon, you won’t have any trouble finding a pair, but New Balance, Fila, and Steve Madden are some that we’re currently eyeing.

Which trend are you most excited about?

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