Check Your Heartbeat: The new network to know

Check Your Heartbeat: The new network to know #ipsyOpenStudios

NOV 9, 2017:

Want to get rewards for posting on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook about the brands you love? Well, it might be time to join Heartbeat and what it claims to be ‘the largest network of women on Earth’. Its mission is to connect real women who have ‘the best voices’ with brand partners that ‘respect and value what those voices can do’. Here’s how it works…

Signing up

There’s an ‘easy breezy application’ form to fill in, which starts by connecting your Instagram account. Once approved, Heartbeat will send out offers from its brand partners, and you get to decide whether you want to participate – this isn’t a mandatory part of joining Heartbeat, it’s totally up to you if you want to take part.

Promoting brands

If you get selected for a campaign, you’ll receive an email with all of the details about what to do and how to get paid – XXX. Tasks are usually simple, something like posting about a new product or brand, or including specific hashtags.

Getting rewards

As a Heartbeat ambassador, you’ll get ‘paid offers and free products from awesome brands’. During the sign-up process, an email will be sent to you with your ‘average payout rate’, though this can vary from campaign to campaign. This is based on a formula that is focused around a metric such as your number of authentic followers, but you can also increase this by inviting friends to join Heartbeat. Note: they use Paypal to pay users, so you’ll need to have an account.

Anything else?

And if you ever get stuck, there’s even a Heartbeat University (the brand’s name for their FAQ section on site), complete with easy-to-follow guides to help you with everything from getting selected for more campaigns to referring brands you love to join the network.

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