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NEW music from #IPSYxBEA! 🎧

We’re super excited to announce our #IPSYxBEA partnership with Hollywood Records artist, Bea Miller! With the release of her new women’s empowerment anthem, S.L.U.T., we are able to give all ipsy Open Studios members access to use her track in upcoming content for a limited time. What’s the story behind S.L.U.T.? Check out Bea’s video […]

What does it really take to be a Glambassador?

FEB 7, 2018: It’s not just about being glam. Influencer marketing agency, Glambassador is looking for influencers to connect with brands who match their niche. They say they ‘operate similarly to a job bank platform where the brands are the employers and influencers are candidates. Brands have the ability to post campaigns (jobs) and influencers bid […]

Is Zine the new platform set to ‘save’ influencer marketing?

JAN 17, 2018: There’s something a little special about Zine. This new influencer platform sells itself as being ‘transparent, consistent and impartial’ – and you get that sense instantly from the look and feel of their website. It also says they’re ‘redefining industry standards’ and ‘have the strategy to save influencer marketing’. But is it the […]

How to use social ads to grow your following

JAN 2, 2018: When it comes to digital advertising, the numbers speak for themselves: ‘an anticipated $72.08 billion [was] spent on digital ads in the United States alone in 2016, a number expected to rise to more than $82 billion [in 2017] and more than $113 billion by 2020,’ explains Hootsuite, in their guide to […]

Is Instagram Direct the end of Snapchat?

DEC 21, 2017 This month, The Verge was first to notice Instagram is test launching a standalone-messaging app called Direct. Parallels with Snapchat were quickly drawn, as was the fact that this would empower ‘parent company Facebook [with] a third popular messaging tool alongside Messenger and WhatsApp.’ How does it work? In its current state, […]

The YouTube Community tab Gets A Major Upgrade

DEC 19, 2017 After a limited rollout last year, YouTube is expanding its Community tab to more creators – it’s now available to anyone who has a channel with more than 10,000 subscribers. Here’s the lowdown you need… Welcome Community This social feature lets creators engage with their followers through text, video, photos and more – it’s […]

The Business: Updated Instagram Insights you need to know

DEC 14, 2017 Got Instagram? Check. Created your Business Profile? Check. Decoded the Discovery section? Not yet? Well, here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Insights… Overall Insights To view Insights for your Business account, you would click on the graph icon in the upper-right corner of your profile. At the top, you’d find […]

Heard of Here’s what you need to know

NOV 30, 2017 Coke Zero, AOL, BBC, Facebook: CEO and founder Mae Karwowski has a rather impressive CV in social-media managing and consulting.  Her influential marketing platform is new to the scene having only launched two and a half years ago but has ‘already succeeded in disrupting the media landscape’, according to Skift. Here’s why […]

Introducing Facebook’s New Creator App And How It Can Help You

NOV 28, 2017 Custom stickers, effects, insights, and more: Meet Facebook’s Creator app, devised to help influencers like you produce content. Available on iOS now (and coming soon to Android), this is the platform’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for making original video, going live with exclusive visuals, and keeping an eye on audience responses. All you need is a […]

Will Amazon create a platform for creators?

NOV 23, 2017 Rumor has it that Amazon is developing a new ad-supported streaming service to accompany its current subscription video service, Amazon Prime Video. ‘The company is talking with TV networks, movie studios, and other media companies about providing programming to the service,’ says VideoInk. Even more exciting, one executive anonymously revealed that Amazon […]

How to start a kick-butt newsletter for your audience

NOV 22, 2017 Creating a digital newsletter couldn’t be easier – and better for business. It has low costs (some services are even free), and can be sent from anywhere in the world. You can monetize your newsletter with ease through advertising, sponsorships, product sales, subscription fees, and even earn commission for referred sales. Here are […]

Check Your Heartbeat: The new network to know

NOV 9, 2017: Want to get rewards for posting on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook about the brands you love? Well, it might be time to join Heartbeat and what it claims to be ‘the largest network of women on Earth’. Its mission is to connect real women who have ‘the best voices’ with brand partners […]

How much control does Facebook really have?

NOV 3, 2017: For better or worse, Facebook has been all over the news as of late. Headlines have included: ‘America doesn’t trust Facebook’ (The Verge), ‘Facebook thinks so little of us’ (Quartz), and the more positive, ‘You can now order food right from the Facebook app’ (CNBC). All in all, these stories reveal how […]

Who is TopBuzz and why do they want to work with you?

NOV 2, 2017: There’s a new content aggregator on the scene: TopBuzz is billed as ‘a community built by you, for you’, so it’s no surprise that they’re on the hunt for influencers around the world to work with them on their trending news feed with a personalized touch. Interested? Here’s everything you need to […]

Everything you need to know about Social Bluebook

OCT 24, 2017 Who doesn’t want to know the value of their social accounts or what to charge when working with brands? Enter Social Bluebook: ‘a suite of tools that empower, educate, and protect content creators when working with brands and advertisers.’ Here’s our guide… How do I get started? Join Social Bluebook as a […]

The latest Final Cut Pro plug-ins you need now

OCT 18, 2017 Are you up-to-date with the latest Final Cut Pro plugins? Here are our favorites, including this year’s top launches, to give your videos professional power… Audio DeNoise For those of you that don’t currently own a directional mic, this relatively cheap plugin helps you automatically remove or reduce noise with a simple […]

What you need to know about the new Instagram updates

OCT 17, 2017 Your latest Instagram news round-up – from the new way to increase engagement through Stories, to why it’s time to give your Instagram bio an upgrade. Shopping on Instagram First introduced in late 2016 for a limited number of brands, this feature allowed accounts to include links to retailers’ websites on their posts. […]

How your favorite brands are using Instagram Stories

OCT 5, 2017 Instagram Stories turned one recently, and has experienced an unprecedented growth and success rate in that short period of time. According to Ad Week, 250 million accounts now use the feature – from the start this has included big beauty brands, like Benefit, L’Oréal and Maybelline, who jumped on the chance to take […]

Takumi & Me: How To Use The Branded Instagram App

SEPT 28, 2017 A report by influencer marketing app Takumi last year found that ‘influencers with a minimum 1,000 followers can earn about £40 a post for a brand. Someone with more than 5,000 followers could charge roughly £75, while an influencer with upwards of 20,000 could charge £300 or more.’ Sounds good… But what […]

The Age of Amazon: Will you join the new influencer program?

SEPT 5, 2017 Google and Facebook might want to keep an eye on a certain renowned web competitor: Amazon has just brought its Influencer Program out of beta, and is encouraging YouTubers to put themselves forward for consideration. First spotted by TechCrunch, Amazon has now confirmed the story: ‘We recently enabled a self-service tool for […]

3 Brands Helping Beauty Startups Become a Success

JULY 25, 2017: More and more brands are giving their money away… Bet that got your attention – but it’s not for just anybody. Fashionista explains: ‘The newest fad among large, profitable, well-known apparel and beauty companies? … They have adopted very like-minded incubator or accelerator-like programs for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.’ But what does that mean and […]

Is Snapchat turning its back on influencers?

JULY 20, 2017: It feels like there hasn’t been a single week this year when Snapchat wasn’t in the news – from positive and negative reviews of its latest feature, Snap Maps, to its AR dancing hot dog taking over every corner of the Internet. Mostly, journalists seem unable to decide whether the platform is still […]

Is Using Skin Filters In YouTube Videos good or bad?

JULY 18, 2017: Flawless, natural-looking skin – it’s the epitome of any beauty look, whether or not you’re a professional makeup artist or content creator. But earlier this year, YouTuber Wayne Goss got a lot of reactions when he uploaded the video, ‘Warning. You’re Being Lied To…’, which revealed the secrets of ‘living Photoshop’, an […]

3 Photo apps that do all the work for you

JULY 11, 2017: Why would you do all that image admin work when there’s an app for that? Here are the latest downloads to get your photo process running like clockwork… Editing: Mendr Wouldn’t it be great if there was an Uber for Photoshop? Well, guess what? There is, and it’s called Mendr. Devised by […]

Speak up: Why brands want influencer-led podcasts

JULY 6, 2017: In the last two years, the podcast’s rise of popularity from the preferred medium of gamers and tech geeks to cool pop-culture series (hello This American Life, Serial, and S-Town) has not gone unnoticed. Wired and Contently were just two publishers who referred to podcasts as the ‘new blogs’. And while the former […]

The 411 on The New Instagram Partnership Tag

JUNE 27, 2017: In a bid for further transparency following ongoing complaints and reminders from the Federal Trade Commission, Instagram is releasing a new tool to clearly differentiate brand-supported content from non-sponsored posts. Currently in beta mode amongst influencers and publishers including BuzzFeed, you’ll see the words ‘Paid partnership with [brand name]’ in place of […]

YouTube Tips Creators need to know in 2017

JUNE 22, 2017: Haven’t read YouTube’s 10 fundamentals of a Creative Strategy? Want to know how to look after your YouTube account as a creator today? Well, lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our top tips for keeping things ticking along nicely… Timing is Everything When is activity at its peak? You should know when […]

3 Different Instagram Editing Techniques To Create A Killer Feed

JUNE 21, 2017: Who better than some of our favorite beauty creators – and ipsyOS members – to talk us through their tips and tricks for editing photos and planning their Instagram feeds? Here’s our round up… Marianna Hewitt @marianna_hewitt Fave apps: Facetune for selfies; VSCO for filters; PicFrame for creating YouTube featured images; WordSwag for […]

The New Facebook Feature Helping Boost Engagement

JUNE 20, 2017: This month, Facebook launched closed captions for Live videos – to use the feature, you can either activate the platform’s Live API or create your own externally. But how can something as simple as adding text to your Live videos help increase user engagement? It’s all about accessibility. Loud & Quiet What happens […]

Next Level Livestream: Facebook and Twitter video updates you need to know

JUNE 14, 2017: In a blog post announcing its new features, Facebook revealed that Live videos draw more than ten times as many comments as regular videos, confirming real-time content’s importance as a tool for increasing engagement. So it comes as no surprise that the company’s attention is on building interaction around livestreams. In response […]

The Battle of The Face Filters: Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

May 31, 2017 Augmented Reality is big business these days: IBM even called it ‘the next frontier for social-media marketing’. Put simply, AR is about integrating your surroundings with your virtual experience – that’s the idea behind the editing tools you can use on Instagram Stories and Snapchat Lenses. And while the former followed the latter, this month […]

Is It Time To Get Serious About Vertical Videos?

May 10, 2017 Marketing experts have been talking about the rise of vertical video for a while now. But are we really seeing a shift towards more vertical storytelling? Why The Advertisers Are In On It Snapchat launched vertical video ads two years ago, and was swiftly followed by Facebook and Instagram. Speaking to Exchange […]

Guru Gear: The 2017 cameras and accessories to buy

May 3, 2017: Cameras at the ready? This is your ultimate guide to the products of the year so far… LIGHTS  LimoStudio 700W Photography Continuous Lighting Kit According to Best Brand Reviews, this ‘perfect’ kit helps you create more natural-looking light. You get two light holders, complete with light bulbs designed to save up to […]

5 mobile apps to help you make videos on the move

April 26, 2017 Can’t get behind the camera today? These five mobile apps might be exactly what you need to creatively kick-start your day… 1. Flipagram Boasting 200 million users, Flipagram launched in 2013 as a tool to create video stories or ‘Flips’, which combine videos, photos, text and music. It’s USP? Flipagram is the […]

Going mobile: Are you making the right kind of videos?

APR. 20, 2017: From big brands and small businesses to influential individuals, everyone understands the importance of video in the digital age. Hubspot started the year with a whole article dedicated to the format as a content marketing strategy, in response to its rising popularity in 2016 and software company HighQ’s infographic naming 2017 ‘the […]

Instagram Stories v. Snapchat: Which one is better?

APRIL 19, 2017: The battle of the social-media businesses continues – but who will win? Snapchat introduced Stories back in 2013, allowing users to upload shots for their friends to view over a 24-hour period. This captured the imagination of the app’s biggest rival, Instagram, who launched a similar feature last year – CEO Kevin Systrom candidly told […]

The New Beauty App That Will Make Shopping For Makeup A Much Better Experience

APR 18, 2017: How do you choose the perfect foundation for your skin tone? From Cosmopolitan and Lauren Conrad to the artists at your local store’s makeup counter, beauty experts around the world have long attempted to answer this important question. Now, it seems taking a simple selfie could be the trick to finding the […]

Instagram Styling Trends To Know 

JAN. 25, 2017: In the ever-crowded space that is Instagram, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the rest. Thankfully, using a unique visual language can help you get noticed.  And fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands are always showing new, experimental styling trends. Keep reading for six styling trends feeling fresh right now. Show […]

Are You Making These Common Twitter Mistakes?

JAN. 18, 2017: Twitter is essentially just one big conversation, but sometimes we get tongue-tied, and it feels like if we say the wrong thing, we get attacked or ignored. If you are interested in reinvigorating your Twitter presence in 2017 or simply want to learn from others’ mistakes, keep reading for tips and tricks […]

The Most Popular Snapchat Filters of 2016 and What To Expect This Year

JAN 12, 2017: Did you know that Snapchat was the most used social media app used this past holiday season? It far outperformed apps like Facebook and Twitter, thanks to its creative location and event-based lenses and fun filters. Admit it—you were snapping away while you were opening presents, sipping champagne and kissing under the […]

How To Get Started on WordPress Without Going Crazy

DEC. 20, 2016: In 2016, starting a blog literally takes 15 minutes, especially with easy-to-use, intuitive programs like WordPress. If you have been hesitating to create a brand new blog, or perhaps want a companion to your YouTube page, do not wait any longer. Your easy, peasy WordPress Quick-guide is here. Register To start, go […]

How Facebook is Using Its New Camera Feature to Make Art 

DEC. 1, 2016: Facebook is transforming from that super nerdy tech kid to the dressed-in-black- art lover.  Earlier this month, the social network unveiled the newest addition to its app—an Artificial Intelligence feature called “style transfer.” The app allows users to overlay photos and videos with various artistic styles. So if you’ve always wanted your […]

6 New Tools That Blocks The Haters on YouTube

NOV. 30, 2016: One of the most effective ways to build your YouTube audience is to engage with them in your feed, by responding to their individual comments.  Unfortunately, doing so is basically a full time job in itself, especially if you have a healthy subscriber number. To streamline the process of controlling comments, YouTube […]

Imposter Syndrome and How To Get Over It

NOV. 24, 2016: Even if you don’t know exactly what Imposter Syndrome is, you’ve most likely experienced it before. Imposter Syndrome is when we feel like a fraud, when we convince ourselves that the achievements we have made are due to luck or timing, and not hard work, perseverance or general bad assness. The good […]

3 Things We Love About The New Google Phone

NOV. 8, 2016: Google’s first foray into hardware, the Pixel phone is easily the most anticipated release of the season, if not the year.  So far, the reviews have been positive—the phone has been called “The best Android phone money can buy,” and Google is said to have “hit a home run.” Well, we got […]

How To Add Special Effects to Your Videos

NOV. 3, 2016: A little pop of glitter here, some snazzy text there—special effects can make your videos seem a lot more professional and high-tech.  They can also help you express your personality and brand in a more delightful way.  Special effects don’t have to be scary, Avatar-level additions to your videos—they can be simple […]

How To Shoot And Edit Super Profesh Videos On Your iPad

OCT 11, 2016: When you’re first starting out on YouTube, it can be easy to want to spend thousands of dollars on video equipment.  Thankfully, with the newest iPhone, iPads and Androids, you can basically shoot and edit an entire video on your mobile device.  Read on for tips on how to make professional-looking mobile […]

Instagram Features For The iPhone 7 That Will Rock Your World

SEP 27, 2016: Another season, another iPhone.  And it seems this year, Apple has doubled down on its camera features, making it the most powerful one yet.  The iPhone 7 Plus has the standard, wide-angle, 28mm-equivalent lens, plus another one—a 56mm equivalent, ideal for beauty close-ups.  Because of this new, powerful camera, Instagram is also […]

Here Is The Must-Know Hack for Instagram Stories

SEP 14, 2016: Want to use Instagram Stories to better connect with your audience, but miss those amazing Snapchat filters?  Well, we have got a solution. With just a few hacks, you can use Snapchat filters on Instagram, allowing you to hit both networks at the same time, streamlining your social media footprint while reaching […]

The 5 Best Places to Share Video (That Aren’t YouTube)

JUN 23, 2016: Believe it or not, there is a world outside YouTube.  Sharing your content on other networks allows you to diversify your audience and gain new views and subscribers.  So what are you waiting for? Open yourself up to the world of alternate online video. Dailymotion Often overlooked, Dailymotion is a great alternative […]

Which Video Analytics Platform Is Right For You?

May 3, 2016: When it comes to analyzing your YouTube stats and subscribers, YouTube’s dashboard can only show you so much–You may need to get a third party video analytics platform to help you get the job done.  There are several to choose from, but we have outlined three ipsyOS-approved platforms below.  Read on to […]

Self-employed? 6 Organization Apps That Will Save Your Life

Remembering passwords, reorganizing your ever-changing schedule and looking for that teeny, tiny receipt from last week’s coffee meeting—ain’t nobody got time for that!  Take back your life and get organized with these six, easy to use apps, ideal for self-employed creatives. Hootsuite Initially launched as a Twitter app, Hootsuite streamlines all of your social media […]

5 Social Networks To Early Adopt NOW

APRIL 11, 2016:  Over the years, we have seen early adopters of relatively unknown social networks become huge sensations.  Look at Michelle Phan for instance—when she started posting on YouTube in 2007, few people were posting beauty tutorials.  Now she’s a bona–fide YouTube sensation, with various other business ventures to boot. We’ve seen early adopters […]

How To Find Your Voice in 5 Steps

APRIL 7, 2016: Every content creator is an individual, and our experiences, likes and dislikes shape who we are and help create our unique voice.  Though your voice may come naturally in your every day life, it can be difficult to define your voice for your blog or channel.  Use these five tips to help […]

Stay Ahead of The Game With These Beauty Trendcasting Sites

MARCH 29, 2016: In this high-speed, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it digital age, it is s so important to be first to post—whether it’s a news story, an Instagram image or a beauty trend. Being “first” puts your brand ahead of the competition. When it comes to beauty trend forecasting, the business is getting faster and faster, thanks to […]

Snapchat Secrets That Will Change Your Life

MARCH 17, 2016: Newsflash: teenagers know everything about Snapchat and they’re rushing to the Internet to teach the old folk their Snapchat ways.  Here are four secrets your followers will love—heck, they may even ask: “Hey, how did you do that?”  Prepare to amaze with these Snapchat secrets.  Prepare to amaze with these Snapchat secrets. […]

How To Make Amazing Shareable Images in Minutes

MAR 10, 2016: We used to have to rely on designers and expensive software (read: Photoshop) to create compelling visual content, but today, the easiest way to produce great content is always in our pockets.  That’s right, your mobile device makes it simple to create amazing, sharable images in minutes—all thanks to a few intuitive, […]

4 Features We Love on Facetune

FEB 18, 2015: Facetune has gotten a little bit of a bad wrap—who can forget Beyoncé’s #thighgapgate from 2015?  But at the end of the day, Facetune is an easy, inexpensive way to fake studio lighting, perfect hair and make-up, whitened teeth and flawless skin, and isn’t that what we all really want in our […]

6 WordPress Plug-ins You Should Have Now

DEC 30, 2015: Is your blog as updated as it could be?  If you haven’t updated it in a while, you may me wasting precious time on tasks that could be automated by a simple plug-in.   Save time and creative energy with these six essential WordPress plug-ins—your blog will thank you! Disqus You may […]

How to Create your own ipsy Studio at Home

DEC 29, 2015: Whether you are shooting in a home, basement, studio apartment or dorm room, it is easy to create an at-home studio that is just like our very own Open Studios.  Since many of the ipsyOS stylists create content in their own personal studios, hundreds and thousands of miles away from LA, we […]

Everything you Need to Know about Influencer Marketplaces

DEC 24, 2015: Influencer marketing has become the go-to for brands, because it helps them make more meaningful, lasting connections with their audience.  Thankfully, brands can’t utilize influencer marketing without you, the influencer! If you’ve been curious about joining an influencer marketplace, or need more information on how they work, you’re in luck.  Read on […]

AskYeff! RSVP for Upcoming Mentoring Session with ipsy’s Own Jeff Melgar

NOV 10, 2015: EXCLUSIVE FOR IPSYOS MEMBERS! Jeff Melgar (who shoots ALL of ipsy’s in-house stylists including Chrisspy, Desi Perkins, Christen Dominique, LustreLux, Karen O, LaMadelynn, and Jalessa) of AskYeff fame will be available on Thursday, November 12  to discuss all things related to video production and cinematography. Warm up by watching one of his videos below, […]

How To Respond to Viewer Comments (Both Good and Bad)

JUN 30, 2015: One of the best ways to engage with your YouTube viewers is to encourage commenting. Unfortunately, due to the anonymity of social media, the comments can often range from the good to the bad to the ugly. How you respond to those comments shapes your brand and shows the world what kind […]

Cheat Sheet For YouTube’s Creator Studio App

JUN 26, 2015: Growing your channel can often become as demanding as a full-time job. From brainstorming new content, to filming and editing, to promoting on social media and monitoring viewer comments—the life of a YouTube beauty vlogger is always action-packed! Thankfully, the YouTube Creator Studio App can make your life a little easier. Available […]