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How to really get the timing right with your social-media posts

JAN 16, 2018: Timing is everything, especially on social media. There is simply no use posting great content if your audience isn’t around to see it! The more people that see what you share, the larger your audience, which in turn helps you increase engagement, drive traffic, and gain potential new followers. Sound good? Here’s […]

What will 2018 bring for influencers?

DEC 26, 2017: If 2017 was the year of influencer marketing, 2018 is set to solidify its place within the industry – at least that’s what Forbes is suggesting in its article on The Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018. Looking to top influencers and marketing thought leaders for their predictions, the New Year certainly […]

How to end the year on a high

DEC 26, 2017: New year, new me – at least, that’s how the old saying goes. Certainly, the first day of the first month seems as good a time as ever to make a fresh start. So why not get ahead? Presenting our guide to ending 2017 on a high as a creator…   #TBT Why […]

20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member and the ‘anti-glam’ Eleanor Barnes

DEC 21, 2017: Relative new kid on the YouTube block (but longstanding Instagram and Twitter champion) Eleanor Barnes, aka Snitchery, is the ‘anti-glam’ poster girl with an expertly curated look and just as distinctive personality. She’s captured her 457k followers on Instagram and over 90k on Twitter with this very individual mix of consistent creative direction […]

Trending Now: Content ideas to crush on this December

DEC 13, 2017 In need of some beauty inspo? End of the year doesn’t have to mean the end of ideas. Discover December’s most talked-about topics for some seriously clever content creativity! Bauble Brows It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… But forget decorating the tree, this December is all about hanging baubles from your brows. […]

How I use social media: 3 beauty creators share their tips

NOV 29, 2017 What do beauty creators have to say about starting out and succeeding on social media? Here is our round-up of three of our faves… Samantha Ravndahl Canadian blogger Samantha Ravndahl has over 750k subscribers on YouTube and 2.4m followers on Instagram. Her first tip for both platforms? Consistency. ‘You want to be […]

How to keep going when faced with bad news

OCT 11, 2017: At the close of 2016, the general consensus from the media was that we had just experienced the worst year ever (or at least, this century). There seemed to be a lot of evidence, all of which affected our collective consciousness to varying degrees – from divisive election results to war and terrorism, […]

Here Is How To Get The Most Out of Your Contracts As A Beauty Creator

OCT 3, 2017 As influencer marketing becomes a bigger business, the types of contracts you’re going to see on the table are equally becoming more business-like. Think tighter expectations and contractual obligations that ‘guarantee social stars’ rights and advertisers’ needs’, writes Digiday. Agencies, in particular, are looking to refine and address gray areas like post […]

How to make it as an MUA at Fashion Week

SEPT 19, 2017 It’s Fashion Month – all the biggest names in the industry will be taking their skills on tour, from New York to London, Milan and Paris. But what does it take to do beauty backstage? Here’s what you need to make it as a Fashion Month MUA… Be a fast learner Often you will […]

How I set up my at-home studio

JULY 19, 2017: Who better than some of our favorite beauty creators to talk us through their tips and tricks for filming and editing their YouTube videos back when they were first getting started? Lights, camera action: here’s our round up… Jennifer Nguyen @injenslife Watch the video: My YouTube Video Secrets Camera: ‘Canon… I got the […]

YouTube Tips Creators need to know in 2017

JUNE 22, 2017: Haven’t read YouTube’s 10 fundamentals of a Creative Strategy? Want to know how to look after your YouTube account as a creator today? Well, lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our top tips for keeping things ticking along nicely… Timing is Everything When is activity at its peak? You should know when […]

How to Pitch to Brands From @KAllie_BRANCIFORTE

JUNE 12, 2017: Your YouTube channel and videos give you the trust and loyalty of your audience. The access to that audience is very valuable, and because of that many brands and companies will likely start popping up in your inbox asking for reviews and looking to work together. However, if you want to work […]

Going mobile: Are you making the right kind of videos?

APR. 20, 2017: From big brands and small businesses to influential individuals, everyone understands the importance of video in the digital age. Hubspot started the year with a whole article dedicated to the format as a content marketing strategy, in response to its rising popularity in 2016 and software company HighQ’s infographic naming 2017 ‘the […]

Why It Is time for a YouTube Spring Clean

MAR. 16, 2017: The month of March is traditionally a time for a fresh start – and a Spring Clean. But why only focus on your home? Here are our top tips for sprucing up your YouTube account. Add some SEO shine Keep titles short and snappy – think 70 characters or less, as longer titles will […]

How to be a Social Media Star? Get Smart.

MAR. 1, 2017: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat… So many channels, so little time! These online platforms are incredibly helpful for beauty influencers and bloggers to not only create cool, inspiring content, but also reach a global audience in an instant. These days, it seems everyone wants to be a social media star, but how […]

How To Find the Right Mentor

FEB. 15, 2017: Last week, we discussed the importance of mentors to career development. This week, we get personal, and we’ll talk about how you can go about finding the right mentor for you and your career. Personality and drive are key attributes, but they differ from person to person, so it is imperative you […]

5 Invaluable Ways A Mentor Can Transform Your Career

FEB. 08, 2017: Do you have a mentor? If so, consider yourself lucky. Mentors can help us transform our careers and reach our full potential, both personally and professionally. In our two-part series on mentors, we’ll discuss the benefits of mentors and how to find the right mentor for you. Keep reading to learn more […]

How to Not Get In Trouble With The FTC

FEB. 7, 2017: As more and more influencers make a living on social media, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has started investigating the use of endorsements and testimonials online. And it is not just companies that are being held accountable—influencers with any number of social media followers are getting close attention by the FTC. So […]

6 Ways To Make Your Social Media Super Searchable

JAN. 17, 2017: Being a content creator isn’t all about creativity, it requires a strategy. And if you want to grow your audience, views and clout, you need to make yourself super easy to find online. Below, we have outlined six ways to make yourself, your channel and your blog more searchable. Use keywords for […]

5 Steps To Get Your Finances in Order in the New Year

JAN. 5, 2016: New year, new you! Though you may be scheming some incredible new opportunities for your brand and channel in 2017, you should also dedicate some time to organizing your finances, especially before spring tax season. Though it is not as glamorous as creating Instagram content or pitching brands, planning your financial future […]

How To Unplug And Actually Enjoy The Holidays

DEC. 21, 2016: You guys, tech addiction is a real thing, and the holidays are the ideal time for a detox. Instead of being an anti-social lump who sits on the couch on her phone, break the cycle by unplugging from social media and the internet. Trust us, it is easier than you think—keep reading […]

How to Start a Channel With a Full Time

DEC. 15, 2016: Most successful entrepreneurs started their businesses while working full time.  For many Americans, those of us who aren’t independently wealthy, this is also a reality. But having a full-time job shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing your passion and building something that is completely yours. Keep reading for advice on how to […]

5 Phrases You Need To Stop Telling Yourself 

DEC. 08, 2016: We blog a lot about setting and achieving goals, self- care and encouragement, but what if your daily inner monologue is getting in the way of following your dreams. The words we speak inside our heads have a direct effect on how we feel about ourselves and what we accomplish. Break the […]

How To Build Your Brand Outside of YouTube

NOV. 23, 2016: YouTube is an excellent platform for brand building, but it is not the only one.  In the past few years, several new networks and social media platforms have broken onto the scene and each boast their own unique benefits when it comes to building your brand. For those of you sick of […]

How To Get Your Personal Info Offline

NOV. 9, 2016: As a content creator, you share much of your life online. While getting personal and sharing your experience with your audience is a great thing, it can also be dangerous, especially since the world is unfortunately filled with people who may try to use your personal information for malicious reasons. Sites like […]

How To Stop Losing Followers On Instagram

OCT. 26, 2016: Think you know Instagram?  Think again.  Though the social network has been out for years, there are always new ways to gain followers (and new ways to lose followers on Instagram).  It is more than just having a stellar grid and witty captions, it’s about distinguishing yourself in an oversaturated market.  Before […]

The Best Way To Use Hashtags In Your Description Box

OCT 18, 2016: Recently, YouTube quietly released a new support system for hashtags across all its videos.  This new addition makes it a lot easier for people to search and discover your content, so long as you know how to properly tag your videos for maximum efficiency.  Here’s what you need to know. Hashtags on […]

How To Grow Your Instagram Following Organically

OCT 12, 2016: A solid Instagram following is one of the best ways to grow your influence and business, and as more and more brands focus on micro-influencers to grow their own businesses, one doesn’t need to have 500k followers anymore.  Today’s influencers have super engaged, niche fans, so it is important that your audience […]

How To Shoot And Edit Super Profesh Videos On Your iPad

OCT 11, 2016: When you’re first starting out on YouTube, it can be easy to want to spend thousands of dollars on video equipment.  Thankfully, with the newest iPhone, iPads and Androids, you can basically shoot and edit an entire video on your mobile device.  Read on for tips on how to make professional-looking mobile […]

How To Get Your Feet Wet With Collaborations

OCT 6, 2016: Collaborating with other content creators can often be intimidating. It’s like the first day of school and you’re trying to make new friends—will anybody want to play with you? If you’re feeling nervous about reaching out to your favorite vloggers or bloggers, dip your toe into the world of collaborations via social […]

How To Grow Your Brand On Snapchat

SEP 29, 2016: If you have resisted Snapchat up until now, it’s time get over it and get on the app.  Snapchat has solidified itself as the most loved social network of teens and college-aged kids, and it’s compulsory to your brand to be where they are.  If you’re new to the network, or simply […]

Here Is How To Get Reposted by Brands on Instagram

SEP 22, 2016: So you want to be featured?  We totally get it.  Getting featured on a big brand’s Instagram account is a surefire way to gain not only followers, but legitimacy and clout. Here are three steps to making it happen! Do your research The first thing you need to do is research the […]

How To Nail A Perfect Flat Lay Photo On Instagram

SEP 21, 2016: If you are looking to make your blog or Instagram feed more compelling, peppering in a few flat lay photos is an easy way to express your personal style.  Though these photos can look tricky and meticulous, anyone can do them.  They just require a little trial and error.  Here are five […]

Etiquette Guide: How To Be Backstage At NYFW

SEP 9, 2016: Congratulations!  You’ve been invited to fashion week.  Now what? Before you start planning your outfits and brainstorming your beauty look, get schooled in backstage etiquette—what to do and what not to do when you go behind the curtain.  Here are five rules to live by. Befriend the publicists Most likely, a publicist […]

How To Be A More Compelling Storyteller

AUG 24, 2016: There are a million ways to tell a story, but the way you put your own personal spin on it, is what separates you from the rest.  Read on for four ways to up your storytelling game and broaden your audience. Make it personal Part of what makes people effective storytellers is […]

How To Deal With Bad Feedback in 5 Steps

AUG 11, 2016: Let’s face it: not everyone on the internet is always on their best behavior, and sometimes you can get inundated with negative feedback, rude comments and hurtful messages.  As a content creator and public person, it’s part of the job, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t grate on your confidence.  Below, find […]

5 Ways To Use Facebook Live That Will Delight Your Audience

AUG 9, 2016: If you haven’t yet experimented with Facebook live, think of it like Periscope or a one-sided Facetime call.  It’s like your own personal TV channel, where you can broadcast anytime, anywhere. Though it’s still relatively new, bloggers and vloggers alike are experimenting with innovative ways to use the platform.  While we’re sure […]

5 Ways To Get Out Of a Vlogging Rut

AUG 2, 2016: If you look at your channel and just think: “Ugh, I’m bored,” or “My content isn’t compelling anymore,” or “I don’t want to do this,” you may be in a creative rut.  The good news is, creative ruts are temporary and they happen to every creative person. Here are five ways to […]

4 Ways to Master Social Media This Summer

JUL 12, 2016: Don’t take a vacation from your social media strategy this summer.  Take advantage of your followers’ free time and varied schedule to engage with them, get likes and build your presence.  Not sure where to start?  We have got 4 ways to heat up social media this summer. Be a doer Summer […]

5 Fun Podcasts That Inform and Inspire

JUL 6, 2016: Want to rev up your morning commute or make folding laundry a task you look forward to?  Add a podcast!  Here are a few of our favorites, from female creatives bloggers, make-up artists and entrepreneurs. Fat Mascara Still relatively new, Fat Mascara is hosted by Jennifer Goldstein, Marie Claire‘s executive beauty and […]

How To Fit Two Days of Work Into One

JUN 30, 2016: Did you have one of those days where you reorganized your sock drawer, fell in a rabbit hole of Ryan Gosling memes and got all of a sudden extremely interested in photosynthesis?  Did you also watch 10 episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? It’s cool, we have all been there.  Recover from […]

Get Inspired: 5 Fun 4th of July Content Ideas

JUN 28, 2016: Because it’s not all beer, bbqs and bronzer.  The Fourth of the July is a perfect opportunity to flex your content muscles and think outside the box.  How are you celebrating the nation’s birthday? #murica RWB Nails We love a nail art tutorial, and July 4th inspires the simplest, most patriotic color […]

Why Evergreen Content Is A Major Key

JUN 21, 2016: Though beauty trends are constantly changing, there are some topics that people always search for—how to contour, how to apply a red lip, how to master a smoky eye.  These never-go-out-of-style posts, dubbed “evergreen” content, are the key to building your online presence.  Read on to find out why. What is “evergreen” […]

Quotes From Oprah and Amy Poehler That Will Empower You Now

JUN 9, 2016: Because sometimes you need some “Chicken Soup for the Female Entrepreneur’s Soul,” we have rounded up 15 of our favorite inspiring quotes from our favorite get-things-done, butt-kicking female leaders. We recommend bookmarking this page and referring back to it on those days when you feel a little less than confident. “Don’t be intimidated […]

How These Simple Steps Will Change Your Life For Good

JUN 8, 2016: As 20-somethings, we always strive to be better, smarter and faster.  You need to have your own startup or a dream job.  You should travel around the world to exotic destinations and proudly show it off on Instagram and Snapchat.  Don’t we all just envy the girls who have got their lives perfectly together? […]

How To Find Work Life Balance in 4 Simple Steps

MAY 31, 2016: Sometimes it can feel like work is the most important thing in our lives, but working too hard can leave us dazed, bleary-eyed, tired and resentful, a terrible combination for making good work.  As an independent business owner and/or content creator, it can often feel hard to find a balance between our […]

Do’s & Don’ts for an Amazing Social Media Bio

MAY 30, 2016: Getting followers on social media is one of the most important (and time consuming) aspects of building an online brand.  Your social media bio is one of the first things people see when they visit your page—it draws a person in and compels them to click “follow.” If your social media bio […]

5 Tips To Get YouTube To Recommend Your Video

MAY 16, 2016: More often then not, organic viewership comes from the “suggested videos” column, that right hand column that says “Up Next.”  So how do you make sure you are ruling this column, both on your channel and others?  Read on for a few tips.   Know what Youtube wants Suggested videos usually fall […]

7 Ways To Live A More Creative Life

APR 13, 2016: Creativity is a hard thing to define, but in general terms we can consider it as an act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.  Basically, It is a process that requires passion and commitment. In our hectic lives, the creative process is becoming harder and harder to achieve.  So, in […]

So, You Want To Be on a Panel…

APRIL 12, 2016: One of the best ways to become an industry influencer is to be on a panel—you can meet new people in your industry, rub elbows with content creators whom you admire and show the world your point of view.  If you’re curious as to how to go about being on a panel, […]

4 Ways To Boost Your Productivity Without Motivation

MARCH 30, 2016: We’ve all been there. That lousy place where the thought of a glaring task is killing any motivation you have to complete it.  To top it off, procrastination, pretending to be your friend has led you nowhere.  So what’s a girl to do?  Here are four steps to help you get back to […]

4 DIY SEO Tips For YouTube

MARCH 28, 2016: As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube receives more searches that Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask combined.  One way to make your video stand out from the rest?  Targeted, strategic SEO.  Here are a few tips we stand by. How to make your videos stand out with SEO. #ipsyos […]

How To Increase Your Engagement on Pinterest

 MARCH 22, 2016: Pinterest is the most successful social media platform for translating users to purchasers, but it is still underutilized by many vloggers and bloggers.  If you’re looking to up your Pinterest game, check out these five ways to engage, and let us know which drove the most engagement! Create your own hashtag You […]

6 Ways To Combat the Work-from-Home Blues

MAR 14, 2016: Working from home—that is the dream, right?  Sort of.  While working from home can be filled with creative freedom, independence and ownership over your career, it can also be isolating, and many content creators that we have spoken with have admitted to struggling with the “work-from-home blues.” Don’t fret, ipsyOS community!  Just follow […]

3 Ways to Be Contagiously Social

MAR 11, 2016: Strong women can tell stories that simultaneously rock viral reach and niche connection, and guess what? You’re part of this squad, and we’ve got a name: contagiously social. When we’re contagiously social, it’s not just our stories that ignite, but also the style in which we share them. Best of all, this fierce […]

How To Turn Free Product Into Paid Work

MAR 8, 2016: When you are just starting your blogging and/vlogging career, the ultimate goal is working with brands.  Therefore, it is easy to get swept off your feet by a brand that shows interest in you, but doesn’t necessarily want to pay you for your service.  Don’t get caught in this trap!  Free work […]

Your Guide To Selecting The Perfect Accountant

MAR 3, 2016:  As much as you can try to fight it, tax season is still here.  Many people opt to do their taxes alone, and while that works for many Americans, we recommend hiring an accountant if this is your first year filing as a self-employed person or small business.  If you are currently […]

Know What Social Media To Post Where

FEB 16, 2016: With so many social media channels, it is hard to know what kinds of content to post where.  Each platform takes time and consistency, so you want to make sure that you are posting efficiently and effectively.  The following is a general guide to what posts work best on each social network.  […]

Your Guide To Feeling More Inspired Everyday

FEB 10, 2016: Even the most creative people find themselves in a rut once and a while.  In this digital age of constant content creation, it’s difficult not to have the occasional block.  To help get you inspired again, give these tips a try!   Keep an idea book There are endless ideas that pop […]

A Creator’s Guide To A Great Night’s Sleep

FEB 4, 2016: A good night’s sleep is essential to starting your day right in the morning.  Here are 5 tips that would help you get some quality zzz’s. 1. Unplug – switch off all electronic devices and give yourself peace of mind at least an hour before bed time.  Do something more calming instead, like […]

4 Ways To Protect Yourself and Image Online

FEB 3, 2016: The film and music industries have been fighting piracy for almost 20 years.  And as content becomes more shareable on the internet, it gets harder and harder for creators to control where their content goes and who uses it.  Just think—a single click, and your image can be shared around the world, […]

How To Make The Most Out of Awards Season

FEB 2, 2016: Between November and March of every year, Hollywood and the music industry gather together to pat themselves on the back and give each other awards.  That time of year, known as “Awards Season,”  is a huge time for the fashion and beauty industries because starlets are continuously  dressing and primping for the […]

Not Your Average Valentine’s Day Video Ideas

FEB 1, 2016: Like New Year’s Eve and holiday, Valentine’s Day videos can become somewhat formulaic, e.g. “Date Night Look”, “Romantic Make-up” and “Get Ready for V-Day With Me.”  Those ideas are great standbys, but we have got a few more pitches that your subscribers are sure to love.  Below are four ideas for a V-Day […]

5 Things To Help You Explain What You Do As A Creator

JAN 28, 2016: We are sure you are familiar with this scenario: you’re at a dinner party and a new acquaintance asks what you do for a living.  You instantly start sweating at the thought of explaining your self-made career to a total stranger.  You’re a blogger.  No, you’re a content creator.  You’re a creative? […]

4 Reasons Why Self-Employed People Are Happier

JAN 26, 2016:  The next time someone takes a jab at you for “not having a real job,” let them know that it’s now scientifically proven that self-employed people are in fact happier.  According to a recent study, “freelancer” is the career with the highest happiness ranking in 2015. Though it is not always gum […]

15 Gorgeous Lipsticks to Try ASAP

JAN 25, 2016: A lipstick should preferably be as beautiful in your bathroom as on the lips!  Here are 15 gorgeous lipsticks, inside and out, that we’d love to try asap:     First posted by Sania Claus Demina on Bloglovin’. Are there other lipsticks that should be on the list?  Share with us in the […]

7 Inspirational Quotes from Michelle Phan’s Nylon Interview

JAN 19, 2016: ipsyOS founder (and all around entrepreneurial inspiration) Michelle Phan is Nylon magazine’s January cover star.  In the issue, the #girlboss discusses her cross-country childhood, her knack for dealing with adult bullies and her unprecedented success in the beauty and social media industries, all the while dropping some major inspiration bombs.  Read on […]