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Is this the start of a social media influencer ban?

FEB 1, 2018: The White Moose Café, a hotel in Dublin, Ireland, has banned YouTubers and Instagram stars after 22-year-old influencer Elle Darby asked for a five-night free stay. You might think her email reads like any brand pitch: ‘I work as a social media influencer, mainly lifestyle, beauty and travel based.’ She then quotes […]

Is Instagram marketing fraud really a thing?

JAN 24, 2018: You may have noticed more and more articles discussing the rise of influencer fraud: ‘Are fake Instagram influencers deceiving brands?’ asked Mediakix, while Econsultancy suggested marketers are ‘underestimating the fraud threat to influencer marketing’. But is there any truth in it? ‘Influencer marketing fraud is a known problem,’ writes Digiday. ‘Authenticity is […]

CVS Health Takes A Stand Against Fake Beauty Ideals

JAN 23, 2018: This month, CVS Health made a major announcement, promising to stop altering beauty-related images on its products, online marketing, and in stores with immediate effect. What’s more, the organization will also aim to become more transparent about brands that use Photoshop to enhance their photos – for example, if ‘a person’s shape, […]

Is Instagram Direct the end of Snapchat?

DEC 21, 2017 This month, The Verge was first to notice Instagram is test launching a standalone-messaging app called Direct. Parallels with Snapchat were quickly drawn, as was the fact that this would empower ‘parent company Facebook [with] a third popular messaging tool alongside Messenger and WhatsApp.’ How does it work? In its current state, […]

The Business: Updated Instagram Insights you need to know

DEC 14, 2017 Got Instagram? Check. Created your Business Profile? Check. Decoded the Discovery section? Not yet? Well, here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Insights… Overall Insights To view Insights for your Business account, you would click on the graph icon in the upper-right corner of your profile. At the top, you’d find […]

The New Google Trends Wants To Help You Create Better Content

DEC 6, 2017 Google Trends has got even better. TechCrunch explains: ‘The service now includes data from more Google products beyond web search, the company says, with the addition of search data from verticals like Google News, Shopping, Images, and YouTube.’ This gives users more ways to search, including things like related topics or videos […]

The New Brave browser lets users tip YouTube creators

DEC 5, 2017 As you spend your days online, no doubt you will have probably used Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox – these are some of the most well-known web browsers in the world. But have you heard of Brave? And no, we’re not talking about the movie. Founded by the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, […]

Introducing Facebook’s New Creator App And How It Can Help You

NOV 28, 2017 Custom stickers, effects, insights, and more: Meet Facebook’s Creator app, devised to help influencers like you produce content. Available on iOS now (and coming soon to Android), this is the platform’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for making original video, going live with exclusive visuals, and keeping an eye on audience responses. All you need is a […]

Are you buying fake beauty products from your favorite retailer?

OCT 31, 2017 Amazon, Target and other reliable retailers are facing a common problem: counterfeit beauty products are finding their way into stores and onto shelves. Allure recently followed police officers part of the New Jersey State Police Interstate Theft North unit investigating the issue alongside a company called Allegiance Protection Group, who work closely […]

You need to know what data teaches brands about you

OCT 19, 2017 What is big data? In simple terms, this is defined by large sets of data that can be analyzed to reveal patterns in human behavior and interactions. You might already use analytics data to better understand your audiences on social media. But the big brands are using this information for much more […]

Faking It: The dark side of influencer marketing

OCT 12, 2017: We’ve all been talking about fake news, but what about fake influencers? ‘Influencers have a fraud problem,’ writes Digiday. ‘Some social-media stars, typically those with 100,000 or fewer followers, are known to use bots to artificially inflate their engagement.’ Speaking candidly to an influencer in exchange for their anonymity, they reveal a […]

Are these award-winning brands the future of beauty?

SEPT 21, 2017 Ahead of this month’s first-ever Beauty & Money conference, a selection of beauty-related businesses has spotlighted by a panel of industry leaders for their commitment to innovation. What’s interesting is that the smaller names have become the biggest players. ‘Today’s beauty consumers are looking for what’s next, and that gives these companies […]

The Age of Amazon: Will you join the new influencer program?

SEPT 5, 2017 Google and Facebook might want to keep an eye on a certain renowned web competitor: Amazon has just brought its Influencer Program out of beta, and is encouraging YouTubers to put themselves forward for consideration. First spotted by TechCrunch, Amazon has now confirmed the story: ‘We recently enabled a self-service tool for […]

From online to on screen, the YouTube stars making it on TV

AUG 31, 2017: Get set for a September full of flat-screen fun! These are the beauty television shows to look out for next month – and beyond. American Beauty Star Lifetime is the network behind this September’s must-see reality TV series, American Beauty Star, in which 12 contestants, from YouTube influencers and beauty lovers to expert […]

The Rise of the Micro-influencer: Why less is more in marketing

AUG 23, 2017: Influencer marketing is big business. But a shift is becoming more and more apparent. As a continued trend in advertising puts the spotlight on slightly under-the-radar creators, everyone is asking: Why are beauty brands so obsessed with micro-influencers right now? According to Forbes, a single sponsored post on a social-media account with […]

3 Brands Helping Beauty Startups Become a Success

JULY 25, 2017: More and more brands are giving their money away… Bet that got your attention – but it’s not for just anybody. Fashionista explains: ‘The newest fad among large, profitable, well-known apparel and beauty companies? … They have adopted very like-minded incubator or accelerator-like programs for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.’ But what does that mean and […]

The 411 on The New Instagram Partnership Tag

JUNE 27, 2017: In a bid for further transparency following ongoing complaints and reminders from the Federal Trade Commission, Instagram is releasing a new tool to clearly differentiate brand-supported content from non-sponsored posts. Currently in beta mode amongst influencers and publishers including BuzzFeed, you’ll see the words ‘Paid partnership with [brand name]’ in place of […]

AI Is Behind Instagram’s ‘Shadow Ban’ And Here’s How To Make It Work For You

May 30, 2017: By now, we’re all familiar with the so-called Instagram ‘shadow ban’ and we’ve tried various tactics shared by social-media experts and fellow content creators to get around it – from changing your account settings to fervently checking each and every hashtag. So why is nothing working? Liz Dean at The Social Media Posse reckons […]

Underground Beauty: Secret Communities vs Bloggers

May 23, 2017 Are the days of unbiased beauty advice a thing of the past? While reports say that bloggers are trusted sources – Forbes highlighted that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement last year – in the age of increasingly sponsored content and brand-funded collaborations, the legitimacy of creators […]

Who made Forbes first-ever Top Influencers list?

April 25, 2017 It’s proving to be a big year for the social media blogger, with everyone claiming that influencer marketing is set to explode in 201 7– but this was truly cemented when Forbes magazine released its first-ever Top Influencers list in April, including some of the most talked-about names in the beauty and […]

Sh*t just got real: Is Instagram shadow banning accounts?

April 17, 2017: The term ‘shadow ban’ (also known as ‘stealth’ or ‘ghost’ banning, as well as ‘comment ghosting’) is the banning of a person’s account from an online community without their knowledge. From the user’s perspective, everything seems normal, but in reality, no one can see the photos, comments or videos they’re posting. Social […]

Meet the MUA behind the Meme Makeup trend

April 13, 2017: Another week, another bold beauty trend breaking the internet. This time it’s all about the meeting of makeup artists and meme creators, as some of our favorite viral memes are making their way onto eyelids everywhere. We’ve seen everything from SaltBae by @chelseywolz and Hurt Bae by @lexusmperezz, to Kim Kardashian by […]

Uptime Is The New way to watch videos on YouTube

MAR. 28, 2017: We’ve been watching YouTube videos with friends since the platform launched back in 2005. So what’s the big deal about Google’s new real-time video sharing app, Uptime? Flashy Features When you watch a video, your profile icon floats across the screen, and you can comment, as well as post emoji or stickers. […]

How Beauty Brands Apply Their Learnings From Creators

MAR. 23, 2017: It’s official. Beauty brands are outnumbered by vloggers in YouTube beauty category searches by 14 to 1, according to a study by L2’s digital research team, which focused on organic visibility or naturally generated results. ‘[Brands make up] 2% of first page results across the categories we looked at,’ L2’s beauty associate […]

What This Season’s ‘Real Beauty’ Campaigns Mean For You  

MAR. 22, 2017: New year, new beauty campaigns, new direction. The biggest brands are rebooting their images by aligning themselves with more positive, inclusive messaging. But what does that mean for the industry and how should we react? ‘Because I’m Worth It’ is the instantly recognizable slogan of L’Oréal Paris. This year, that message has […]

Snail cream: The secrets behind the slime

March 14, 2017: If you have not already heard, snail cream is seriously stealing the beauty spotlight right now. It’s already a huge hit in South America and Korea, where it’s often so luxurious it’s laced with gold. And now that the K-beauty craze is officially sweeping the country – Nordstrom and Ulta have just […]

Everything You need to know about dumpster diving makeup hauls

FEB. 28, 2017: As the saying goes: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Literally. You will have already heard of food foragers (more fashionably known as ‘freegans’), but now the beauty dumpster diving trend is really taking off. While some have been living the dumpster diving lifestyle since the 1990s, in the last year […]

How to Not Get In Trouble With The FTC

FEB. 7, 2017: As more and more influencers make a living on social media, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has started investigating the use of endorsements and testimonials online. And it is not just companies that are being held accountable—influencers with any number of social media followers are getting close attention by the FTC. So […]

NYX Professional Makeup Hosts Influencer Ethics Panel at Creator Day

JAN. 26, 2017: This year, we hosted a Creator Day at the Youtube Space LA with a handful of creators eager to learn from fellow influencers as well as brands during a panel event. NYX Professional Makeup sponsored a panel about influencer ethics where sponsorships, FTC laws  and music were the topics of discussion. The […]

How to Make the Most of The Mannequin Challenge

NOV. 29, 2016: You’ve probably seen some of your favorite celebrities, sports teams or even political figures taking part in The Mannequin Challenge, the newest Internet sensation. If you’re living under a rock and aren’t familiar with the meme, NPR has a great explainer: “each clip consists of people remaining completely motionless for about a […]

YouTube Is Making It Easy To Be FTC Compliant

OCT 25, 2016: If you’ve found your niche on YouTube and built a strong subscriber base, it’s not long before brands start knocking on your door for paid promotions and partnerships.  But as more and more influencers make a living off YouTube, viewers demand transparency when it comes to branded promotions, product placements and endorsements. […]

Why ASMR and Beauty Are A Match Made In YouTube Heaven

OCT 5, 2016: Are you a “tinglehead?” Does the sound of fingernails scratching on paper or the sight of Bob Ross painting his “happy little trees” make your brain feel like it’s going to explode with euphoria?  It you answered “yes,” then you’re already familiar with the cultural phenomenon that is ASMR. ASMR stands for […]

Is Snapchat dead? What Instagram Stories Means For Your Brand

AUG 23, 2016: When Instagram Stories debuted on August 2nd, everyone kind of freaked out.  It was like Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West feud levels of pandemonium.  Everyone, especially the media, asked: “Is Snapchat dead?” While we don’t think the social media platform is going anywhere any time soon, Instagram Stories is an amazing dupe of […]

Watch out! Instagram Is Lurking For Copyright.

JUL 28, 2016: Over the years, as YouTube has gotten larger and larger, it has had to iron out its copyright policies in order to protect its content creators.  As Instagram grows, it too is finding out that its creators’ posts are also subject to the law. Perhaps you heard about Richard Prince, the famous […]

Girl, You Can Be Big in Asia With This Snapchat Competitor

JUL 26, 2016: Snapchat, like Facebook, is banned in mainland China, but that hasn’t stopped Asian competitors of the totally-addictive American social network from building their best knockoffs.  The latest one to strike the fancy of Asian youth? Snow. Snow is just like Snapchat—short, limited-time video messages, ridiculous face-altering filters like dogs, police officers, glowing […]

Is Facebook Trying To Be Like Twitter?

JUL 7, 2016: Facebook remains the number one social network in the world.  It is the queen bee, the boss, the big cheese.  So when we found out that the website is testing a new post type that resembles Twitter, we scratched our heads a bit. The new post works like this: Users can create […]

Instagram Has A Big Drop In Global Usage

JUN 29, 2016: Last time we checked, Twitter and Instagram were our go-to social networks for browsing when bored.  Well, it turns out the masses are getting bored with the social networks themselves and testing out new networks. According to a recent study done by Similar Web, people are turning towards more private apps like […]

Is The Talkshow App The Periscope of Texting?

MAY 19, 2016: We know what you are thinking: “Another social media app? My head is going to explode soon.” Hear us out.   Talkshow is the newest viral app, and it was actually inspired by the one and only Taylor Swift. “People have been screenshotting texts and posting them on the web for years, […]

Your Guide To The Latest Snapchat Update

MAY 17, 2016: You think you know Snapchat?  Well, the addictive social media app’s newest update has a slew of secret features, from location sharing to batch photo and video share, as well as in-app link sharing.  See below for the newest additions.  They’re a procrastinator’s best friend. See who else is on Now you […]

Instagram Is Starting To Hate On Snapchat

MARCH 24, 2016: Instagram is getting super intimidated by Snapchat, and it is getting serious.  The image-sharing app is making it so that its users can no longer promote their Snapchat accounts through the platform. While you used to be able to include “add me/follow me” links to the website section of your Instagam profile, […]

YouTube Is Launching Two New Initiatives For Female Creators

MARCH 21, 2016: Amazing news for female creators on YouTube—the platform recently announced it is partnering with the United Nations to launch a global production program that will support women creators.  The yearlong partnership tapped female content creators from around the world to advocate gender equality and participate in the conversation, as part of the […]

Why Coding Is The Skill You Need In 2016

MAR 16, 2016: I am going share the one skill you absolutely must learn in 2016.  Coding.  When you think of coding you probably think it’s only for techy people and you are so not a techy kind of girl (unless being able to multitask with an iPhone in your hands counts).   But here are […]

Hey, Midwest Members, We Have A Studio For You

FEB 22, 2016: Studio time is not just for LA-based ipsyOS members anymore—the lovely people over at Panasonic recently opened their own state-of-the-art studio, located in Creve Ceour neighborhood of St. Louis.  Creve Coeur’s brand new rental studio is all-inclusive, and equipped with everything you would need to make professional YouTube videos: 1 Digital Camera […]

The Top 5 Emojis To Use Now On Instagram

JAN 21, 2016: Let’s face it—Emojis have become the language of our lives.  So much so, that some may even call them addicting.  But did you know that emojis can actually help you engage with your audience and build a conversation around your brand? According to a recent study done by ReelSEO and Tubular, which […]