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The Makeup/Skincare Essentials For Every Type of Vacation

May 17, 2018: Narrowing down your makeup and skincare into one compact (or let’s be real, not-so-compact) bag to take with you on trips can be challenging. So we’ve put together a guide to help you pack and prep for every time of vacation, rain or shine. City Staycation: If you’re taking a staycation, odds […]

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The Most Insta-worthy Airbnb’s To Stay In This Summer

May 15, 2018: Whether it’s a staycation, long weekend, or a trip to lands far away, these Airbnb listings are guaranteed to let you unwind, explore, and really get away from it all. From a tree house nestled in a lush forest to a castle straight out of Game of Thrones, the 6 getaways below […]

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A Last Minute Gift Guide For Moms Who Say They Don’t Need Anything

May 9, 2018: If you’re shopping for last minute gifts for mom, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a list of ideas that have you covered whether your mom is a skincare junkie, a coffee fanatic, or nap lover – but claims she doesn’t need anything year after year. No socks to see here, though: […]

Denim Day x ipsy

May 9, 2018 April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we’re so proud to have been a part of Denim Day, the longest-running sexual violence prevention and education campaign, with Peace Over Violence. Thank you to everyone who participated in this video and True Religion Brand Jeans for providing the denim. We are always looking for […]

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Your Complete Guide to the Royal Wedding

May 7, 2018: When news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan were engaged in November, the world quite literally went crazy. The royal couple — who didn’t fit the “traditional” mold, both successful in their own right, and ridiculously good-looking, at that — sent the world in a mini-frenzy with their announcement. First came their […]

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You Asked (for a Chronological Feed), and Instagram is Delivering

MAY 3, 2018: In a recent blog post last month, Instagram announced that it would change it’s widely disliked feed. The current feed — which no longer displays posts in chronological order as it once used to — has been widely and vocally criticized by many including content creators and influencers. Based on user feedback, […]

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Around the World in Beauty Trends

MAY 1, 2018: French “French girl” skincare (and makeup/fashion) have been around for a while, and for good reason. French drugstores (or pharmacies, as they refer to them) are some of the best in the world when it comes to top-notch, high-quality skin care. “Less is more” is definitely the mantra when it comes to […]


Algorithm Changes on Facebook: What Does It Mean For You?

APR 26, 2018: There’s been a slew of changes and buzz in recent weeks over Facebook, opening up much debate and controversy over how advertisers and brands get and use data. While many of the questions are still being worked through by the powers that be at Facebook, one update is especially significant for content […]

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These Are the Playlists We’re Loving Right Now:

APR 24, 2018: Spring is the perfect time to give things a refresh – whether it’s giving your closet a rundown or revamping your workspace. In this case, it’s updating what you’re listening to and exploring new territories. These playlists have pretty much everything from “morning commute” to “singing in the shower” and everything in […]

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The Best Music Festivals That Aren’t Coachella

APR 19, 2018: If you can’t make it to Coachella this year, we got you covered. Here are a list of festivals with tasty food, great energy, and killer lineups that are worth rounding up a crew for this summer:   Outside Lands If you like a killer lineup in one place (all in the […]


Coachella Trends to Watch

APR 17, 2018: With festival season officially upon us, we took a look at the beauty and fashion trends that will be absolutely everywhere. Whether you’re planning to attend Coachella or not, here are the festival items that we predict to see everywhere. What’s great about all of these is that if you’re not really […]

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5 Throwback Youtube Products Everyone Used to Love

APR 12, 2018: The constant makeup launches are great in terms of trying out and falling in love with new products. But sometimes, you just have to show some love the OG few that were there from the start. Here are the throwback products that have not only kept their reputation through the years but […]

Creator Day LA – In Case You Missed It

APR 10, 2018: ipsy Gen Beauty took place last weekend, and as always, it was an event to remember. Thousands of beauty lovers and creators came out to play and discuss all things beauty, along with trying out both old and new makeup brands. The Friday before the event, ipsy hosted Creator day at the […]

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The Asian Skincare Products That Have Their Own Subreddit Threads

APR 3, 2018: It’s no secret that Asian and Korean beauty (more on the 10-Step K-Beauty skincare routine here) has found it’s place in the beauty community and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve written about everything from the infamous miracle worker that is snail cream to   Blogs like The Klog and Soko Glam […]


How to use Pinterest as an alternative to Instagram

MAR 1, 2018: Have you been affected by Instagram’s changing algorithm? Some are saying there is an alternative – and it comes in the form of Pinterest. But is it really time to revisit the XX platform, and is it right for you and your business? We investigate…   The purpose Pinterest has a very different […]

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Why YouTube series Allure Incubator is a big deal for beauty influencers

FEB 28, 2018: Who will be Covergirl’s next brand ambassador? That was the question web series Allure Incubator hoped to answer over its six-episode run. A product of a collaboration between the Condé Nast magazine and the iconic makeup company, the show reworks the traditionally televised reality format, while also revolutionizing the way brands work […]

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What brands see when they search for influencers online

FEB 27, 2018: As more and more content creators are collaborating with brands, there are more and more ways to connect with them. But how do they operate and what they see when they search for influencers online? Here’s what you need to know… They use influencer search tools, like BuzzSumo, which helps brands find […]

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All About Self Love

FEB 14, 2018: Oh, happy day of love beauties!! Valentine’s day is a totally commercial holiday, but we think its also a great time to show your love towards others and most importantly yourself! This month’s ipsy Glam Bag theme is “Unzipped”! Inspiring you to define what sexy means to you. “Sexy” is not limited to a […]

social shopping

Is your social feed the future of shopping?

DEC 12, 2017 Shopping used to be so simple. You’d go to your nearest store, peruse the aisles, try a few products, and take home your favorite. Most of the time, you’d keep going back – to the same store, to purchase more of the same brand. Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice! Not only has the […]

20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member Aja Dang #ipsyOpenStudios

20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member Aja Dang

OCT 30, 2017 TV host-turned-lifestyle blogger Aja Dang has been making videos for seven years, and now counts over 215k subscribers on YouTube. Her honest, charming personality, which has won her fans the world over, is also what caught the eye of Maxim Magazine in 2010, where she started a sports show for their online […]

Faking It: The dark side of influencer marketing #ipsyOpenStudios

Faking It: The dark side of influencer marketing

OCT 12, 2017: We’ve all been talking about fake news, but what about fake influencers? ‘Influencers have a fraud problem,’ writes Digiday. ‘Some social-media stars, typically those with 100,000 or fewer followers, are known to use bots to artificially inflate their engagement.’ Speaking candidly to an influencer in exchange for their anonymity, they reveal a […]

Girl in a chair in a homely atmosphere with an open laptop with a empty blank screen monitor and a cup of coffee or tea on the background bokeh light, freelancer hipster working at home  in a homely atmosphere using digital computer with blank template copy space screen for your information or content,  blur

Digital Declutter: How to organize your files and devices

SEPT 7, 2017 Being organized doesn’t mean being boring. Here are our tips to digitally declutter your life… Buy a back-up drive You got to love a LaCie external hard drive. It works for all. Plus its rubber casing is perfect if you’re… an experimental person. On Apple devices, Time Machine allows you to back […]

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Tech Hacks: How To Save money with this vlogging starter pack

AUG 30, 2017: From filming and editing on your phone to making your own lighting equipment, here’s how to get started making videos without spending all your cash, with a little help from Shameless Maya’s ever-useful Tech Talk series… 1. Get the right kit If you’re going to film on a mobile device, whether it’s […]

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NYX FACE Awards Finals: Congrats to ipsyOS member NsomniaksDream!

AUG. 10, 2017: This week, we’re featuring the ipsyOS members in this year’s top six to talk starting out, finding inspiration, and what it takes to be a finalist in the FACE Awards. Here’s what happened when we met Megan aka NsomniaksDream. In the last six years, NsomniaksDream has grown a following of over 66k […]

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NYX FACE Awards Finals: Congrats to ipsyOS member Colour Creep!

AUG. 9, 2017: This week, we’re featuring the ipsyOS members in this year’s top six to talk starting out, finding inspiration and what it takes to be a finalist in the FACE Awards. Here’s what happened when we met Kimberley aka Colour Creep… Since uploading her first videos to YouTube in 2015, professional MUA Colour […]

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NYX FACE Awards Finals: Congrats to ipsyOS member Victoria Lyn Beauty!  

AUG. 8, 2017: This week, we’re featuring the ipsyOS members in this year’s top six to talk starting out, finding inspiration and what it takes to be a finalist in the FACE Awards. Here’s what happened when we met Victoria Lyn Beauty… With over 81k followers on YouTube, Victoria Lyn Beauty is making a name […]

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Co-Founder of Soko Glam Talks Korean Beauty

AUG. 7, 2017: While contouring and brow transformations reign supreme on social media, if you really want your video to stand out, you should consider diving into the world of skin care content! As an esthetician and co-founder of the leading Korean Beauty site Soko Glam, and Korean beauty content site The Klog, I’ve seen […]

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Success stories: Daily habits of top influencers

AUG 3, 2017: We’ve all been there – Some days you just want to hit snooze on the alarm clock and stay in bed. It can seem all too tempting when you’re the boss of your own schedule, but if you want to follow in the footsteps of some of the most successful people in […]

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What can brands – and bloggers – learn from models on social media?

AUG 2, 2017: We’re in the age of a digital publishing revolution and it’s being led by an unlikely source. Business of Fashion explains: ‘Social media has turned fashion models into powerful digital publishers, some of whom have far larger audiences than brands or traditional magazines.’ It’s obvious to any online follower of fashion’s biggest […]

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The three types of influencer: Which one are you?

AUG 1, 2017: n the midst of what some are calling a consumer ‘trust crisis’, influencers continue to act as ‘trusted sources’ in bridging the gap between audiences and brands. A recent study of 800 women who shop online for beauty products found that ‘37% will try a new product after seeing it on a […]

Is Snapchat turning its back on influencers? #ipsyOS

Is Snapchat turning its back on influencers?

JULY 20, 2017: It feels like there hasn’t been a single week this year when Snapchat wasn’t in the news – from positive and negative reviews of its latest feature, Snap Maps, to its AR dancing hot dog taking over every corner of the Internet. Mostly, journalists seem unable to decide whether the platform is still […]

20 Questions With Serein Wu: From Depression to YouTube success

20 Questions With Serein Wu: From Depression to YouTube success

JUNE 15, 2017: Since starting out in 2014, Los Angeles-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and ipsyOS member, Serein Wu of Dress Yourself Happy has grown a following of over 95k YouTube subscribers and 47k fans on Instagram. And her ability to inspire this audience comes from her own genuine motivation. ‘I started watching YouTube […]

How Can We Help Improve Self Image On Social Media? #ipsyOS

How Can We Help Improve Self Image On Social Media?

June 1, 2017 Off the back of a recent study by the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health called #StatusofMind, everyone’s talking about how social-media apps affect our mental health. Mashable’s even done an article on how to protect yourself! Out of the five social platforms, Instagram had the greatest negative impact on the 14 […]

Supporting the best artists by fans

ipsyOS member festival faves

April 18, 2017 Festival season is the best time to show your true colors, and by true colors we mean let your unique flag fly. We reached out to our ipsyOS community to see what some of their favorite festival looks are and why they feel great rocking them or what inspired the look. Lam […]


Flirt Cosmetics Contest

March 7, 2017: It’s contest time!! Here’s the deal – we know that those of you that attended Gen Beauty LA got Flashes Lash and a Party Flashes Lash Applicator, so we want you to show us what you’ve got! For those of you that don’t have these lashes and applicator, you can order them […]

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Online Courses to Help You Be Better at Business

MAR. 2, 2017: A wise woman once said: ‘There are no regrets in life, just lessons.’ Judging by how many times Jennifer Aniston has picked herself up, tried again and succeeded, we reckon she knows what she’s talking about. Whether or not you were a big fan of school, you’ll have learned enough life lessons […]


20 Questions With New ipsy in-house Creator Madison Miller

DEC. 06, 2016: This ex- school teacher has quickly become a YouTube sensation, thanks to her videos ranging from playful hauls to how-tos to lifestyle videos. As a former ipsyOS member and ipsy’s newest in-house creator, we are excited to get to know Madison more and watch as her over 330k subscriber base expands. Here, she answers […]


What To Expect From Gen Beauty SF

OCT. 27, 2016: San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square, Market Street, and now Gen Beauty! The biggest event in beauty is heading to the Bay City next month, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Taking place on November 5th and 6th at Pier 27, the event brings together your favorite brands, stylists […]


See What’s Inside The Makeup Bag of A Vlogger of The Year

SEP 15, 2016: If you don’t know who Laura Sanchez is, you might just be living under a rock.  Last month, she was awarded the title of Beauty Vlogger of the Year after winning the NYX Face Awards.  Over a series of several challenges, Sanchez showed off her transformation skills, offering up amazing takes on […]


How To Stay Positive When You’re Feeling Stressed

SEP 7, 2016: Anais Nin said: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  If your mind is in a stressed, negative headspace, your work and soul will automatically suffer.  With a few basic steps, though, you can pull yourself out of the muck and get back to kicking butt. […]

20 Questions with LaToya Forever #ipsyOS

20 Questions With The Crazy, Fun, Vlogger Mom LaToya Forever

SEP 1, 2016: We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that LaToya has a few clones of herself.  Between being a full-time mother of two and a wife, the vlogger has amassed well over 1 million YouTube subscribers since she started her channel in 2009.  She’s known for her highly-entertaining, irreverent short videos, which often […]

6 Emerging Female Vloggers You Should Watch #ipsyos

6 Emerging Female Vloggers You Should Watch

AUG 25, 2016: Who run the (Youtube) world?  Girls.  In 2016, they’re taking over the digital space one video at a time.  Here are six names you need to know. Kyla Laird: Beauty Vlogger If you are in the market for an amazing tutorial inspired by Beyoncé’s Formation music video, you’re in luck.  Vlogger Kyla […]

5 Ways To Get Out Of a Vlogging Rut on #ipsyos

5 Ways To Get Out Of a Vlogging Rut

AUG 2, 2016: If you look at your channel and just think: “Ugh, I’m bored,” or “My content isn’t compelling anymore,” or “I don’t want to do this,” you may be in a creative rut.  The good news is, creative ruts are temporary and they happen to every creative person. Here are five ways to […]

Q+A with MUA and #NYXFaceAwards Finalist, Brianna Fox on #ipsyos

Q+A with MUA and #NYXFaceAwards Finalist, Brianna Fox

JUL 21, 2016: Don’t let her cute-as-a-button face fool you—Brianna Fox can make herself over into one scary character.  Perhaps that’s why she’s a NYX Face Awards Top 12 Finalist, and has over 133k YouTube subscribers. When she’s not delivering fantasy makeup, Fox serves up some amazing tutorials and reviews, and is always experimenting with […]

victoria lyn beauty

Q+A with NYXFaceAwards Top 20 Victoria Lyn

JUL 5, 2016: Girly Girl Victoria of Victoria Lyn Beauty made it into the top 20 of the NYC Face Awards, so naturally we had to interview her for our 20 Questions. The vlogger is a self-described dreamer and also an amazing storyteller, based on her Face Awards submission.  With almost 75,000 YouTube subscribers, she’s […]

evita polizzi

20 Fun Facts about IpsyOS member Evita Polizzi

JUN 6, 2016: After making waves on Instagram—she boasts over 70k followers—Evita Polizzi is tackling the YouTube world.  She is also the Brand Relations Coordinator for Elcie Cosmetics, so she definitely knows her way around the world of social beauty.  Read on to find out her goals for YouTube. Describe your channel in one word: Makeup Biggest YouTube […]

20 Questions with Kait Mosh

20 Questions With Celebrity Manicurist Kait Mosh

MAY 20, 2016: She has touched the hands of celebs from Jennifer Lopez to Kate Bosworth and has done editorials for Marie Claire, InStyle and Vogue Italia, but manicurist and beauty expert Kait Mosh is still relatively new to the YouTube game.  Check out her channel for amazing works of nail art, follow her on […]

20 Questions with Anthony DelucV

20 Questions With Male Beauty Guru Anthony DelucV

APR 28, 2016: With just under 100k YouTube subscribers, Anthony DelucV is a stand-out male beauty guru.  Known for his amazing hair tutorials, Anthony’s videos also feature a hefty dose of street style, fitness and men’s fashion, all set to amazing tunes. Read on for our Q+A with Anthony: Describe your channel in one word: […]

20 Questions With Erin Willett

20 Questions With Inspiring ipsyOS Member Erin Willett

APR 21, 2016: You may recognize Erin Willett from TV.  Under the mentorship of Blake Shelton, she became a finalist on The Voice and showed America her emotional journey on The Biggest Loser.  She recently released her new anthem of confidence, “Out Of The Darkness,” and it has already scored over 25,000 views on YouTube. Now, […]

24 Inspiring Stories Of Successful People

24 Inspiring Stories Of Successful People

APR 20, 2016: Few things are as inspiring as seeing others succeed.  Whether you are taking part of someone’s daily updates, or reading up on the work behind their success, you will most likely be motivated to chase your own dreams.  Here are 24 inspiring stories of successful men and women to motivate you on your […]

24 Inspiring Stories Of Successful People

24 Inspiring Stories Of Successful People

APR 6, 2016: Few things are as inspiring as seeing others succeed.  Whether you are taking part of someone’s daily updates, or reading up on the work behind their success, you will most likely be motivated to chase your own dreams.  Here are 24 inspiring stories of successful men and women to motivate you on your […]

20 Questions With Lynette Cenée

20 Questions With Lynette Cenée

APRIL 5, 2016:  Since her parents were in showbiz—her father as a magician and her mother as his “lovely assistant”—it’s fair to say that Lynette Cenée was born into the industry.  After working for years as a make-up artist for celebrities, editorials and commercials, the beauty expert now boasts over 50k subscribers on her YouTube […]

Instagram Won’t Allow You to Promote Other Social Media Accounts

Instagram Is Starting To Hate On Snapchat

MARCH 24, 2016: Instagram is getting super intimidated by Snapchat, and it is getting serious.  The image-sharing app is making it so that its users can no longer promote their Snapchat accounts through the platform. While you used to be able to include “add me/follow me” links to the website section of your Instagam profile, […]

4 Morning Routines For A Healthier Body

4 Morning Routines For A Healthier Body

MARCH 23, 2016: Getting ready in the morning is so tough!  When that alarm goes off, all we want to do is turn it off and spend 10 more minutes in bed.  When we finally manage to get up, we’re rushing to shower, get dressed, and do our make-up, wondering if we’ll have the time to […]

2.7 Seconds to Grab Someone's Attention

WTF: You Have 2.7 Seconds to Grab Someone’s Attention, No Pressure:

MARCH 18, 2016: Forget gone in 60 seconds, when it comes to the digital realm you have a teeny tiny fraction of that.  Think of the amount of time it took you to read the title to this article– about three to five seconds.  Most likely you knew within those first precious moments, whether you […]

20 Questions with Magda

20 Questions With Make-up Artist and Instagrammer Magda Alsamiri

MAR 15, 2016: Though she is relatively new to YouTube, Magda Alsamiri is better known to her more than 50,000 Instagram followers as @makeupbypoohbear.  The make-up artist and content creator is famous for her perfectly painted lips and bold eyes.  We’re looking forward to getting to know her on YouTube more, but until then, check […]

3 Ways to Be Contagiously Social #ipsyos

3 Ways to Be Contagiously Social

MAR 11, 2016: Strong women can tell stories that simultaneously rock viral reach and niche connection, and guess what? You’re part of this squad, and we’ve got a name: contagiously social. When we’re contagiously social, it’s not just our stories that ignite, but also the style in which we share them. Best of all, this fierce […]

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How To Turn Free Product Into Paid Work

MAR 8, 2016: When you are just starting your blogging and/vlogging career, the ultimate goal is working with brands.  Therefore, it is easy to get swept off your feet by a brand that shows interest in you, but doesn’t necessarily want to pay you for your service.  Don’t get caught in this trap!  Free work […]

How to Record the perfect Voiceover

Your Guide To Recording The Best Voice-over Ever

MAR 7, 2016: We have previously discussed whether or not voice-overs are a good option for your videos.  Most beauty vloggers tend to use them in tutorial videos, but at the end of the day, you need to find the right sound option for you and your channel.  If you are looking to introduce voice-overs […]


20 Questions With ipsy Stylist And Beauty Cydnee Black

MAR 1, 2016: On her blog Signature Cydnee and her YouTube channel, which boasts almost 200k subscribers, Cydnee Black offers easy, approachable make-up tutorials, along with a dose of fun advice videos and vlogs.  In just over two years, the Denver native has found her niche and garnered almost 5 million views.   Here, she […]


How To Create Affordable and Awesome Business Cards

FEB 23, 2016: Just because your entire business lives online does not mean you can’t make an impression in real life.  Business cards provide an inexpensive, customized way for you to leave your mark with a new networking connection, collaborator or client. And since most business cards are available online, there is really no excuse […]


20 Questions With Star Beauty Vlogger Laura Lee

FEB 17, 2016: If you haven’t checked out Laura Lee’s YouTube channel, stop what you are doing and watch her videos right now.  Hailing from Alabama, the hilarious vlogger offers a mix of super glam tutorials, life hacks, and lifestyle tips.  Her videos are always fresh, always upbeat and always funny—it is no surprise she […]


5 Things To Help You Explain What You Do As A Creator

JAN 28, 2016: We are sure you are familiar with this scenario: you’re at a dinner party and a new acquaintance asks what you do for a living.  You instantly start sweating at the thought of explaining your self-made career to a total stranger.  You’re a blogger.  No, you’re a content creator.  You’re a creative? […]


4 Reasons Why Self-Employed People Are Happier

JAN 26, 2016:  The next time someone takes a jab at you for “not having a real job,” let them know that it’s now scientifically proven that self-employed people are in fact happier.  According to a recent study, “freelancer” is the career with the highest happiness ranking in 2015. Though it is not always gum […]

CES Every Beauty Creator Needs

5 Things From CES 2016 Every Beauty Creator Needs To Know

JAN 18, 2016: The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) isn’t exactly where you’d typically find the best, newest beauty products.  But as beauty technology becomes more advanced, brands are taking to Las Vegas to debut their newest products.  We were on the show floor last week, checking out the latest in beauty tech.  Here are our […]

Are Snapchat’s Sponsored Geofilters Turning Your Life Into A Commercial?

Are Snapchat’s Sponsored Geofilters Turning Your Life Into A Commercial?

DEC 2, 2015: Picture this: you are holiday shopping with your friends, sipping on a pumpkin spice latte and snapping the cutest video of your quintessential seasonal spirit for all your followers to see.  But when you go to post, you notice one of Snapchat’s new, unavoidable features: “sponsored geofilters,” which, depending on your location, […]

YouTube Beauty Vloggers Are Most Trusted By Millennials on

YouTube Beauty Vloggers Are Most Trusted By Millennials

DEC 1, 2015: Good news, ipsyOS community!  A recent study done by digital programmer Defy Media shows that Internet users between the ages of 13 and 24 are watching less television and more YouTube.  This group is also much more engaged with YouTube than with traditional television.  For many Millennials, this is due to the accessibility […]

Is Facebook Stealing Your Views?

Is Facebook Stealing Your Videos Views?

NOV 26, 2015: Last week, Facebook revealed that it generates around 8 billion videos views each day. The number was so large that many content creators and digital marketing journalists started speculating: How is Facebook getting so many views each day? Shortly after, a Munich-based YouTube channel and design firm called Kurzgesagt released a video […]


How To Take The Perfect Selfie

NOV 25, 2015: The era of the selfie is upon us, and it doesn’t look like it is going away any time soon.  Chances are, you have experienced the following scenario: you take about 100 selfies before deciding on one that is remotely Instagram-worthy. Well thanks to us, you can save time by taking the […]


3 Tips That Will Get You Discovered On Instagram Faster

NOV 24, 2015: Building your Instagram following is like growing a garden—you have to plant the seeds, water regularly and pick the weeds.  Getting discovered organically is difficult, especially since the social network has over 300 million users.  To streamline your efforts and get discovered faster, try these three tips that will get you to […]


What Snapchat’s Newest Privacy Update Really Means

NOV 19, 2015: A new version of Snapchat means new terms of service. We know what you’re thinking—“Who actually even reads those things anyway?” Well, some people do, because several Snapchat users and members of the press put the social media app on blast last week, saying that the policies feature some scary, nuanced language. […]


20 Questions With Saphira Howell

NOV 18, 2015: Watch just a few minutes of one of Saphira Howell’s YouTube videos and you’ll quickly realize why she has over 117,000 subscribers. Howell’s “keeping it real” attitude and her constant ability to make herself vulnerable to her audience have made her a YouTube sensation. Here, she answers our ipsyOS 20 Questions Survey, […]


This Instagram Model Is Telling Her Truth About Social Media

NOV 17, 2015: By now, you’ve probably heard about Essena O’Neill, the 18-year-old Australian Instagram star who recently made headlines for calling out the platform for perpetuating a fake reality. O’Neill, who has about half a million Instagram followers, replaced the captions on many of her Instagram photos, giving them more realistic descriptions, comments like: […]


Skeptical of YouTube Red? Here’s 7 Facts from the Source

NOV 13, 2015: YouTube Red launched on October 28th, and since then, there have been many skeptical content creators blowing up social media with their questions, concerns and quandaries. As a result, YouTube has doubled down on their support for content creators, releasing “7 things you need to know about the subscription service” on their […]


7 Simple Photoshop Hacks

NOV 12, 2015: Bad hair days, be gone! When you’re in the business of beauty, sometimes you need a few tips and tricks for the days when you aren’t looking or feeling your best. Whether you’re a Photoshop novice or total pro, read on for a few Photoshop hacks that every beauty guru should know. […]


5 SEO Blogs You Should Check Out

NOV 11, 2015: Since SEO is constantly changing, one of the best ways to keep up with best practices is to read SEO news on the daily. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop-shop for everything SEO, but here are a few blogs that we always turn to for up-to-the-minute info. The Google Blog Make Google’s blog […]


AskYeff! RSVP for Upcoming Mentoring Session with ipsy’s Own Jeff Melgar

NOV 10, 2015: EXCLUSIVE FOR IPSYOS MEMBERS! Jeff Melgar (who shoots ALL of ipsy’s in-house stylists including Chrisspy, Desi Perkins, Christen Dominique, LustreLux, Karen O, LaMadelynn, and Jalessa) of AskYeff fame will be available on Thursday, November 12  to discuss all things related to video production and cinematography. Warm up by watching one of his videos below, […]


Snapchat Makes You The Happiest

NOV 10, 2015: It’s known that Snapchat is the freshest, most popular social network of the moment, but did you know that Snapchat is also the social network that makes users the happiest? According to a recent study performed by the University of Michigan, social media users said that, second to face-to-face interactions, Snapchat offers […]


5 Tips for Writing a Perfect Brand Pitch

NOV 6, 2015: Don’t wait around for beauty brands to reach out to you! Show you have gumption and reach out to them yourself. If you’re not sure where to start, read on for tips on how to send the perfect email pitch to brands. Do your research Before you even start pitching, think about […]


A Look at YouTube Red, the Site-Wide, Ad-Free Subscription Service

NOV 5, 2015: Remember a year ago, when YouTube sent you an email saying they were working to create a subscription-based streaming platform, one that would make you, the content creator, more money and streamline the ad revenue process? Well, that day has come. Last week, YouTube launched YouTube Red, and it’s essentially a YouTube […]


4 Ways to Build Trust with your Online Community

NOV 4, 2015: Mega YouTube creators like Marzia Bisognin and Zoe Sugg have audiences that feel more like family than people scattered across the globe. To achieve this level of intimacy, they regularly interact with followers on their social platforms and encourage them to suggest ideas and comment on their videos. You don’t need millions […]


How to Avoid the top 3 Beginner Video Editing Mistakes

NOV 3, 2015: You shot it perfectly the first time- said no smart beginner in video editing ever. When you are beginning a hobby, a passion or a career in the video industry, there are many steps and mistakes you have to go through to learn the process better and get from the beginning level […]


4 Things Vloggers Need to Know about Live-Streaming

OCT 29, 2015: More authentic content and engagement — that’s why creators and brands are throwing their weight behind live-streaming apps and platforms. Need proof that mobile users devour live broadcasts? According to The Verge, mobile live-stream app Periscope now has 10 million users who consume 40 years’ worth of content every day. Here are […]


Beyond Ads: How to “Seamlessly” Integrate Brands into your Videos

OCT 28, 2015: This summer was not kind to advertisers and brand marketers on a number of fronts. As both parties tried as hard as they could to ignore the rapid development of ad-blocking software and equally furious user growth, Apple announced that it would let ad-preventing apps in the App Store. Then, in another […]


3 Ways To Light Your Face

At this point in your beauty vlogging career, you’re probably very familiar with three-point lighting, and use it regularly in your videos. But playing with different lighting can create different moods in your videos. Below, we’ve outlines three different ways to light your face for beauty videos, along with directions on how to achieve each […]


The Best Social Media Moments From GenBeauty

“We came, we saw, we contoured,” to paraphrase one of the adorable, customizable make-up bags given away at GenBeauty NYC weekend. All weekend long, ipsy stylists and the ever-enthusiastic ipsy community got together to sample new products, fan-out on brands and just spent time with like-minded beauty-lovers. And what would any event be without a […]


5 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans

OCT 22, 2015: 323 days of worth of YouTube videos are viewed on Facebook every single minute. Like Twitter and Google+, Facebook is a key driver of traffic to your channel. Still, converting views to new Facebook followers can be difficult, as Facebook users are inundated with ads, videos and new information all day, every […]


6 Best Beauty Subreddits

OCT 21, 2015: Now that you know everything you need to know about posting to Reddit, it’s time to start posting and promoting your videos. Though there are hundreds of beauty-centric subreddits to choose from, we’ve curated a broad introductory list, with subjects ranging from natural beauty to skincare to hair. Where will you post […]


Everything You Need To Know About Posting To Reddit

OCT 21, 2015: Though Reddit sometimes gets a bad wrap, it is after all the “front page of the internet,” and in 2014, the website received a whopping 71 billion page views. According to its users, Reddit is an online community where users vote on content, and though it may just seem like an endless […]


5 Apps for Creating Your Own Video Music

OCT 20, 2015: Finding beautiful, free music online can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack—you find a song you absolutely love only to realize it’s too expensive. Cut out the middleman by creating your own songs and tracks for your beauty videos. With these apps, you’ll be one step closer to owning […]


How to Build Community On Your Blog

Re-published from our friends at BlogLovin’ | See the original post  When I started my blog, I felt like I was publishing blog posts that immediately vanished into thin air. No one read them. No one commented. My Facebook page was just a symphony of crickets and my Twitter had like 3 followers (one was my […]

The iPhone 6 Could Replace Your DSLR

The iPhone 6 Could Replace Your DSLR

OCT 15, 2015: Yes, you heard us right. Apple’s newest waitlist-creating phone has only just hit the market, but video content creators are already discovering the iPhone 6 and 6s has many cool new features. One of these new features may make your clunky DSLR camera totally unnecessary—the updated phones have the ability to record […]

Now You Can Buy Directly From YouTube Videos

Now You Can Buy Directly From YouTube Videos

OCT 14, 2015: Good news for beauty content creators! YouTube is now making it possible for your viewers and subscribers to buy products directly from your videos. In September, YouTube announced that it is launching shopping ads based on the items shown in your videos.   “Over the last couple of years, we’ve discovered that […]

How to Make Your Halloween Videos Relevant

How to Make Your Halloween Videos Relevant

OCT 13, 2015: It’s that time of year again, and as a beauty vlogger, you must look forward to Halloween as much as we do. Though we imagine you’ll release a few Halloween-inspired videos to mark the holiday, we want to make sure your videos are producing the most bang for your buck. Assure that […]

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Bloggers: 5 Ways to Make The Most of Bloglovin’

Re-published from our friends at BlogLovin’ | See the original post  For many lifestyle bloggers, Bloglovin’ is one of the biggest sources for new and recurring visitors. We’ve had a look at thousands of bloggers, and here are some of the best practices for increasing your engagement, and growing your followers faster on Bloglovin’. Also be sure […]


To Voiceover, or Not To Voiceover?

OCT 9, 2015: Are you strictly a voiceover beauty vlogger or do you like to play your videos fast and loose, improvising as you go along? Or, perhaps you haven’t yet figured out whether voiceover or live voice is right for you. To help you find your way, we’ve outlined the benefits and disadvantages of […]


5 Ways To Keep Your Videos Relevant

OCT 8, 2015: Are some of your older beauty videos collecting dust? No sweat—it’s easy to bring them into 2015 with a few backend tweaks. If your videos are no longer producing the views you’d like, read on for five ways to keep your videos relevant. Update titles One of the simplest ways to keep […]


3 Important YouTube Ratios

OCT 7, 2015: As we’ve mentioned before on the ipsyOS blog, YouTube success can be measured in many different ways, from the personal (you posted consistently for six months! Pop the champagne!), to the numerical (you reached 50k subscribers! Do the happy dance!), to the technical (you finally figured out how to light your videos! […]