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CVS Health Takes A Stand Against Fake Beauty Ideals

JAN 23, 2018: This month, CVS Health made a major announcement, promising to stop altering beauty-related images on its products, online marketing, and in stores with immediate effect. What’s more, the organization will also aim to become more transparent about brands that use Photoshop to enhance their photos – for example, if ‘a person’s shape, […]

Happy Veganuary! 8 beauty bloggers and products to know

JAN 18, 2018: Whether you’re vegan or not, chances are you’ll have heard of Veganuary, the month-long vegan advertising campaign that has just arrived in America.  And it is all in the name of protecting the environment and improving health, which makes it perfect for the New Year. Interested? Here’s what you need to know […]

Trending Now: 2018 Beauty Predictions You Should Know About

JAN 4, 2018: At end of every year, our friends over at Pinterest pull together their predictions for next year’s most popular trends, based on the top pins amongst their community. When it comes to beauty and fashion, the Pinterest 100 is usually a great indication of the kind of looks that content creators should […]

What will 2018 bring for influencers?

DEC 26, 2017: If 2017 was the year of influencer marketing, 2018 is set to solidify its place within the industry – at least that’s what Forbes is suggesting in its article on The Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018. Looking to top influencers and marketing thought leaders for their predictions, the New Year certainly […]

They Get It: Deck of Scarlet Has Influencer First Approach

DEC 7, 2017 We’ve been documenting the rise of influencer/brand collaborations for a while – just this year we saw MAC join Becca and Tarte, among many other names, team up with your favorite beauty influencers. Racked even ran a story back in February asking: ‘Are Influencer Collaborations Going to Save the Beauty Industry?’ Then there’s […]

Are these the coolest and best beauty products in the world?

NOV 21, 2017 Could there be a cooler line-up than the products that made the final cut in Refinery29’s Beauty Innovator Awards? These are the brands starting a revolution in the industry. Here’s what Refinery29 and the beauty bloggers have to say about 2017’s must-have buys. Stila – Eyeshadow You Don’t Need An Art Degree […]

How our fave beauty creators do Thanksgiving holiday makeup

NOV 14, 2017 With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought we’d show our gratitude with a roundup of our favorite holiday-inspired posts… 1. Nikkie Tutorials Since posting this video in 2016 in which she plays with the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette for her ‘glowing’ makeup look, Nikkie Tutorials has racked up an impressive […]

The Line Up: Top 4 influencer-owned makeup lines to know now

NOV 8, 2017: In this list, we celebrate the stories behind some of the best influencer-owned makeup collections – after all, who better to inspire us to mix beauty vlogging with business? Laura Lee Since starting out with a contouring video on YouTube in 2013, Laura Lee’s fanbase has grown to over 4m subscribers, plus 1.9m followers […]

Say hello to Hush and how to work with them

NOV 7, 2017: ‘Beauty for Everyone’ is the mission statement of the LA-based beauty company everyone’s talking about: Hush. The brand provides a new way to shop your favorite products and find new ones to fit your budget. They say: ‘If Snapchat and HSN had a love child’, Hush would be it. Here are our […]

Are you buying fake beauty products from your favorite retailer?

OCT 31, 2017 Amazon, Target and other reliable retailers are facing a common problem: counterfeit beauty products are finding their way into stores and onto shelves. Allure recently followed police officers part of the New Jersey State Police Interstate Theft North unit investigating the issue alongside a company called Allegiance Protection Group, who work closely […]

What brands and bloggers can learn from Fenty Beauty

OCT 25, 2017 Does marketing to everyone pay off? When your product encompasses an all-inclusive range of 40 shades of foundation and a variety of concealers and highlighters that work for all skin tones, there’s something about appealing to the masses that seems to really works. At least, that’s what Fenty Beauty has proved to […]

Halloween Hits: Trending beauty looks by your fave bloggers

OCT 10, 2017: With Halloween just around the corner, something wicked this way comes… ‘Pinterest and the fashion search platform Lyst has combined analytical forces,’ says, to predict this year’s most popular looks. Here’s our top five, plus how to get them… Pennywise, the clown from It No surprise here – the new adaptation of […]

Influencers reveal the price of their beauty routine and it’s a lot

OCT 4, 2017 Actress, Shay Mitchell hit the headlines this week after posting a video revealing that her everyday makeup routine includes nearly $600 worth of products, and now over 3.6m people have followed her step-by-step, non-professional tutorial. So what’s in her bag? Shay’s faves include CoverFX Contour Kit, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Graftobian […]

How much beauty content is really fake news?

SEPT 26, 2017: In our so-called ‘post-truth’ society, it can be difficult to differentiate between what is real and what is fake. The World Wide Web was a part of its creator Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of ‘universal connectedness, [a place where] an individual could suddenly situate themselves within a global network, crossing geographical, temporal and cultural […]

Are these award-winning brands the future of beauty?

SEPT 21, 2017 Ahead of this month’s first-ever Beauty & Money conference, a selection of beauty-related businesses has spotlighted by a panel of industry leaders for their commitment to innovation. What’s interesting is that the smaller names have become the biggest players. ‘Today’s beauty consumers are looking for what’s next, and that gives these companies […]

Trending Now: Opposites are attractive in beauty

SEPT 20, 2017 Beauty influencers and makeup artists alike are turning things around – literally. It is the best time to try the opposite of what you’re used to, switch up the focus, and experiment with the upside down. These are the top three looks to love right now. In the Negative Space Cat Eye Getting […]

From online to on screen, the YouTube stars making it on TV

AUG 31, 2017: Get set for a September full of flat-screen fun! These are the beauty television shows to look out for next month – and beyond. American Beauty Star Lifetime is the network behind this September’s must-see reality TV series, American Beauty Star, in which 12 contestants, from YouTube influencers and beauty lovers to expert […]

Why you need to know about the rise of ‘Clean’ beauty

AUG 22, 2017: As demand for more nontoxic beauty products increases, what does ‘Clean’ really mean? In July, Business of Fashion’s beauty columnist asked the questions at the forefront of this growing movement in the beauty industry: ‘What’s in our products? How are they made? Who do we trust? What can we believe? What’s marketing, […]

You’ve Got Male: The most inspiring boys in beauty

AUG 16, 2017: ‘Beauty boys are at the tipping point of popular culture,’ says Marie Claire. ‘And they’re being led there by big beauty brands.’ So who are the male vloggers to follow? We spotlight the four of our favorites, from where they started to how they hit the headlines this year… Gabriel Zamora @gabrielzamora […]

4 Lip art trends that slay Instagram all day

AUG 15, 2017:  It’s all about pucker power this year, as beauty influencers from vlogger, A Hearts Desires to high-fashion makeup artist Val Garland have been taking lip art to a whole new level! Here’s the lowdown on the latest trends to try… Marble Teen Vogue reported on this stunning stone-effect art back in April, […]

Out of this world: Beauty inspo from couture fashion week 2017

JULY 27, 2017: In need of some out-there inspiration? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the most experimental beauty looks from the haute couture shows made for maximum impact…   Image Credit: @whatsupwilmington   Flower Girl Floral decorations have been a big deal this year (remember succulent nail art?), and with festival season in full […]

3 Brands Helping Beauty Startups Become a Success

JULY 25, 2017: More and more brands are giving their money away… Bet that got your attention – but it’s not for just anybody. Fashionista explains: ‘The newest fad among large, profitable, well-known apparel and beauty companies? … They have adopted very like-minded incubator or accelerator-like programs for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.’ But what does that mean and […]

Trending Now in Beauty: #TBT Noughties Style

JULY 13, 2017: Ah, the noughties… The decade that gave us Britney and Justin, variations on The Rachel haircut, and The OC. While some may say there was a lot wrong with our early millennium icons, there’s also a lot to love – now we’re seeing a range of noughties styling tricks having a serious comeback. […]

Get Appy: Best Beauty Apps To Try Before You Buy

JULY 5, 2017: 2017 is the ‘Year of the Beauty App’, according to WWD. And with such a variety of options out there, it’s hardly surprising. Many have already started reshaping the beauty industry and the way consumers shop – introducing virtual and augmented reality experiences, from which you can buy products with a simple tap of […]

Trending Now: Mercury Rising Makeup

JUNE 29, 2017: It’s getting hot in herre. As the summer season heats up, bloggers around the world are finding inspiration from higher temperatures. Here are our favorite trending looks causing the mercury to rise, whatever the weather – and our top makeup tips for when things feel like they’re reaching boiling point. Ice Cream What started […]

What’s My Name? Rihanna and the latest celeb beauty launches

JUNE 13, 2017: Spring saw a wave of celebrity beauty brand collaborations and announcements, from Chrissy Teigen’s Glow Face Palette for Becca Cosmetics to Dua Lipa’s unicorn-inspired MAC Cremesheen Glass lip gloss via Blue Ivy’s namesake line – and the news just keeps coming in 2017. On May 31st, Rihanna revealed on Twitter that she’d be […]

Vacation Vibes: Who to Watch for Beauty Inspo

JUNE 7, 2017: Have you booked a beach getaway or are you looking forward to a city staycation? Wherever you’re headed, it’s time to think vacation – even beauty creators have to take a break sometimes! Here are the creators you should be watching to get your summer beauty look sorted, from head to toe… Pastel-Perfect […]

Trending Now: EPIC Winged Liner

JUNE 6, 2017: The latest catwalk beauty look to take flight is all about Wings of Desire – in strictly epic proportions. But what inspired this retro-style throwback? Here’s our round up of the best winged-liner looks, from rock ’n’ roll on the runway to IRL on Instagram… Kabuki Cool: Louis Vuitton In a collection […]

Smashing Beauty Stereotypes: Who To Watch To Get Inspired

May 25, 2017 With Emma Watson winning the first gender-neutral MTV TV & Movie Award for Beauty and the Beast this month, it seems the mainstream media is questioning the gender divide. It’s worth noting that some high-profile awards ceremonies, like the Grammys, have never included gendered categories, but MTV has won accolades for pushing […]

Get Glued To Instagram’s Craft Beauty Trend

May 24, 2017 As glue-based beauty trends are sparking a new wave of creativity on Instagram, we look back at some of our recent favorites – from the passing fads to the ones sure to stick around. ‘Terrarium Eyes’ by Ellie Costello @makeupisart_x The UK-based, 19-year-old MAC Cosmetics MUA hit headlines around the world this […]

Trending Now: Feather Eyebrows Take Flight

May 9, 2017 Move over bold and busy brows, feathers are the new shape of things to come – that is, according to the beauty bloggers who are flocking to what Glamour’s Lipstick magazine is calling it the ‘Latest Polarizing Trend’ on Instagram. Parting brows horizontally down the middle is proving to be a provocative […]

Chrissy Teigen Collabs With Becca Cosmetics To Give Us The Best Glow Of Our Life

May 4, 2017: On April 13th, everyone’s favorite supermodel and TV personality Chrissy Teigen teased on Instagram that she was ‘cooking up something super special’ with Becca Cosmetics. The news rocked the beauty industry with editors and influencers around the world speculating what this ‘delicious’ highlighter would be like. Allure magazine’s Devon Abelman said the […]

The New Beauty App That Will Make Shopping For Makeup A Much Better Experience

APR 18, 2017: How do you choose the perfect foundation for your skin tone? From Cosmopolitan and Lauren Conrad to the artists at your local store’s makeup counter, beauty experts around the world have long attempted to answer this important question. Now, it seems taking a simple selfie could be the trick to finding the […]

Why it is time to try natural beauty products ASAP

April 11, 2017: The press is calling it The Clean Beauty Movement. We’re seeing a new wave in natural products in some of the USA’s biggest stores – just last month, Nordstrom added an entire natural beauty outposts (think no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates) in 46 of its brick-and-mortar stores, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Seattle, […]

Trending now: Prosecco flavored nail polish..Whaaaat?

April 12, 2017: Finally, a reason to feel less guilty about biting your nails! You might think that a French beauty brand would be behind this sparkling wine flavored, gold-colored new product, but surprisingly it’s Groupon that’s producing prosecco-infused polish. It does come with a caveat: the site warns that it is extremely flammable and […]

Meet the MUA behind the Meme Makeup trend

April 13, 2017: Another week, another bold beauty trend breaking the internet. This time it’s all about the meeting of makeup artists and meme creators, as some of our favorite viral memes are making their way onto eyelids everywhere. We’ve seen everything from SaltBae by @chelseywolz and Hurt Bae by @lexusmperezz, to Kim Kardashian by […]

The Beauty Trend Flooding Instagram: Halo Eye makeup

April 6, 2017: There’s a new halo style in town, a trend that’s warming up (shades) just in time for spring. The Halo Eye is simply a technique to create the appearance of larger, rounder eyes, by sandwiching a very light color with a darker color on both the upper lids and along the rims […]

Meet the influencers designing your new favorite lipstick

April 5, 2017: More and more beauty influencers are partnering up with brands, but MAC Cosmetics was one of the first to launch a creator-led collaboration back in 2011, when it teamed up with popular beauty bloggers on a range of eyeshadows and glosses. This month, the brand is doing it again with 10 established […]

Is egg blending the new beauty hack to know?

April, 4, 2017: No, it’s not an early April Fools Day joke. Hardboiled eggs make for surprisingly good makeup sponges – that is, according to a variety of beauty bloggers, including Nadi at PopLuxe and Esther Gbudje aka houseofsienna. As part of a new series, Nadi invites his viewers to suggest random objects for him to […]

Who to watch, what to see: Festival season starts here!

MAR. 30, 2017: Festival season is upon us, and the style and makeup videos are rolling in. Desi Perkins’s Coachella Festival and JCharlesBeauty’s Chunky Glitter Festival makeup tutorials are some of our favorites in the first round of this year’s festival-fabulous looks. But who set the bar in past years? Here are 5 top festivals […]

How Three Star MUAs Got Their Start In The Industry

MAR. 29, 2017: Some of our favorite makeup artists are also our favorite social-media stars! But how did they get started? In this industry, it is all about who you know and how hard you work… PAT MCGRATH @patmcgrathreal Named ‘the most in-demand makeup artist in the world’ by NY Mag’s The Cut, Pat McGrath is […]

How Beauty Brands Apply Their Learnings From Creators

MAR. 23, 2017: It’s official. Beauty brands are outnumbered by vloggers in YouTube beauty category searches by 14 to 1, according to a study by L2’s digital research team, which focused on organic visibility or naturally generated results. ‘[Brands make up] 2% of first page results across the categories we looked at,’ L2’s beauty associate […]

What This Season’s ‘Real Beauty’ Campaigns Mean For You  

MAR. 22, 2017: New year, new beauty campaigns, new direction. The biggest brands are rebooting their images by aligning themselves with more positive, inclusive messaging. But what does that mean for the industry and how should we react? ‘Because I’m Worth It’ is the instantly recognizable slogan of L’Oréal Paris. This year, that message has […]

Here is the Most Searched Beauty Trend of 2017 so Far

MAR. 21, 2017: The results are in. Google’s latest report has revealed the top search term in beauty for 2017: ‘Masks have been most prominent in Japan over the past years as a sustained riser. The skincare trend was also a sustained riser in the US and France, but recently took off as a rising […]

Snail cream: The secrets behind the slime

March 14, 2017: If you have not already heard, snail cream is seriously stealing the beauty spotlight right now. It’s already a huge hit in South America and Korea, where it’s often so luxurious it’s laced with gold. And now that the K-beauty craze is officially sweeping the country – Nordstrom and Ulta have just […]

Everything You need to know about dumpster diving makeup hauls

FEB. 28, 2017: As the saying goes: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Literally. You will have already heard of food foragers (more fashionably known as ‘freegans’), but now the beauty dumpster diving trend is really taking off. While some have been living the dumpster diving lifestyle since the 1990s, in the last year […]

5 Exciting Spring Beauty Trends You Should Try Now

FEB. 23, 2017: Despite what the weather says, spring is upon us and what better way to get into the seasonal mood than to play with the best spring beauty looks, direct from the runways? Read on for our top five picks to experiment with now. Chameleon colors The 80s are back in full effect […]

Tips and Tricks From the Beauty Pros at Fall 2017 NYFW

FEB. 21, 2017: New York Fashion Week wrapped just a few weeks ago, but we’re still thinking about the amazing beauty looks that walked down the runway in the Big Apple. Always experimental and a little bit edgy, NYFW makeup artists and hairstylists introduced new techniques we cannot wait to steal. Here are the tips […]

5 Beauty Products To Stop Spending $$$ On

FEB. 14, 2017: Here at ipsyOS, we’re all about trying new products and formulas, but when you’re just launching your blogging or vlogging brand, keeping a tightly edited makeup bag is better for your wallet. The following beauty products can be superfluous (we explain why below), so leave it to the beauty brands to give […]

The Best in Beauty from Couture Spring 2017

FEB. 09, 2017: Couture fashion week in Paris takes place two times and year when designers show their most extravagant, most labored-over, most expensive pieces, and also when hair and makeup artists are given full reign to create their most avant-garde looks. Take a look at some of our favorites of the season, below. Glitter […]

How To Make Your Beauty Products Last Way Longer

FEB. 2, 2017: Truth: Cosmetics are expensive, and when you are starting out your beauty vlogging career, brands aren’t exactly showering you with free samples. You have to make the products you have last longer. Thankfully, we know how. Keep reading for easy ways to give your favorite beauty products a longer life. Mascara Mascara […]

Why We Love L’Oreal’s Newest Campaign Celebrating Diversity

JAN. 31, 2017: If you watched the Golden Globe awards earlier this month, you most likely saw the debut of L’Oreal’s newest campaign. Entitled, “Your Skin, Your Story,” the campaign promotes the brand’s “True Match” foundation and features women and men of all races and backgrounds. Though we’ve heralded L’Oreal’s stance on diversity on the […]

From Model to Role Model: Hourglass at Creator Day

JAN. 27, 2017: If we had to describe Creator Day LA in one word it would be Inspiring! From the multiple panels held at the Youtube Space to the new collection of Hourglass Cosmetics lipstick, it was hard not to leave without a perfectly painted smile on your face. Hourglass Cosmetics hosted a panel all […]

4 Winter Beauty Looks That Our ipsyOS Members Slay

JAN. 26, 2017: The start of the new year can meet new resolutions, goals and rituals, but it can also mean ruts. Smack dab in the middle of the winter, January can often stifle our creativity. Not to worry, your girls at ipsyOS are creating some amazing content, presenting beauty looks that are totally wearable, […]

5 Beauty Products To Upgrade Your January Detox Diet

JAN. 24, 2017: Too many indulgent holiday foods and too many sips of champagne can leave skin feeling gross and looking grosser come January. If you are already doing a diet detox, juice cleanse or dry January this month, why not extend the sentiment to your skincare as well, and try these five luxurious, detoxifying […]

5 Cult Favorite Dupes You Need in Your Life

DEC. 22, 2016: There are those certain beauty products that find their way into makeup bags and bathroom cabinets all over the world—they are cult favorites, and they usually come with an equivalent price tag. Thankfully, new beauty brands are creating nearly identical products and formulas at a fraction of the price. Whose got the […]

5 Trending Products To Use in Your Holiday Giveaways

DEC. 07, 2016: One of the easiest, most fun ways to grow your following is to do a giveaway. And what better time to do a giveaway then during the holidays? Read on for the top products of the season, pretend you’re Santa and get to giving. image source Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics Available […]

Hello Kitty Fans Rejoice! Check Out Her Newest Collab With ColourPop

NOV. 22, 2016: The celebrate Hello Kitty’s birthday, which took place on November 1, Sanrio pulled out all the stops.  The Japanese lifestyle brand released a collaboration with ColourPop cosmetics, and the range does not disappoint. Although unexpected collaborations always throw beauty fans into a tizzy, the quality of products can often be hit or […]

4 Thanksgiving-Themed Content Ideas That Will Actually Boost Engagement

NOV. 15, 2016: Thanksgiving is one of the great American holidays, but when it comes to building content around Thanksgiving, sometimes the ideas can come up short.  There are, after all, only so many “fall beauty look” videos one can make. Think outside the box with these alternative Thanksgiving content ideas. “Giving Thanks” Though it […]

Everything You Need To Know About Microblading

NOV. 10, 2016: Are you considering going under the knife?  Though microblading is not exactly plastic surgery, it is an extreme beauty procedure that shouldn’t be entered lightly.  Here is everything you need to know before getting permanent eyebrows. Yes, it is a tattoo. Microblading is just another fancy word that the beauty world created […]

The Best in Beauty at Fashion Week Spring 2017

NOV. 1, 2016: How will we be making up our faces next spring?  Well, if the global fashion industry has its say, trends will be all about glittery lips, bold brows and even red eye shadow.  Keep reading for a full trend breakdown. Kenzo’s Disco Look Inspired by Studio 54, makeup artist Lynsey Alexander and […]

How To Not Look Gross And Avoid Breakouts After A Long Haul Flight

OCT 13, 2016: If you have ever looked at your fellow travelers after a long-haul flight, you will notice that everyone looks a little bit busted. Their skin is shiny, flaky, red and inflamed.  This is due to lack of humidity in the cabin, and the refiltered dry air.  When you think about it, it’s […]

A Look Inside Karissa Pukas’ Make-up Bag

OCT 4, 2016: She is an adventurer, an entrepreneur and cuter than a button.  In her six years as a YouTube vlogger, Pukas has taken viewers on all her adventures, from moving to Australia, to starting to her own business SocialEyes Lashes, to getting a puppy (the adorable Lola), to moving back to her home country […]

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Pouring Into Make-up

SEP 28, 2016: We are deep into fall, which means sweater-weather, football games and, of course, Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Whether you love it or hate it, the flavor has taken over fall, showing up on everything from body wash to facial masks to lip balm.  Now, it makes its make-up debut. That is right, a […]

Etiquette Guide: How To Be Backstage At NYFW

SEP 9, 2016: Congratulations!  You’ve been invited to fashion week.  Now what? Before you start planning your outfits and brainstorming your beauty look, get schooled in backstage etiquette—what to do and what not to do when you go behind the curtain.  Here are five rules to live by. Befriend the publicists Most likely, a publicist […]

The Best of Back To School Beauty

SEP 6, 2016: Notebooks?  Check.  Trapper Keeper?  Check.  New jeans?  Check.  Just when you think you are all ready for the back to school season, we’ve got a list of fall must-haves for every beauty blunder.  Take a look at our picks for the best of back to school beauty, recommended for the young and the young […]

Sneak Peek: The Too Faced x Kat Von D Collection

AUG 31, 2016: What’s Better Together?  Kat Von D and Too Faced.   The brands have teamed up for a Sephora-exclusive collection, out December 26th, but the details of the range are slowly trickling out, and we’ve got them all. The collection’s pièce de résistance is a gorgeous, heart-shaped magnetic eyeshadow palette, called the Better […]

How To Cure Dry Summer Nails With These 5 Polishes

AUG 17, 2016:  The dry summer air can cause havoc to your manicure, causing splitting, peeling and chipping, not to mention what it does to your nail beds and cuticles.  The next time you give yourself an at-home manicure, reach for the following products, for the ultimate in nail nourishment and care. Perfect Formula: Tough […]

5 Beauty Apps That Will Keep You Beautiful and Entertained

AUG 4, 2016: Trying on make-up from the comfort of your own home has never been easier.  Whether you are looking for new products or just bored on a Saturday night, these digital beauty apps will keep you entertained (and beautiful) for hours. ModiFace Bot Working with Facebook Messenger, ModiFace uses augmented reality to help […]

Barnes & Noble Is Getting In On The Beauty Game

AUG 3, 2016: When we first found out that Barnes & Noble was moving into the beauty biz, we were interested to see how the retailer would create a unique experience, different from department stores, big box retailers and drug stores.  Well, Barnes & Noble did not disappoint.  Read on for four fun facts about […]

How To Get Festival Perfect Skin With These 5 Tips

JUL 20, 2016: Whether you’re headed to Bonaroo, Glastonbury or Lollapalooza this summer, festival beauty and skincare can always be tricky.  It’s too hot or too cold, too rainy or too sunny and too muddy or too sandy—the last thing you’re worrying about is taking care of your skin. To make the task easier, here […]

How To Know When To Kick That Makeup To The Curb

JUL 14, 2016:  Spending $30, $40, $50 on a beauty product doesn’t seem like a bad idea at the time, but when you find out how quickly your favorite makeup expires, you may give those splurges a second thought. Before your next trip to Sephora, read our guide to product expiration. Foundation & Liquid Concealer […]

Top 5 Reasons To Be Wearing Sunscreen Daily

JUL 13, 2016: Sunscreen gets a lot of activity in the summer months, but many people forget about the essential beauty product for the other three seasons.  Not in the habit of wearing sunscreen on the daily?  You should be. Here are five reasons why. Sunscreen is for everyone If you have a dark complexion, […]

Do you feel the pressure to be perfect on social media?

JUN 22, 2016: Browse through Kylie Jenner’s Instagram and it’s hard not to get lip envy.  After all, they are the lips that launched a thousand lip kits.  But is the pressure to look perfect on social media having an adverse affect on content creators?  We spoke with ipsyOS members Kait Mosh, Magda Alsamiri and ipsy Stylist, Lynette […]

Just in: The answer to ending your “ghostface flashback”

JUNE 16, 2016: It has happened to even the most high-profile leading ladies, from Angelina to Nicole to Miley, and chances are, it’s happened to you.  You probably don’t even know how to describe the blown-out, cakey white look that happens to your make-up when a flash hits it, but you’ve definitely been a victim […]

6 Beauty Pinterest Accounts That Will Have You Super Inspired

JUN 14, 2016: In need of some stellar content ideas or just want to browse beautiful imagery?  Here are six Pinterest accounts sure to please, so bookmark these, and get pinning! This is Powder We often turn to the UK for inspirational takes on beauty and fashion.  This Is Powder, part of the Time Inc. […]

5 Beauty Brands that Make You and Our Planet More Beautiful

JUN 7, 2016: When you are standing at Sephora, agonizing between two products, wouldn’t you rather choose the brand that makes the world a better place?  We’re dropping some knowledge about ethical beauty brands with a conscience, and here are five picks you should check out! Beauty Counter Launched in 2013, this LA-based company first […]

5 Content Ideas That Will Get You Summer Ready

JUN 2, 2016: Summer is right on our heels.  While it is the best time of year to hit the beach, show off your bikini and wear white, summer is also a unique season for beauty.  The hot weather and high humidity creates non-ideal conditions for make-up, and protecting yourself from the sun becomes a […]

5 Important Beauty Routine Steps You Probably Forgot

May 25, 2016: Some beauty routine steps are less obvious than others.  We’re pretty sure you haven’t thought of at least two of these five simple and important skincare practices.  If so, you are in for a read that will change your beauty game forever! 1. SPF ON YOUR HANDS They say your hands reveal […]

4 Bloggers Share Their Favorite Spring Beauty Products

MAY 18, 2016: Whether you want to switch up your spring beauty routine, or just feel like trying something new, here are a handful of beauty products recommended by some of our favorite bloggers! 5 Makeup Products I Can’t Live Without By The Chriselle Factor “The most devastating thing that could happen during fashion month […]

4 Ways To Transition Your Beauty Routine Into Spring

MAY 11, 2016: With the weather slowly getting warmer, and the icy breeze starting to subside, there is always an urge to take your beauty routine from Winter to Spring.  Not only are there new trends to try out, but new products as well!  Spring is the perfect time to really experiment with your look, […]

Beauty: Give Spring A Kiss Hello With This Tropical Lip Color

APR 27, 2016: A papaya colored lip is just what you need to kick off your Spring beauty routine. We’re in love with Viola’s look, and put together a few papaya-inspired lipsticks from our favorite shops below. Enjoy!   View original post / Follow Killer Colours on Bloglovin’

6 New Beauty Brands On Our Radar

APR 26, 2016: Another season, another batch of amazing new beauty brands.  From cult skincare lines to supermodel-approved travel products and a Millennial-minded new range, there are a handful of new labels that beauty fans will love.  Request some samples and get talking!  We can’t wait to hear what you think. [Tweet “Another season, another […]

Beauty Trend: Is Color Correcting the New Contouring?

APR 19, 2016: You probably remember clown contouring, the how-to video by YouTuber BellaDeLune, which took the internet by storm last summer.  Many people thought the video was a joke about the proliferation of contouring into beauty culture, but Bella DeLune may have been on to something. Make-up artists have used color correctors for decades, […]

Stay Ahead of The Game With These Beauty Trendcasting Sites

MARCH 29, 2016: In this high-speed, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it digital age, it is s so important to be first to post—whether it’s a news story, an Instagram image or a beauty trend. Being “first” puts your brand ahead of the competition. When it comes to beauty trend forecasting, the business is getting faster and faster, thanks to […]

4 Morning Routines For A Healthier Body

MARCH 23, 2016: Getting ready in the morning is so tough!  When that alarm goes off, all we want to do is turn it off and spend 10 more minutes in bed.  When we finally manage to get up, we’re rushing to shower, get dressed, and do our make-up, wondering if we’ll have the time to […]

#WorkoutWednesday: 5 Activities That Turn Up Your Beauty

MAR 9, 2016: We all know that working out is good for us—it makes us live longer, makes us happier and generally makes us hotter—but did you know that exercising also has unique beauty benefits?  Today, we are celebrating #WorkoutWednesday, and discovering that adding a small daily dose of exercise can majorly turn up the […]

Minimalist Nails: 5 Bloggers That Will Inspire Your Nail Game

FEB 24, 2016:  Nails have always been an understated way to elevate a whole look.  Sure, you can always opt for the one color swatch.  But lately, bloggers have been stepping up their game with some minimal but chic nail art.  Here are five fun nail ideas for your next manicure appointment: 1. White Marble […]

Beauty Essentials 3 Bloggers Always Have In Their Travel Bag

FEB 15, 2016: Long and many flights are quite common on many full time bloggers’ agendas.  Yet they manage to keep their skin happy.  Good thing they blog about their routines, otherwise we would be in serious trouble!  Below you will find three fashion bloggers beauty routines for globetrotting.  We also rounded up the products […]

How To Get The Best Sleep Every Night

FEB 4, 2016: A good night’s sleep is essential to starting your day right in the morning.  Here are 5 tips that would help you get some quality zzz’s. 1. Unplug – switch off all electronic devices and give yourself peace of mind at least an hour before bed time.  Do something more calming instead, like […]

15 Gorgeous Lipsticks to Try ASAP

JAN 25, 2016: A lipstick should preferably be as beautiful in your bathroom as on the lips!  Here are 15 gorgeous lipsticks, inside and out, that we’d love to try asap:     First posted by Sania Claus Demina on Bloglovin’. Are there other lipsticks that should be on the list?  Share with us in the […]

Swedish Super Blogger Kenza’s Fave Eyelash Curler

JAN 20, 2016: Kenza Zouiten seems to have a good eyelash day, every day!  The Swedish super blogger recently told her readers about her all time favourite eyelash curler and apparently its by H&M!  What this little tool does is to open up the eye and gives it a nice shape. It should be used […]

4 Blogger Approved Beauty Brands To Try Now

Some beauty brands appear on blogs more than others. Here are 4 of those, captured beautifully by some our favourite bloggers. Underneath each you’ll find what you see in the image plus some extras that are appearing as shopping tips very often, both on blogs and the best fashion and beauty magazines. What better way […]

ON Sale: Our Favorite Fashion And Beauty Finds

JAN 12, 2016: It’s the most wonderful time of the year –  post-holiday sales!  Our friend Victoria Magrath, London-based lifestyle blogger at Inthefrow and YouTube video creator, rounded up her top picks in fashion and beauty, and she’s sharing them in the Bloglovin’ Shop right now!  One of her best tips for finding amazing luxury […]