Highlighter pearl color for face and shining powder, makeup brushes. Fashionable glitter make up at home

Highlighters That Tick All The Boxes

September 6, 2018: Many beauty trends (and makeup products) come and go, but it’s safe to say highlighter is not one of those. Highlighters have been “in” for a minute and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re into cream or powder, liquid or spray (yes, they, too, exist), there is […]

ipsy glam bag plus

Glam Bag Plus Is Here!

September 5, 2018: You asked, and we delivered. If you haven’t already heard, we’ve diligently been at work to make our beloved beauty bag bigger, better and more useful for our customers’ needs and wants. Which is why we’re super excited to announce the launch of our Glam Bag Plus: an upgrade to our already-loved […]

Blonde woman holding her hands in hair

5 Tips To Maintaining Your Blonde Hair

September 4, 2018: Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that your blonde should be. Whether it’s all-natural streaks thanks to the sun or achieved with a little help from the salon, blonde hair is a summer staple, but can also be challenging to maintain. We’ve put together a guide of sorts to help […]

Cropped image of beautiful naked young woman smiling while taking shower in bathroom

In-Shower Essentials that Will Take Your Body Care Routine to the Next Level

August 23, 2018: With summer in its last leg and fall right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to revamp what’s in your shower. For most of us (even the most skincare obsessed), in-shower routines are often overlooked, but they’re actually key to maintaining healthy hair and skin. We’ve created a basic guide of […]


ULTA’s Fall Campaign is All About Embracing Beauty

August 21, 2018: ULTA (in collaboration with ipsy) recently launched “Meaning of Beauty”, its exciting new fall campaign. The campaign is centered around the idea of what beauty means to every individual both on the inside and out. The theme is powerful in that it encourages individuality, embracing one’s self, and overall self-confidence and self-love. […]

Beautiful woman face spray on face lotion cosmetology on white background isolation

Battle of the Facial Sprays

August 2, 2018: What better time to put facial sprays to the test than an extra hot summer? On those particularly hot days we’ve recently had, facial sprays are a must-have to chuck into your bag to refresh yourself and “reset” your makeup to avoid it from looking cakey and smudged. With so many options […]


ipsy Open Studio Members Share the Perfect Highlight for Different Skin Tones

July 28, 2018: Who doesn’t want to shine bright like a diamond? These amazing beauty experts share their favorite highlighters that best fit their skin tone. Check out which show-stopping highlighters they’ve chosen for a major glow effect. No need to stress about finding the perfect highlight for you, just select which creator below fits your skin […]


Facebook & Instagram Platform Updates: July Edition

July 26, 2018: To help keep tabs on the many platform updates that have been rolling out in recent weeks, we’ve put together a product update guide of sorts. Here is your 101 to everything from Instagram’s new shopping tags to Facebook’s most recent update to tackle data issues.   Instagram IGTV isn’t the only […]

Pink set in a sports bag on a gray board background

Gym Bag Must Haves That Will Have You Covered After Any Workout

July 24, 2018: When it comes to working out, you want your makeup to stay put while letting your skin breathe at the same time. To nail that hard-to-do combo, we’ve put together a list of our must-have makeup and body care products that have your post-gym needs covered from head-to-toe.   Makeup Whether you’re […]

Warm Tone Eyeshadow Palettes Are Not Going Anywhere: Our Faves

July 19, 2018: Warm tone eyeshadows are having more than just a moment. They’ve successfully transitioned from fall to spring and now summer. They’re the perfect go-to product, whether you’re trying to create “sunset” inspired eye looks or have a wash of color all over. If you’re stuck on which palette to buy, we’ve rounded […]

Macro shot of woman's beautiful eye with extremely long eyelashes. Sexy view, sensual look. Female eye with long eyelashes

ipsy Open Studios Members Brow Tutorials

July 18, 2018: New brows, who dis? Your eyebrows help you define your face, but which brow trend are you feeling right now? Some of our ipsy Open Studios Members show us a few eyebrow tutorials to help you find your right technique! Janielle Wright Natural is always beautiful! Janielle takes you step-by-step on how to […]

Woman applying perfume on her hand, close-up.

The Summer Scents You Need In Your Life

July 17, 2018: If you’re in the mood to smell like pina coladas on the beach all summer, you’re in for a treat. We’ve put together a list of all the summer scents — from the classic go-tos to new-ins — that will have you smelling like a summer’s day on the beach. Acqua de […]

Close - up of Sexy asian woman are Spray Sunscreen , lotion or sunblock to body for prevent UV rays from sunlight Before the sun bathing in the summer or Vacation with sea and bluesky bckground

How to Get a Healthy Glow Without Laying Out In the Sun

July 12, 2018: Laying out by the pool or on a beach on a hot summer’s day sounds like an ideal day, and don’t get us wrong, it is. But while the glow you achieve might be great temporarily, your skin is low-key hating you for it, and that’s a fact. You’ve heard it all […]

Summer facial skincare protection, Sun protection with Blank label cosmetics bottle container for branding mock-up.

ipsy Open Studios Members Share Their 2018 Summer Must-Haves

July 11, 2018: The heat is setting in and it’s time to shift to our summer favorites! These beauty gurus share their favorite products to use for this summer. Stay cool and take a look at some products that may become your new faves! Ingrid Nilsen Looking for the perfect sunscreen? Ingrid chats about her […]

Close up portrait of attractive girl holding red lipstick over grey background

America-Inspired Looks You Can Wear Past 4th of July

July 10, 2018: 4th of July screams BBQs, pool parties, and patriotic pride. But in terms of beauty and fashion, 4th of July looks are some of the classics yet creative. Here are all the red, white, and blue-inspired trends and looks that we’ll be rocking all summer, way past July. Classic Red Lip (with […]


IGTV: Everything You Need to Know

July 5, 2018: In case you didn’t know, Instagram just launched what some are calling its “biggest” update yet. We’re here to give you the basics of how it works and hopefully answer some of the burning questions you have. What is IGTV? IGTV is both a standalone mobile app, as well as space within […]

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 4.31.13 PM

ipsy Open Studios Members Drugstore Faves

July 4, 2018: Tati Want to shop smart? Tati shows you her top 5 drugstore palettes she loves and 5 drugstore palettes to avoid. You don’t have to spend big money on great makeup, just take it from the professional shopper herself! Faith Drew Find great liquid lipsticks without the high price tags! Faith breaks […]


Getting To Know Kyne Santos

July 3, 2018: We interviewed the talented Kyne Santos — who recently made it into the top 12 finalists for the NYX Face Awards — on everything from the inspiration behind the look he created for the contest, to the makeup products he’s currently loving. How did you get into makeup? I started wearing super […]

Portrait of a beautiful young woman selfie in the park with a smartphone

What You Need to Perfect the Art of the Selfie

June 28, 2018: Selfie-taking is an art and as such, needs perfecting. Getting the perfect selfie isn’t easy and we all know it. We’ve all been there: going through your photo roll to pick that perfect, just-right shot that has the perfect amount of good lighting mixed with the right moment captured. Which is why […]

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 1.58.54 PM

Wedding looks by Open Studios Members

 June 27, 2018: Wedding season is upon us, so here are some tips & tricks for being an appropriate wedding guest! Courtney Shields Soft yet glam! When doing your makeup to attend a wedding, you always want to keep it fresh and simple. Courtney shares how to achieve an easy makeup look that will last […]


The Most Iconic Selfies Of All Time

June 26, 2018: The non-selfie selfie: Whether you’re a fan of the Kardashian-Jenner clan or not, this selfie is without a doubt one of the most infamous mirror selfies. Kim K’s post-baby comeback is legendary and “broke the internet worthy”. It has definitely earned its place in the most iconic selfies of all time. It […]

Friendship Freedom Beach Summer Holiday Concept

Summer to-do list

June 21, 2018: In just a few weeks, we’ll officially be welcoming summer. Have a Clear Out Sure, we might have already passed the dedicated season for “spring cleaning”, but there’s no better time to have a life clearout than right now. What does that consist of? Start with the basics, like clearing our your […]

Female hand holding a red ball in the shape of a heart.

Open Studio Member Videos We Love

June 20, 2018: STEPH WILLIS Its summertime, so glowing is a must! Watch the amazing Steph Willis take you through her new favorite products to create a sultry, bronze look that has you wanting to catch more sun. LEYLA ROSE No need to have perfect skin to achieve a flawless summer look! Leyla walks you […]


The Internet BFF Duos We Wish We Could Be Friends with IRL

June 19, 2018: National Best Friends Day might be behind us, but that definitely isn’t stopping us from obsessing over these friend duos. Here are a few of the most badass, all-around-awesome BFFs who are are giving us friendship envy. Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg These two ride-or-dies (they’ve earned that title, they’ve been friends […]

Well manicured nails. Spa and wellness concept.

DIY: What You Need For A Salon-Grade Manicure At Home

June 14, 2018: Nothing says all-night-pampering like a successful at-home DIY session. Sure, going to the salon feels dreamy, but sometimes you just want to spend some me-time over a glass of wine in front of the TV. Thankfully, you don’t really need to choose one or the other. We’ve put together a handful of […]

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.31.28 PM

Nail Polish Trends To Rock This Summer

June 12, 2018: In case you missed it, June 1st was National Nail Polish Day. While we love a good coat of Ballet Slippers as much as everyone else, we thought we’d bring you the latest trends in mani/pedi’s to spice up your next salon visit. Take this guide with you the next time you […]


What You Need To Know About All The “Brand-First” Snapchat Updates

JUNE 7, 2018: Snapchat has recently been on a roll with updates on the platform: everything from augmented reality to filters and selfie games, we’ve rounded up a list of the most major changes that are now available and coming soon to Snap.   Unskippable Commercials Say hello to a new ad format on Snapchat, […]


Instagram “Pods”: what are they and what’s happening to them?

MAY 30, 2018: ICYMI, Instagram is cracking down on “pods”. These are essentially groups that Instagram users can join as a way to increase their (and therefore their posts’) reach numbers. Here is how pods work: when a user of a pod (or group) publishes a post, the rest of the group is alerted and […]

Happy young woman relaxing at swimming pool

Waterproof Makeup That You Can Actually Rely On

May 29, 2018: Summer is right around the corner. In other words, it’s approaching “your makeup will probably sweat off by the time you reach your office” season. If you’re in luck and happen to be spending summer days by a pool or beach, you’re probably tweaked your makeup must-haves to include summer-friendly products. But […]

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 2.47.04 PM

A Guide to Beating Jet Lag

MAY 24, 2018: A trip abroad is often filled with anticipation and excitement. But the first day off the plane? Not so much. Jet lag is the unfortunate result of your body and mind reacting to you crossing time zones. It is often accompanied by hangover-like symptoms, including grogginess, tiredness, and confusion. While preventing jet […]


The Workouts Around the Country We’re Currently Obsessing Over

MAY 22, 2018: The number of workouts to choose from seem to be endless these days. Which is why we’ve rounded up some of our most favorite non-culty, kick-ass workouts. After all, beauty starts from within. These workouts (and instructors) promote well-being from within while getting you in shape. In other words, none of that […]

Conceptual picture of a traveling woman

The Makeup/Skincare Essentials For Every Type of Vacation

May 17, 2018: Narrowing down your makeup and skincare into one compact (or let’s be real, not-so-compact) bag to take with you on trips can be challenging. So we’ve put together a guide to help you pack and prep for every time of vacation, rain or shine. City Staycation: If you’re taking a staycation, odds […]

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.12.14 PM

The Most Insta-worthy Airbnb’s To Stay In This Summer

May 15, 2018: Whether it’s a staycation, long weekend, or a trip to lands far away, these Airbnb listings are guaranteed to let you unwind, explore, and really get away from it all. From a tree house nestled in a lush forest to a castle straight out of Game of Thrones, the 6 getaways below […]

Mothers day concept - coffee present and roses copy space

A Last Minute Gift Guide For Moms Who Say They Don’t Need Anything

May 9, 2018: If you’re shopping for last minute gifts for mom, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a list of ideas that have you covered whether your mom is a skincare junkie, a coffee fanatic, or nap lover – but claims she doesn’t need anything year after year. No socks to see here, though: […]

Denim Day x ipsy

May 9, 2018 April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we’re so proud to have been a part of Denim Day, the longest-running sexual violence prevention and education campaign, with Peace Over Violence. Thank you to everyone who participated in this video and True Religion Brand Jeans for providing the denim. We are always looking for […]

royal wedding

Your Complete Guide to the Royal Wedding

May 7, 2018: When news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan were engaged in November, the world quite literally went crazy. The royal couple — who didn’t fit the “traditional” mold, both successful in their own right, and ridiculously good-looking, at that — sent the world in a mini-frenzy with their announcement. First came their […]

Happy and funny woman looking at her phone

You Asked (for a Chronological Feed), and Instagram is Delivering

MAY 3, 2018: In a recent blog post last month, Instagram announced that it would change it’s widely disliked feed. The current feed — which no longer displays posts in chronological order as it once used to — has been widely and vocally criticized by many including content creators and influencers. Based on user feedback, […]

A diverse group of women using makeup

Around the World in Beauty Trends

MAY 1, 2018: French “French girl” skincare (and makeup/fashion) have been around for a while, and for good reason. French drugstores (or pharmacies, as they refer to them) are some of the best in the world when it comes to top-notch, high-quality skin care. “Less is more” is definitely the mantra when it comes to […]


Algorithm Changes on Facebook: What Does It Mean For You?

APR 26, 2018: There’s been a slew of changes and buzz in recent weeks over Facebook, opening up much debate and controversy over how advertisers and brands get and use data. While many of the questions are still being worked through by the powers that be at Facebook, one update is especially significant for content […]

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.18.26 PM

These Are the Playlists We’re Loving Right Now:

APR 24, 2018: Spring is the perfect time to give things a refresh – whether it’s giving your closet a rundown or revamping your workspace. In this case, it’s updating what you’re listening to and exploring new territories. These playlists have pretty much everything from “morning commute” to “singing in the shower” and everything in […]

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 1.46.35 PM

The Best Music Festivals That Aren’t Coachella

APR 19, 2018: If you can’t make it to Coachella this year, we got you covered. Here are a list of festivals with tasty food, great energy, and killer lineups that are worth rounding up a crew for this summer:   Outside Lands If you like a killer lineup in one place (all in the […]


Coachella Trends to Watch

APR 17, 2018: With festival season officially upon us, we took a look at the beauty and fashion trends that will be absolutely everywhere. Whether you’re planning to attend Coachella or not, here are the festival items that we predict to see everywhere. What’s great about all of these is that if you’re not really […]

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 2.06.51 PM

5 Throwback Youtube Products Everyone Used to Love

APR 12, 2018: The constant makeup launches are great in terms of trying out and falling in love with new products. But sometimes, you just have to show some love the OG few that were there from the start. Here are the throwback products that have not only kept their reputation through the years but […]

Creator Day LA – In Case You Missed It

APR 10, 2018: ipsy Gen Beauty took place last weekend, and as always, it was an event to remember. Thousands of beauty lovers and creators came out to play and discuss all things beauty, along with trying out both old and new makeup brands. The Friday before the event, ipsy hosted Creator day at the […]

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.56.07 AM

The Asian Skincare Products That Have Their Own Subreddit Threads

APR 3, 2018: It’s no secret that Asian and Korean beauty (more on the 10-Step K-Beauty skincare routine here) has found it’s place in the beauty community and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve written about everything from the infamous miracle worker that is snail cream to   Blogs like The Klog and Soko Glam […]


How to use Pinterest as an alternative to Instagram

MAR 1, 2018: Have you been affected by Instagram’s changing algorithm? Some are saying there is an alternative – and it comes in the form of Pinterest. But is it really time to revisit the XX platform, and is it right for you and your business? We investigate…   The purpose Pinterest has a very different […]

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 2.41.10 PM

Why YouTube series Allure Incubator is a big deal for beauty influencers

FEB 28, 2018: Who will be Covergirl’s next brand ambassador? That was the question web series Allure Incubator hoped to answer over its six-episode run. A product of a collaboration between the Condé Nast magazine and the iconic makeup company, the show reworks the traditionally televised reality format, while also revolutionizing the way brands work […]

close up business woman hand holding and type on touchscreen smart phone with laptop portable gadget

What brands see when they search for influencers online

FEB 27, 2018: As more and more content creators are collaborating with brands, there are more and more ways to connect with them. But how do they operate and what they see when they search for influencers online? Here’s what you need to know… They use influencer search tools, like BuzzSumo, which helps brands find […]

Bea Miller thumb

NEW music from #IPSYxBEA! 🎧

We’re super excited to announce our #IPSYxBEA partnership with Hollywood Records artist, Bea Miller! With the release of her new women’s empowerment anthem, S.L.U.T., we are able to give all ipsy Open Studios members access to use her track in upcoming content for a limited time. What’s the story behind S.L.U.T.? Check out Bea’s video […]

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.35.38 PM

All About Self Love

FEB 14, 2018: Oh, happy day of love beauties!! Valentine’s day is a totally commercial holiday, but we think its also a great time to show your love towards others and most importantly yourself! This month’s ipsy Glam Bag theme is “Unzipped”! Inspiring you to define what sexy means to you. “Sexy” is not limited to a […]

Instagram updates, plus the new feature you won’t want #ipsyOpenStudios

Instagram updates, plus the new feature you won’t want

FEB 8, 2018: What happened in the world of Instagram last month? Consider this your need-to-know on all the latest news and features. The new feature for GIF lovers It looks like Instagram is forming a partnership with Giphy to offer a GIF library in Stories, which it first tested with users in Indonesia, the […]

What does it really take to be a Glambassador? #ipsyOpenStudios

What does it really take to be a Glambassador?

FEB 7, 2018: It’s not just about being glam. Influencer marketing agency, Glambassador is looking for influencers to connect with brands who match their niche. They say they ‘operate similarly to a job bank platform where the brands are the employers and influencers are candidates. Brands have the ability to post campaigns (jobs) and influencers bid […]

What’s up with WhatsApp? Latest updates, plus subscription scams #ipsyOpenStudios

What’s up with WhatsApp? Latest updates, plus subscription scams

FEB 6, 2018: There is a lot going on over at WhatsApp this year – but what does that mean for you? Here are three things you need to know. 1. WhatsApp Business launches In January, The Verge reported that the platform had designed a separate app specifically to help small businesses connect with customers […]

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.22.57 PM

Is this the start of a social media influencer ban?

FEB 1, 2018: The White Moose Café, a hotel in Dublin, Ireland, has banned YouTubers and Instagram stars after 22-year-old influencer Elle Darby asked for a five-night free stay. You might think her email reads like any brand pitch: ‘I work as a social media influencer, mainly lifestyle, beauty and travel based.’ She then quotes […]

Cozy working Place top View on Valentines Day with Business Gadgets Computer and Telephone Coffee Mug handwritten Postcard and wrapped Gift Flat Lay on light grey Wood Background

Valentine’s Day, plus 3 more February content ideas

JAN 31, 2018: Are you ready for the month ahead? Whether you’re looking for video inspiration or in need of a beauty trend update, we got you! Here are four content ideas to plan in February. 1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day With February 14th only two weeks away, it’s never too soon to get date-night ready. […]

Woman vlogger recording herself with phone.

It’s time to diversify! Here are 3 ways to broaden your content

JAN 30, 2018: There’s so much more to being a beauty influencer these days – social media is just the start. So if one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to try something new, then it’s time to expand your horizons, grow your audience, and diversify! Here are three areas to look into… Create your […]


Is Snips The ‘Cool’ New Influencer Network?

JAN 25, 2018: There’s yet another influencer network on the scene, and it goes by the name of Snips. They call themselves the ‘coolest’, but do they really live up to the hype? Here’s everything you need to know. What they do, in their words… ‘Snips is helping savvy social influencers, like yourself, become the […]

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.52.02 PM

Is Instagram marketing fraud really a thing?

JAN 24, 2018: You may have noticed more and more articles discussing the rise of influencer fraud: ‘Are fake Instagram influencers deceiving brands?’ asked Mediakix, while Econsultancy suggested marketers are ‘underestimating the fraud threat to influencer marketing’. But is there any truth in it? ‘Influencer marketing fraud is a known problem,’ writes Digiday. ‘Authenticity is […]


CVS Health Takes A Stand Against Fake Beauty Ideals

JAN 23, 2018: This month, CVS Health made a major announcement, promising to stop altering beauty-related images on its products, online marketing, and in stores with immediate effect. What’s more, the organization will also aim to become more transparent about brands that use Photoshop to enhance their photos – for example, if ‘a person’s shape, […]

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.38.33 AM

Happy Veganuary! 8 beauty bloggers and products to know

JAN 18, 2018: Whether you’re vegan or not, chances are you’ll have heard of Veganuary, the month-long vegan advertising campaign that has just arrived in America.  And it is all in the name of protecting the environment and improving health, which makes it perfect for the New Year. Interested? Here’s what you need to know […]

Is Zine the new platform set to ‘save’ influencer marketing?

JAN 17, 2018: There’s something a little special about Zine. This new influencer platform sells itself as being ‘transparent, consistent and impartial’ – and you get that sense instantly from the look and feel of their website. It also says they’re ‘redefining industry standards’ and ‘have the strategy to save influencer marketing’. But is it the […]

Urban girl looking at watch and cellphone outdoors.

How to really get the timing right with your social-media posts

JAN 16, 2018: Timing is everything, especially on social media. There is simply no use posting great content if your audience isn’t around to see it! The more people that see what you share, the larger your audience, which in turn helps you increase engagement, drive traffic, and gain potential new followers. Sound good? Here’s […]

4 Beauty Influencers Get Real. I Didn't Wake Up Like This. #ipsyOpenStudios

4 Beauty Influencers Get Real. I Didn’t Wake Up Like This.

JAN 11, 2018: At the start of a new year, it’s easy to fall prey to some January blues, especially in the beauty and body positivity department. To help keep your spirits up, we’ve collated our favorite moments that influencers showed what they’re really made of and looked even better for keeping it real… Hailey Wait Colorado-based […]

Beauty Booster: Morning rituals for sparking creativity #ipsyOpenStudios

Beauty Booster: Morning rituals for sparking creativity

JAN 10, 2017: Feeling a bit fuzzy post-holiday? We’re here to help! Presenting five ideas to help you get inspired and boost your creativity every day. Do a dream drawing If you’re a content creator, you already dream big. But do you ever wake up feeling like you’ve had a vivid vision that’s trying to […]

Your Strategy To Accomplish All of Your 2018 Goals #ipsyOpenStudios

Your Strategy To Accomplish All of Your 2018 Goals

JAN 9, 2018: The new year is the perfect time to reset your strategy – and that includes the way you set goals. While it’s no secret New Year’s resolutions often fail, these 4 tips from The Mission will show you that by doing things differently, you can get different results. 1. Word your goals […]

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.58.50 AM

Trending Now: 2018 Beauty Predictions You Should Know About

JAN 4, 2018: At end of every year, our friends over at Pinterest pull together their predictions for next year’s most popular trends, based on the top pins amongst their community. When it comes to beauty and fashion, the Pinterest 100 is usually a great indication of the kind of looks that content creators should […]

Hot cocoa, Board with "GOALS" text, notebook, pencil on black background, top view, flat lay

How to Use the New Year to Shamelessly Promote Yourself

JAN 3, 2018: New Year, new ideas. Welcome to 2018 and our guide to getting this year’s content off to a flying start! Here’s how to put yourself out there, with a little help from Twitter and Five Stars – there’s no better way to celebrate the first day of the New Year. Say Happy New Year! It […]

How to use social ads to grow your following #ipsyOpenStudios

How to use social ads to grow your following

JAN 2, 2018: When it comes to digital advertising, the numbers speak for themselves: ‘an anticipated $72.08 billion [was] spent on digital ads in the United States alone in 2016, a number expected to rise to more than $82 billion [in 2017] and more than $113 billion by 2020,’ explains Hootsuite, in their guide to […]

End of Year Review: How to maximize your Instagram Best 9 #ipsyOpenStudios

End of Year Review: How to maximize your Instagram Best 9

DEC 26, 2017: It’s the online trend that shows no sign of stopping: December marks the start of everyone’s end-of-year reviews – there are lists for everything from the Best Albums of 2017, to the Best Beauty Gifts To Buy Now. But it doesn’t just stop there… Our social networks also seem intent on summarizing the […]

What will 2018 bring for influencers? #ipsyOpenStudios

What will 2018 bring for influencers?

DEC 26, 2017: If 2017 was the year of influencer marketing, 2018 is set to solidify its place within the industry – at least that’s what Forbes is suggesting in its article on The Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018. Looking to top influencers and marketing thought leaders for their predictions, the New Year certainly […]

How to end the year on a high #ipsyOpenStudios

How to end the year on a high

DEC 26, 2017: New year, new me – at least, that’s how the old saying goes. Certainly, the first day of the first month seems as good a time as ever to make a fresh start. So why not get ahead? Presenting our guide to ending 2017 on a high as a creator…   #TBT Why […]

20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member and the 'anti-glam' Eleanor Barnes

20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member and the ‘anti-glam’ Eleanor Barnes

DEC 21, 2017: Relative new kid on the YouTube block (but longstanding Instagram and Twitter champion) Eleanor Barnes, aka Snitchery, is the ‘anti-glam’ poster girl with an expertly curated look and just as distinctive personality. She’s captured her 457k followers on Instagram and over 90k on Twitter with this very individual mix of consistent creative direction […]

Is Instagram Direct the end of Snapchat? #ipsyopenstudios

Is Instagram Direct the end of Snapchat?

DEC 21, 2017 This month, The Verge was first to notice Instagram is test launching a standalone-messaging app called Direct. Parallels with Snapchat were quickly drawn, as was the fact that this would empower ‘parent company Facebook [with] a third popular messaging tool alongside Messenger and WhatsApp.’ How does it work? In its current state, […]

The YouTube Community tab Gets A Major Upgrade #ipsyOpenStudios

The YouTube Community tab Gets A Major Upgrade

DEC 19, 2017 After a limited rollout last year, YouTube is expanding its Community tab to more creators – it’s now available to anyone who has a channel with more than 10,000 subscribers. Here’s the lowdown you need… Welcome Community This social feature lets creators engage with their followers through text, video, photos and more – it’s […]


The Business: Updated Instagram Insights you need to know

DEC 14, 2017 Got Instagram? Check. Created your Business Profile? Check. Decoded the Discovery section? Not yet? Well, here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Insights… Overall Insights To view Insights for your Business account, you would click on the graph icon in the upper-right corner of your profile. At the top, you’d find […]

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.21.15 PM

Trending Now: Content ideas to crush on this December

DEC 13, 2017 In need of some beauty inspo? End of the year doesn’t have to mean the end of ideas. Discover December’s most talked-about topics for some seriously clever content creativity! Bauble Brows It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… But forget decorating the tree, this December is all about hanging baubles from your brows. […]

social shopping

Is your social feed the future of shopping?

DEC 12, 2017 Shopping used to be so simple. You’d go to your nearest store, peruse the aisles, try a few products, and take home your favorite. Most of the time, you’d keep going back – to the same store, to purchase more of the same brand. Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice! Not only has the […]

They Get It: Deck of Scarlet Has Influencer First Approach #ipsyOpenStudios

They Get It: Deck of Scarlet Has Influencer First Approach

DEC 7, 2017 We’ve been documenting the rise of influencer/brand collaborations for a while – just this year we saw MAC join Becca and Tarte, among many other names, team up with your favorite beauty influencers. Racked even ran a story back in February asking: ‘Are Influencer Collaborations Going to Save the Beauty Industry?’ Then there’s […]

The New Google Trends Wants To Help You Create Better Content #ipsyOpeStudios

The New Google Trends Wants To Help You Create Better Content

DEC 6, 2017 Google Trends has got even better. TechCrunch explains: ‘The service now includes data from more Google products beyond web search, the company says, with the addition of search data from verticals like Google News, Shopping, Images, and YouTube.’ This gives users more ways to search, including things like related topics or videos […]

The New Brave browser lets users tip YouTube creators #ipsyOpenStudios

The New Brave browser lets users tip YouTube creators

DEC 5, 2017 As you spend your days online, no doubt you will have probably used Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox – these are some of the most well-known web browsers in the world. But have you heard of Brave? And no, we’re not talking about the movie. Founded by the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, […]

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Heard of Obvious.ly? Here’s what you need to know

NOV 30, 2017 Coke Zero, AOL, BBC, Facebook: Obvious.ly CEO and founder Mae Karwowski has a rather impressive CV in social-media managing and consulting.  Her influential marketing platform is new to the scene having only launched two and a half years ago but has ‘already succeeded in disrupting the media landscape’, according to Skift. Here’s why […]

How I use social media: 3 beauty creators share their tips

NOV 29, 2017 What do beauty creators have to say about starting out and succeeding on social media? Here is our round-up of three of our faves… Samantha Ravndahl Canadian blogger Samantha Ravndahl has over 750k subscribers on YouTube and 2.4m followers on Instagram. Her first tip for both platforms? Consistency. ‘You want to be […]


Introducing Facebook’s New Creator App And How It Can Help You

NOV 28, 2017 Custom stickers, effects, insights, and more: Meet Facebook’s Creator app, devised to help influencers like you produce content. Available on iOS now (and coming soon to Android), this is the platform’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for making original video, going live with exclusive visuals, and keeping an eye on audience responses. All you need is a […]

3 TIPS to SLAY the Social Media Game with Rachel McCord #ipsyOpenStudios

3 TIPS to SLAY the Social Media Game with Rachel McCord

NOV 17, 2017 Queen! I get you 💯! You’ve got a voice, you are talented AF, and you’re a trendsetter…now you just need EVERYONE to know about it!  YASSSSS!!! I’m excited for you! But, WHAT now?  No worries, I’ve got you! I’m gonna help you get YOUR voice out there, with tips to help you […]

Will Amazon create a platform for creators? #ipsyOPenStudios

Will Amazon create a platform for creators?

NOV 23, 2017 Rumor has it that Amazon is developing a new ad-supported streaming service to accompany its current subscription video service, Amazon Prime Video. ‘The company is talking with TV networks, movie studios, and other media companies about providing programming to the service,’ says VideoInk. Even more exciting, one executive anonymously revealed that Amazon […]

How to start a kick-butt newsletter for your audience #ipsyOpenStudios

How to start a kick-butt newsletter for your audience

NOV 22, 2017 Creating a digital newsletter couldn’t be easier – and better for business. It has low costs (some services are even free), and can be sent from anywhere in the world. You can monetize your newsletter with ease through advertising, sponsorships, product sales, subscription fees, and even earn commission for referred sales. Here are […]

Are these the coolest and best beauty products in the world? #ipsyOpenStudios

Are these the coolest and best beauty products in the world?

NOV 21, 2017 Could there be a cooler line-up than the products that made the final cut in Refinery29’s Beauty Innovator Awards? These are the brands starting a revolution in the industry. Here’s what Refinery29 and the beauty bloggers have to say about 2017’s must-have buys. Stila – Eyeshadow You Don’t Need An Art Degree […]


NOV 24, 2017 Hi, Queens! We are back at it AGAIN, but this time, with your TOP 5 TIPS to start YOUR OWN BLOG! Yayyy! Praise emoji! Let’s jump right in!  1) Choose your content and messaging. This is SUCH a fun step because it’s when you get to brainstorm and create your DREAM. When I […]

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Trending Now: Holiday content everyone’s talking about

NOV 15, 2017 Want to be in the know when it comes to creating content over the holidays? Here are the trending topics everyone’s talking about to get you inspired just in time for Thanksgiving. Double Up Your Lashes Bustle has proclaimed the viral ‘double lash’ as its ‘new winner for Thanksgiving dinner makeup’. But […]

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How our fave beauty creators do Thanksgiving holiday makeup

NOV 14, 2017 With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought we’d show our gratitude with a roundup of our favorite holiday-inspired posts… 1. Nikkie Tutorials Since posting this video in 2016 in which she plays with the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette for her ‘glowing’ makeup look, Nikkie Tutorials has racked up an impressive […]

Check Your Heartbeat: The new network to know

NOV 9, 2017: Want to get rewards for posting on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook about the brands you love? Well, it might be time to join Heartbeat and what it claims to be ‘the largest network of women on Earth’. Its mission is to connect real women who have ‘the best voices’ with brand partners […]

The Line Up: Top 4 influencer-owned makeup lines to know now #ipsyOpenStudios

The Line Up: Top 4 influencer-owned makeup lines to know now

NOV 8, 2017: In this list, we celebrate the stories behind some of the best influencer-owned makeup collections – after all, who better to inspire us to mix beauty vlogging with business? Laura Lee Since starting out with a contouring video on YouTube in 2013, Laura Lee’s fanbase has grown to over 4m subscribers, plus 1.9m followers […]

Say hello to Hush and how to work with them #ipsyOpenStudios

Say hello to Hush and how to work with them

NOV 7, 2017: ‘Beauty for Everyone’ is the mission statement of the LA-based beauty company everyone’s talking about: Hush. The brand provides a new way to shop your favorite products and find new ones to fit your budget. They say: ‘If Snapchat and HSN had a love child’, Hush would be it. Here are our […]

Wake and SLAY...tips to feeling fab everyday with Rachel McCord #ipsyOpenStudios

Wake and SLAY…tips to feeling fab everyday with Rachel McCord

NOV 3, 2017 This is the time of the year when we all look at our lives and think: “What have I accomplished this year?” It’s easy to feel stressed and even in a bit of a funk! But don’t worry…I got you!! Here are my 5 tips to feeling fab everyday! 1.  You need to remember […]

How much control does Facebook really have? #ipsyOpenStudios

How much control does Facebook really have?

NOV 3, 2017: For better or worse, Facebook has been all over the news as of late. Headlines have included: ‘America doesn’t trust Facebook’ (The Verge), ‘Facebook thinks so little of us’ (Quartz), and the more positive, ‘You can now order food right from the Facebook app’ (CNBC). All in all, these stories reveal how […]

Who is TopBuzz and why do they want to work with you? #ipsyOpenStudios

Who is TopBuzz and why do they want to work with you?

NOV 2, 2017: There’s a new content aggregator on the scene: TopBuzz is billed as ‘a community built by you, for you’, so it’s no surprise that they’re on the hunt for influencers around the world to work with them on their trending news feed with a personalized touch. Interested? Here’s everything you need to […]