The Best Apps To Help You Outsource and Save Time Like A Boss #ipsyOS

The Best Apps To Help You Outsource and Save Time Like A Boss

FEB. 16, 2017:

If you work a traditional 9 to 5 job and are also starting a channel in your downtime, you know that 24 hours and 7 days a week can go by in the blink of an eye. To make your life simpler and allow you to follow your passion and build your brand, you may need to outsource your weekly chores. Thankfully, there are several apps for that! See our list below.

The grocery store is easily the biggest time suck in the world—long lines, busy parking lots and huge store layouts. Instacart is available in most US cities and does the shopping for you, for under $10. Plus, delivery takes as little as one hour.

Because why would you waste time cleaning your apartment when you can be creating great content!? Tidy allows you to book a housekeeper in your area at short notice, and even lets you create to-dos lists for them, so if there are certain tasks that you have been putting off (like that pile of unfolded laundry), you can have them take care of it!

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Available in LA, DC and SF, Rinse takes care of all your laundry needs, including dry cleaning. The app will pick up your dirty laundry at a designated time, wash and fold the items, and then drop them off whenever you want, usually within 48 hours. A similar app, Washio, is available in LA, Chicago and Boston.

Pet Care
Can find time to walk your furry friend? DogVaca offers trusted, local sitters for daily walks, short weekend trips and longer vacations. The app lets you see pictures of your furry friends while they’re under DogVaca care, so you can rest assured they’re having fun and being well-treated.

Packing and Shipping
As a small business, you probably have to do your fair share of packing and shipping. Shyp offers easy shipping for online marketplaces and small businesses, so no more waiting in line at the post office. Thank goodness!

Do you use these apps or have other apps you swear by? Share in the comments!

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