Beauty Booster: Morning rituals for sparking creativity

Beauty Booster: Morning rituals for sparking creativity #ipsyOpenStudios

JAN 10, 2017:

Feeling a bit fuzzy post-holiday? We’re here to help! Presenting five ideas to help you get inspired and boost your creativity every day.

Do a dream drawing

If you’re a content creator, you already dream big. But do you ever wake up feeling like you’ve had a vivid vision that’s trying to tell you something? Try picking up a pen or a coloring pencil and sketch out the images inside your head – it’s a great way of connecting the dots and getting your creative juices flowing first thing in the morning.

Journal in your jammies

If words are more your style, why not borrow from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and write whatever comes to mind in the morning. The trick is to handwrite three pages, without editing, to help you flush out any mundane or negative thoughts of your brain so you have a clear head for all things creative.

Get creative on your commute

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or on the subway, make the most of your morning commute by subscribing to a podcast. It doesn’t have to just be about beauty (though we have a few recommendations here), there are lots out there specifically catered to spark your creativity. See Creative Boom’s top 10, which spans from philosophical (Waking Up with Sam Harris) to Instagram inspiration (The Hashtagged Podcast).

Heighten your heart rate

Nothing gets the endorphins (your happy hormones) and ideas flowing like a morning workout. Sometimes a brisk walk is all it takes, but we’d recommend starting or joining an exercise group with likeminded individuals – perfect for those of you wanting to work on your health and collaborative skills.

Enhance your environment

Ready to get to work? Now that you’ve cleared your head, it’s time to clear your area and prepare it for creativity. You could put your products in order, check your equipment, or even sweep through your inbox or social media feed so nothing can disturb or distract you once you start your day. Good luck!

What’s your favorite morning ritual? Share in the comments!

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