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How Augmented Reality is changing the beauty industry

SEPT 6, 2017

We do everything on our phones. So, why not also use yours to test beauty products before you buy them? Some of the biggest brands, from L’Oréal to OPI, are doing exactly that, offering their customers interactive virtual experiences. Here are 3 reasons why you need to know about AR now if you’re a beauty brand or blogger…

It’s personal

Whether you prefer hauls, tutorials or reviews, we all consume beauty content about products online. But up until recently, audiences couldn’t determine how a product might look on their own face.

‘Augmented reality introduces this concept, and along with it, real personalization,’ explains ‘Instead of watching an influencer demonstrate how to apply eyeliner, an AR feature will tailor it to the user’s unique and individual features.’

So you might already be tailoring your content to your audience, but AR might help you go even further in terms of giving them both a personalized and memorable experience.

It’s entertaining

The gaming element to AR transforms traditionally functional content into something that audiences can play and experiment with in their own time. Imagine you’re watching a video about how to use the latest must-have makeup product – then through the magic of AR, you get to virtually try it out for yourself!

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‘AR brings back the opportunity for self-expression and creativity, allowing makeup to become something fun and artistic again rather than a daily chore.’

Where could influencers take this type of technology? Could you collaborate with a brand on an AR experience?

It’s here now

We’ve seen plenty of iterations of AR apps thus far, but the real pioneer this year has been spearheaded by none other than Apple: Welcome ModiFace, the virtual AR makeup counter. Launching this fall, the app will superimpose makeup onto the user’s face through the camera feed.

‘It’s all part of [Apple] CEO Tim Cook’s big plan to push Augmented Reality into the mainstream.’ Inverse says. ‘The technology has the potential to lead to an app where users can preview makeup on their face before trying it on themselves, transforming YouTube tutorials and the like with a new level of interactivity.’ What’s more, it could work a whole lot better on the iPhone8, with its depth-sensing capabilities.

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