The Asian Skincare Products That Have Their Own Subreddit Threads

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APR 3, 2018:

It’s no secret that Asian and Korean beauty (more on the 10-Step K-Beauty skincare routine here) has found it’s place in the beauty community and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve written about everything from the infamous miracle worker that is snail cream to


Blogs like The Klog and Soko Glam are essential when it comes to finding out about the best picks for silky serums, Instagrammable masks, and refreshing essences. But another place you might not think to look to for skincare recommendations? The rabbit hole that is Reddit. Use here and here as your starting points and soon enough, you’re guaranteed to have endless tabs of reviews and routines to read up on.


Here are the most talked about Asian skincare products that over 200K self-proclaimed “snail addicts” swear by:


  1. COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner:


A mild chemical exfoliant with two types of acid is a fan favorite, with many claiming that it’s helped fade stubborn hyperpigmentation and helped with uneven texture with consistent use.


  1. Missha First Treatment Essence

Toners are taken very seriously in this community: there’s even a regularly updated Google doc on the Asian skincare Reddit that compares the pH levels of toners and their varying purposes. This one is a cabinet staple, great for hydrating and prepping the skin for other products to follow on top.

  1. COSRX 96 Snail Mucin Power Essence or Mizon Snail Recovery Gel


There are tons of threads dedicated to comparing these two fan favorites. No matter which you’re a fan of, one thing seems to be for sure: snail cream’s benefits, which range from reducing inflammation to plumping the skin are a must to add into any existing skincare routine.


  1. My Beauty Diary Black Pearl and My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird’s Nest Sheet Masks

Of course, it wouldn’t be a K-Beauty routine without a sheet mask. Reddit has some tough critics when it comes to which are “best”, but MBD seems to be a front runner for long-lasting brightening and moisturizing results.


  1. Stratia Liquid Gold

The dry and dehydrated are obsessed with this rich moisturizer, which create a “new skin” feel while soothing and protecting at the same time.

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